December 19, 2008

Minh's Graduation & Families Meeting....!!!

Me w/ Minh's two sisters, Hany & Van

Minh & Stephanie, 2008


Minh & his momma

Minh T. Tran, J.D. (I'm so proud!)

My family w/ Minh

Minh's family!!

Minh's lil sister and lil brother

hehe, the cake i didn't try


First, Thank you girls so much for your comments. I felt so much better today with my parents there.

Second, congratulations my boyfriend! He is now Minh Tran, J.D.

And thirdly......
Our parents really hit it off, and his parents became a lot more close to me. Although...we had the biggest winter storm/blizzard in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It took us 2 hours to get to East Lansing which usually takes us 1 hour. The best part of it...some neighbor's truck got STUCK in front of our driveway!!

It was nerve racking driving there, but I was so determined to be there for my boyfriend's law school graduation. It's a once and a life time thing!!! I wasn't going to miss it for the world. I was so sacred that we were going to get stucked in the snow. We had 8-10 inches pile in last night.

There were SOOOOO many trucks (18 wheelers) and cars stuck in the ditches, and the shoulders of the highway. I actually took pics!!

Nobody flipped over though (that I saw), thank the all mighty.

His graduation was really formal..and our Vietnamese mom chattered so was awkward for the rest of the kids!

My little sister actually got to come because school was canceled today. Everything worked out nicely.

(I had to hide the previous entry because I don't want my bf to accidentally come across it one day. Thank you all so much for the comments! It's such a warm feeling for me to know that you all know how I feel.)

I have a bunch of pictures with our families. I'm going to post as soon as I find the camera!

Also, random: when we got home.....our driveway was 2 neighbors said my grandma..but she doesn't know who they are..

Although, they might be the guy who's truck go stuck in front of our dad tried to help them push it and shovel their way out.


  1. Im glad that you're feeling better and everything worked out ok =)

    Congrats to Minh !

    I'll probably need his help in the future ! =)

    Have a good weekend hun.


  2. love her bridal look. i might do her eyes.. and add up red lipstick to add a bit drama cause my wedding is going to be on the evening and my theme is red so jus matching it up. :)

    and girl i'm happy for you that you've finally become close to your hubby's fam. :) wow family meeting. when is the wedding? :P

  3. oh.. haha.. wait.. i don't get the "nersi" thing.. LOL.. sorry i'm a slow person. =p

    and i jus had to say that you and your mom look so cute wit the matching coats. =]

  4. HI - i was just passing by your lovely blog!

    WOW - that is so awesome that your bf graduated from law school! i myself am in law school and am questioning myself as to whether i can really make it! :)

    what does he need to do now to practice as a LAWYER? we dont have the bar over here in australia


  5. I got your package!!!! Thank you love!

  6. congrats!!! What a successful man you've got there! :]

  7. oh yea it does. i jus didn't get it at 1st haha.


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