December 27, 2008

Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR

The weather here is so terrible! They do not plow their streets here!! And it's just as cold as Michigan. lol, but the Evergreen trees are beautiful. But I wish I would have watched Twilight after visiting WA because now I keep thinking the vampires are lurking in the woods! haha

At least I have an excuse to pick up a pair of rain boots.
Did I mention there is no sales tax on anything in Oregon?! I paid a visit to LV, and am going back tomorrow..... I have my eyes on the Damier Neverfull MM, and the Damier Azur Speedy 35. Savings of at least $40 in tax!

I want to shout out to Mona a.k.a. Make Me Blushh for posting the pictures of the earrings I made her! I've gotten a few inquiries about the earrings :)

If any of you gals would like more information, please feel free to email me:


No pictures from the vaca's just rainy and I don't want to depress anyone - lol

Although, there was an ice skating rink inside a mall called Lloyd Center. It was cool beans!


  1. Girl, the snow is so damn thick in Vancouver, I need a pair of rain boots as well! Hope you had a good Christmas!

  2. hi stephanie did u have a good xmas? wish you a great year ahead!
    my family in WA has been pretty snowed in for days. i gotta say the state hasn't been doing its part to help people out :-(

  3. Girl I feel you, I HATE the weather here!! Yesterday was the first time I actually got to get out of the house because of the snow. I do hope youre enjoying your time here w.your in laws hehe.

  4. Hello Miss Stephanie! How are you?? I hope you had an awesome Xmas! I just love the song on your page too! It's def a classic on my list.

  5. AWWW thanks doll for leaving those sweet comments..your adorable chickiiieee...

  6. winter vacationing sounds like fun (minus the rain) but the rain can be pretty...unless it's like a rainstorm. ooh gotta love no sales tax in oregon. i want a damier azur speedy 35 too!

  7. smooches to you too! ;P

    when do you go back home?

  8. I have the canon rebel xt

    i like it since its not as big as the 50d but takes pictures much better than my small canon powershot. :) check it out on amazon, they have deals on it from time to time.

    btw I'm loving the earrings. :D i wish it came in green ;P

    have a great new year babe!

  9. No tax in Oregon? wow, I gotta live there. haha. Well I hope the snow has cleared up by then. Go get your rain boots!! heheheh

    I'm totally staying on your blog playing this song on repeat. *sings along* haha I love this song. :D

  10. Snow! I miss the snow! Hope you're having a wonderful holidays. Get that LV babe. I have a speedy and love it and I'm sure you will too. If you can get it without tax by all means go for it!

  11. Hey gorgeous...the damier azul, the monogram & the denim. ;) How do you like the mini lin?

  12. Well I mean your "future in laws" hahaha..omg did u really win $5000???? Wow congrats to you guys, hopefully you used some of the money in portland with the no sales tax and all!

  13. green and gold is my kind of st. patty :P

    did you get your burberry rain boots? I'm obsessed with Hunter rain boots :P

  14. if you can buy LV, you can buy creme de la mer :) hehe..

    i'm not rich just cause i bought creme de la mer. i'm an idiot for always spending money though! LOL :)

    miss yaaa x


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