January 3, 2009


Don't shower with lashes on...lol

My new love: L'OCCITANE hand cremes!!

Winter time is pretty harsh on my skin because I have eczema ..on my face!! Most years I get dry patches of skin on my eye lids, or under my nose. Let me tell you it's no fun, but my Dr. gave me a really good Eucerin cream to treat my sensitive skin during this weather.


I wanted to share with you all some goodies from Seattle.

I am in love with the eye cream <3>

I loved it so much, I had to get this lil set, it was org. $58 on sale for $28 at University Villiage in Seattle.

The Best of L'occitane --Christmas present from my cousin, Dr. T
My lovely lovely umbrella
One of my new cameras :)
Do you think I have enough of MAC's Fafi Eyes #1? lol
MAC's Light Flush MSF

MAC's Sculpt & Shade Powder "Lightsweep Shadester"
MAC Lash #7 (now ruined!) oopies

Sephora samples :)
I can't wait to try them!


  1. ooo i love l'occitane lavendar!! it smells sooooo soooo good!!! lucky girl, love it! love it!

  2. very nice new things. btw, thank u for ur comment! ;)

  3. l'occitane is having a sale here too i need to go pick p some stuff asap :P you got some real goodies !

  4. ohh soo many awesome goodies! and we have the same camera! :)

  5. did u have fun in seattle?! i went to UW, lol... small world huh?
    "dun shower with lashes on"? lol...yup, i've done that too, NOT GOOD... hahaha...

  6. ooh fun products. i have eczema too...i hate it.
    and oh no! your lashes! i guess they must've felt so natural, whenever i wear my falsies i KNOW i have them on, they irritate my face and i can't wait to rip them off. the things we do to look pretty.


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