January 3, 2009

My Trip to Seattle


I had MAC lashes put on for dinner one night since the restaurant was right by, ...later that night I showered with them on lol. BIG MISTAKE!! My $13 lashes were 1 time use. hehe my bad!

I bought the Anastasia Go Brow Pencil & I love love love it!! more makeup haul info soon. :)


The first night in Seattle, my boyfriend and I went to check out one of the casinos...and after 15 minutes of walking into the door...he hits one of the jackpots on the $1 slot machines. $5,000. ::BIG SMILE::

He gave me 1/2. What a sweet heart, hehe.. we gamble as a team!

They basically counted 5 grand cash in front of the whole casino..I thought we were going to get mugged, so I told him to stay and walk around before going to the parking garage.

I spent 1/2 my vacation hunting for rainboots. It's so rainy there in the Winter. I decided on Burberry rain boots because they were the most beautiful ones I've ever seen!

Unfortunately...ALL the Nordy's in the Seattle area did not have my size left. 37 or 38. I'm a 7 1/2..so I was hunting for them to at least try on before I order online...I dunno what to do!!
Also, the Burberry store in Vancouver B.C. was closed New Years Day. lol

I just am not fated to own them while in Seattle!! Yesterday before my flight, my boyfriend gave me a the classic Burrberry print umbrella...he's just wonderful sometimes.

But yeah...

I picked up a lot of goodies while visiting including 2 new cameras.

1. Pink Sony touch screen digital camera $349 + tax free! @ Fry's in Portland
(saw it on Cassie's Mom blog and just had to have it!)

2. Sony Alpha 300k SLR camera $599, w/ a $300 lense for only $50! There is a deal going on this week at Best Buy. [my lil investment for the jewelry collection]

I bought lots of L'Occitane goodies & gift sets for friends any family this Christmas. Hehe, I'm getting everyone hooked on their Shea Butter Hand Creams. I even bought the mini tube of hand cremes for travel.

My cousin gave me a pretty big set of L'Occitane a few days before Christmas, and I can't wait to try everything and write about it. :)

Overall, my trip was fun. The first 3 days in Portland and Vancouver was ruined by SNOW!! I couldn't believe how much snow they had, and no snow plows or salt like we have here in Michigan. We also rented a Dodge Charger...rear wheel drive = not good in snow.

Our car got stuck in a ditch at my bf's brother's place in Olympia, WA. Tow truck came after 2 hrs..a cop stopped by to ask if we had been drinking... that was an interesting night...

Seattle = a beautiful clean city.
Full of Asians. Full of Frozen Yogurt!!!

Full of Clouds filled with Rain.
I can't wait to go watch Sleepless in Seattle and point out all the places I recognize. lol

That lobster is alive!!!

Us being dorks @ Pike's Market

We welcomed in the New Year in Vancouver B.C. Canada. It was so cooooold. But we manage to find a Chinese owned Casino to party it up lol. I swear the triad owned that place! The workers walked around in suits and looked like the Asian mafia. Good times, good times.

Inside the Casino in Vancouver B.C.

Hung, Hany (Minh's lil sister), Me, and my bf Minh, who needs to learn how to put his head down in pictures!!
The Canadian-US Border...wait time 2hrs. The line wasn't even long!! They just felt like they needed to harass everyone with 5 questions / car.
Near the Canadian-US Border, I had to play with my new cam, and I love the clouds!

Will post more later, I'm still unpacking and doing laundry :)



  1. awww steph you look so cute in your new year's photos! happy new year hun and that frozen yogurt looks soooooo goood! OMG!

  2. btw i looove that avant song "i wanna be" -- so beautiful!

    ryc:How do you like Too Face Shadow Insurance?

    eh -- I could take it or leave it to be honest. I'm more fond of my UDPP one over this by far, I wouldn't buy the too faced one again. =/ it's my "back up" primer.

    and the case is soo, sooo worth it girl, it's nice being able to FIND everything stead of going thru boxes and drawers..of everything everywhur...

  3. love the last picture, its lovely!

  4. ah the sony touch! ...and in PINK! i'm so jealous. good investment :) did you use the cameras for these pictures you posted? the yogurt one looks professional!


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