December 13, 2008


I went to Birchrun and Frankemuth, Michigan today to shop with my Minh :)
This is what happened!

EMOTE BLUSH I FOUND! Edit* I have 2 left for sale! $25 each

Emote Blush..I finally found you & own you!!
I was all hoarding the blush in the store

I have 3 up for sale: $25 each, let me know if you're interested!
It's gorgeous for contouring & discontinued!!


I love Clinique toner & their pore minimizer!! It so works for me.

MAC Fafi Eyes 1 I finally found you!! I've been wanting this FOREVER
I also got MAC Paintpot in Blackground :)

My boyfriend & I got matching Emporio Armani watches for our anniversary &
He gave me an "I Love You Forever" ring!!! <3>

Ya like the cookie cutters don't ya!! I can't wait to bake cookies

Hehe, coach wristlets as presents

He bought me this too <3>

Cute box huh!? They're called Brighton Charms

cookie cutters! My doggie's shape too! Had to have


Worker making fudge

Carriage ride, I wanted to go so bad..but the line was longg and the weather miserable

@ the Country Store


hehe in the car!


  1. I LOVE that picture of you at the end. its soooo cute!

    aww he's so sweet, he got you the ring :D

  2. Hello I'm really interested in buying the emote blush..just let me know! My email :

  3. hi, i'm interested in buying the emote blush. my email is

  4. its not that bad having a dog in the city. i walk her twice a day and take her to the dog run when the weather is nice. my parents don't live too far away from me so i can drop her off in case of emergencies :)

  5. Haha the last photo is too cute! You remind me of the little girl from Lilo & Stitch!!!! So adorable~~

    Great buys~

  6. Fuz! You're not the first person who thinks I remind them of Lilo! haha, after that at my school would not stop calling me Lilo. hehe, I think it's my nose! ;0)

  7. wow.. looks like you had an eventful wkkend.. i still have to finish my xmas shopping! :-T

  8. coach wristlets are really a great deal, even better as presents!

  9. hey stephanie do you do clearances on stuff you want gone from your makeup draws... :p


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