January 4, 2009

2 Fluidlines for $22.50!

I found this set at CCO, and it came with Blacktrack & MacroViolet Fluidline, it came with a small 209 brush, mirror, and travel case!

only $22.50! I was excited since I was running low on Blacktrack

I thought it was neat :)
And here are pics of the Fafi Eye Palettes :)
I LOVE this e/s collection the best.
2 Fafi Eyes #1 available & 1 Fafi Eyes #2 palettes available if anyone is interested :)


  1. hey stephanie, thanks for your comment just now.
    u might wanna swatch the guerlain foundation and see which shade matches u.
    it's 55$ on sephora.com, but i can sell to u for 40$ via paypal. or if u have something to swap, let me know :-P

  2. great deals! so mad that i discovered what cco's are AFTER i left for Japan. boooo. i totally need a macro violet, i'd use it as a P/P! LOL

  3. ahhhh great deal darling, I love fafi..too bad I missed that dammm collection..grr..hahaha anyway I can't wait for the hello kitty line although it may not be as vibrant but who cares its the packaging that counts hahah for me anyways.lol

  4. you lucky lucky dame!! omg how kick booty is that MAC set, and my 2 favorite colors at that -- and GASP that PRICE ... my god. what a STEAL!

  5. i saw that set at the CCO in woodbury but skipped out on it... now i feel like an idiot :X

  6. 1 hour drive too far haha :P


    hey baby!!! how is your 2009 goin??? i know im a bit late on my NYE cheer...but my love still counts just as any other day!...what a steal on your hauls...to even get the MAC liner in black is GOOD ENOUGH and you got 2!!!!CCO is the shit i never really go to a MAC to get my stuff...its CCO baby...all the way...

    well i hope your dreams and ambitions come true this year hunny...its that time to be faster stronger and smarter...much love from PINK


  8. I love your little haul! And that little case is adorable for your little fluidlines!

  9. just crusing around on your awesome blog! just wondering what is CCO?



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