December 6, 2008

My 88 Palettes Arrived!

(click to enlargo!)

The loot from Cyber Monday's Coastal Scents' 25% off Sale!

I got the Matte Case Ultra Shimmer 88 Eye Shadow Palette & the 88 Piece Makeup Palette Matte Case (that's verbatim from the invoice).
Errbody seems to have them, so I went with the flow!

Special thanks to my blurrfriend (I ate a ball of wasabi for this prize)
I haven't really seen the guy this week..
He takes the last exam of his academic career VERY seriously.

I was so surprised my eye almost popped out.
Free tiny-mini-baby kabuki brush!

I gotta go to the gym now before the road get any nastier, I gotta get that 12 pack ya know.

And then after that..I better do my nails..they look like poor people's.


  1. lucky! i still haven't received my stuff from coastal scent!!

  2. lucky! i still haven't received my stuff from coastal scent!!

  3. what?? you ate a chunk of wasabi? lol... damn makeup lovers will do crazy things. at least u got it on sale. with a free gift!! damn.. i wonder how much wasabi id have to eat if my bf offered to get me everything on my want list.... lol ;)

  4. niiiicccee! do share on which palette you like more! I heard the matte palette does contain some shimmer!

  5. "SCORE"

    look at alll those colors!!!
    can't wait to see some of your fotd's!! enjoy them!!! i love my CS palettes

  6. btw my nails are totally screwed :P

    i sent you a email about your earring! :D

  7. sttteppph~
    found your blog deary !! :)

    im thinking to get that neutral palette from CS, not sure if i should though =/

  8. hahah, i use to go to bloomies and lather myself with la mer and walk out looking so damn shiny. but Cle De Peau is even more expensive! I was gonna get my mom something there and realized that I may actually have to apply for a loan and give them my first born or something to get a cream

  9. hi stephanie, thanks for stopping by. i'll add u to my list if u dun mind! i always think about that neutral palette by coastal scents...maybe i'll get it next time i go to the u.s.
    "poor people's" nails? lol...

  10. LOL.. i might post a review this week.. still loaded with school works and taking care of my daughter. wow you got 2 88 palette! have you tried them yet? i'm to lazy to do a look at the moment. maybe on my xmas vaca. well hopefully.... i'm always lazy and i hate it.

  11. a chunk of wasabi for makeup? oh man, that's pretty intense. everyone is raving about these cs palettes. i'm too scared to play with color though. eeks! =)


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