December 5, 2008

*Swarovski Post Earrings*

Actual Size!
(special thanks to Make Me Blushhh for inspiring me to take pic of the checkerboard on)

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Swarovski Post Earrings -- Please take a look!
I really should have a different blog for my jewelry stuff just to keep everything organized.
Sighh..the only reason I put this together is because I'm procrastinating (from studying).

I hope you like these.
The Rhombus shape in Siam Red is GORGEOUS in person. I made a pair for my friend last Christmas and she wore them on her 2nd piercing with her Swarovski Cherry Earrings (from Swarovski). It looked really good, but then again she was really pretty.

I'm making a lot of these for my girl friends for Christmas..
I have a lot more guy friends than girl I dunno what to get them :(

Let me know if you'd like anything.
Gift boxes are always complimentary.

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This pic above does the earrings no, I always seem to take my pictures at night.
I need to hire a photographer!!

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Yours Truly

Personal life events: My boyfriend and I will have been together for 1 year sometime this month..we don't really have a date. haha

But we're celebrating (anniversary & being done with finals) by having dinner together at
Capitol Grille in Troy, MI
about 1 hr 30 minutes away from East Lansing, MI

Yay, for upscale restaurant.
I haven't been to one since Taiwan..where my friend's uncle treated us to dinner at BRICS in Taichung.
Our meal cost way over $1,000 USD...and we had 6 people and one was a child.

My steak cost $300 served on a huge ceramic plate
(we also had like 6 other courses before our steak, lobster and caviar..)
OH, how I miss luxury, or least hanging out with luxury :)
I got to meet the famous chef..the Taiwanese Senator had just had dinner there the night before I was there he gave them a huge flower arrangement.

It has almost been 1 year since then.. Dec. 24th

I need a vacation!!!

I don't have anything to wear..why must I suck at style, fashion, and fitting into beautiful clothes?

Just For Fun!
Since you all know he bruised mine!!


  1. Gosh darn! Do you make anything other than earrings?? I don't have any piercings... :/

  2. nice earrings! does it take you long to make?

  3. I had to clickk all over just to get to your page??!! eeehh, but glad i found it!! oh my, you make jewelries..damn that makes me feel useless. haha. well better get on that hustle and sell some bling! btw, your nose doesn't look bruised unless you reallyyyy look at it. lol hope it heals!

  4. HIHI, Im jo, i live in NZ. I was just wondering how you sell your awesome creations? because im interested in some of your items. :)
    btw, hope u had a Merry xmas

  5. Happy Day After Christmas jojo4eva!! I can't seem to contact you via you blog, could you email me at Thanks!


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