December 3, 2008

Rabbit's Nails

I just found out today that someone from my high school (East Kentwood H.S) is now a reality TV star/actress.
(thanks Jennifer! aka Beeyoutiful7 who also went to the same H.S.)

Do you girls know Rabbit from VH1's reality show, Real Chance of Love?

Anyhow, I know her!
She used to get her nails done at my mom's nail salon, Red Nails
in Grand Rapids, MI --where we're both from.

Fyi: She uses MAC! My mom used to ask her what makeup she used because she looked so flawless.

Haha, not only that she used to live in my neighborhood, and now she's big time!
She's all hanging out with P. Diddy in photos in her myspace.

I called to tell my mom, and my mom was really happy for her. We used to always talk about how beautiful she was, in person she's really stunning and nice.

It's weird because she was dating a white guy when we knew her, haha he'd always wait for her at the nail salon.

Anyhow, what I'm trying to express is..I used to do Rabbit's nails!!!!
So yeah..Stephanie Nguyen, Jewelry Designer & Manicurist to the Stars..well Former Manicurist for 1 Star at least.



  1. Crazy how its such a small world huh?! But yea my bf and I are hooked on that show, and Rabbit is my favorite shes so sweet on there.


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