December 16, 2008

MAC Fafi Eyes #1 FOR SALE

Hey Chicas,

I have 1 Brand Spankin' New MAC Fafi #1 up for grabs, message me if you're interested. Or for more intimate e-mails e-mail is =P hehehehehe


I love this quad! The colors are: Pink Venus, Vanilla, Hey, and Howzat ( reminds me of Hogzwart HARRY POTTER)

In Idiot News:

I blew $500 on 12 hrs of 3 card poker, and $1 slot machines at MGM Casino....

But hey..for 12 straight hours of play (w/ one food break)..that money lasted pretty long!!

Too bad, I am now stupidly in credit card debt...................

My online jewelry business w/ Phil from ABB should be starting up soon though! Maybe then can I recoup some losses. I'm so bad!

I'm a bad influence. =/


  1. damn girl you gambled for 12 hours...STRAIGHT?! crazy...but you're right, $500 lasted a while, you must've been winning some back during that time, right?
    casinos = devil
    its ok, welcome to the credit card debt club (i've been a unproud member since 2002...scary thought)

  2. hun, I thought you stopped gambling !! $500 is insane. *sigh*

    I loveee that eyeshadow palette.

  3. hey gorgeous!! ya you guessed it, i already own an emote blush..i use it when i wanna look extra seksiii!! I love it! $500 daang..u kno how much MAC that is?? lmao.


    <3 Penelope

  4. ok...finally, i did my "tag" blog. i didn't tag anyone because...i don't know ten bloggers. thanks for tagging me though, i felt so special. :)

  5. Hey baby girl

    sorry to get back to you super late...this super head has been BUSYY!!!! i love how your blog frequent now...i do read your blog but most of the time neglect to comment...just making sure all my babes are DOING A OK!!!

    about my addy...i'll haveto email you my address and i promise to do it are two sweet!!!

    i love your new purple highlights and your matching watches!!! looks like you haveing a good xmas this year babe!!!

    well i just wante dto come by and give you a big fat wet kiss!


  6. lol...casinos must be such addictive places...

  7. hey love! casinos are good at taking your money :P

    i had no idea that cco had a limit. its kind of silly, i thought the whole point was to get rid of inventory?

  8. gambling is hard to resist =)
    it's fun.. but even better when you win

  9. Shayne Ward is SEXXYYY. no lie. =x


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