December 22, 2008

Seattle here I come!

I leave for Seattle on Christmas day with Minh @ 10:28pm from Grand Rapids, MI.

I would normally be excited...BUT.. we are still in the process of moving his apartment (which is in Lansing, an hour away).

I have to call my aunt's friend to get my aunt's garage door opener so Minh can have a place to store his car the 2 months he's going to be studying for the bar in Seattle.

The lady leaves the 25th as well, that means I have to call this stranger lol, and find her house...which is about 30 minutes away. It sucks that we have so much snow here!!

I am quite drained from driving to and from Lansing. =/

Minh did back from Chicago and gave me a Tiffany's bag, and asked me if I wanted to open it, and of COURSE I wanted to open it! :)

He bought me a Tiffany's necklace, with a titanium pendant.
I don't have pictures of my actual necklace, but I jacked a pic of the pendant from Tiffany's website. (thanks!)

He said he "customized" it by buying a seperate chain for it, since he didn't like the one that was on display. How creative of him. He says that nobody will have my necklace.

He didn't get it engraved though...because he said the lady never asked lol. I am debating if I want to get something engraved on the back of it in Seattle. It is our 1 year together.

Should we engrave an S & M? 2008? lol, I dunno what to do, I'm a noob as well to long term relationships.
It's the bigger of the 2 titanium pendants, and it cost $140 without the chain..I dunno what made him decide on this one, but he really liked it. I think he was a little sad that I wasn't jumping up and down because he had a Tiffany's box w/ a red bow in his hands.

The chain is a thicker chain, it's pretty, I will post a picture tomorrow.

I can't believe he bought it in Chicago, where he know the sales tax is almost 10%!! Ugh.. I wonder if we return it in Seattle or Portland if we could get our money back w/ Chicago tax. hehe I'm so cheap!!

I can't wait for my vacation!!

I haven't really put on any makeup for the past 2-3 days I've been at home, and Lansing. My boyfriend keeps asking me where his girlfriend is, haha nice right?

But anyhow..I gave Skin Food BB Cream another chance and I actually love it. It works so great keeping my skin moisturized in this weather. I adore it, and I am definitely taking it on my trip.
Do I stand out or what? hehe Minh with his siblings, and my lil sister Julia at the end


  1. Awww I think you guys should have the pendant engraved, it was really sweet of your BF to surprise you with that :) Hmmm I dont think Portland will let u return it and get chicago sales tax back. But if you return it there and buy it in portland then you wont get charged sales tax, theres no sales tax here in portland. So shopping here is a must!

    I still cant believe youre coming to my neck of the woods lol. I wonder if I know his family, he doesnt look familiar to me tho. But I've lived in Vancouver all my life and just happened to move here to portland 6 mths ago.

    btw I love your jacket!

  2. babe! you know if me and you would be S&M too right? lol :P he's such a sweetie though :)

    ok i just realized something in your pic... how tall are you?! you seem REALLY tall! i'm super short btw.

    ummm yeah... i panicked at lush and grabbed a bunch of snowcake soaps, I did get two for free though :D

    safe flight to seattle! enjoy!

  3. lucky girl! ur bf's so sweet and thoughtful. i think u should have it engraved. maybe a short name for u both like minh-steph '08. or whatever you like. it's jus cuter like that. :) have fun in seattle!

  4. yes i love my mac lippies. they are so far the best lippies i've purchased :)

    oh no need to make me a pair. no need to do that sis :)

    i wish i was in america, i'd visit you. ahh.. i wanna meet you!! >_< i'm jealous you are able to spend time with bf where as i can't. bleh =/ it's okay.

    merry xmas dear ♥ xx

  5. OH - so THAT's how the bar works in the US. I always wanted to know. lol

    i think it's probably easier to get a law degree here in australia - you don't need to pass a final bar exam - you simply do the degree (5 years) and then do the PLT (which is basically work experience, and hardly anyone fails, unless your a complete idiot). lol

    is the bar exam hard???

    also, merry xmas darl from a fellow blogger :)



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