January 30, 2009


Welcome to DSK's Blog Sale!
I'm having a blog "garage sale" because I'm trying to save up some money to honestly pay off some of my credit card bill, I'm not fond of the idea of interest, and I'm sure no one else is either! (Unless the interest is in our favor, naturally). ^_^
Everything shown is ready to be shipped.

*~*~Everyone who makes a purchase will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE pair of my Swarovski Post Earrings~*~*
3 pairs will be given away :)

Each item bought = 1 entry to win!!
Drawing will occur when all items are sold or Valentine's Day
Free Pair of DSK's Swarovski Post Earrings.
If you buy 2 more pairs of earrings, I will waive shipping for your total purchase.

Ex.#1 If you buy 2 pairs of earrings & the bed head straigtener..FREE shipping! yay!!

Ex. #2 If you buy 1 pairs of earrings, & 1 necklace & any other item posted..Free shipping!
All other shipping $3-5 US, New Zealand & Australia, all other I will have to get you a quote
E-mail me: nguyenst@msu.edu
Paypal or Google Checkout, you have an options!

Helen of Troy collaborated with Bed Head to create this Light Up Hair Straightener
I bought it because it lights up (green & gold)! I've only used it a few times since I bought it.
I really like my original 2" Helen of Troy straightener (I'm not gonna lie I prefer the larger ones since I'm a lazy hair straightener)

Description: New Tigi Bed Head Professional Tourmaline Nano-Ceramic Straightener features Fiber Optic Heat Indicators. Get shine. Get Smooth. Tame frizz and have it all with the Tigi Bed Head Light Me Up Straightener.

Cute Blue Cow Lock w/ 2 Keys
hehe, your gym locker will really stand out!
or use it as a key chain, or accessory for your favorite purse (think LV gold lock)

Cell phone/ digital camera case
brand new asides from the packaging
It didn't fit my Sony.
I put my MAC fafi quad just so you can see the size.
It's pretty cute, now that I look at it ..reminds me of a Coach wristlet, it does come with a strap, you can barely see it in the pic. sowrries

Standard MAC Palette, holds 15 e/s
(e/s not included! =P)
I have only filled 1 MAC palette, and I don't think I'm going to get around to filling another one any time soon since I prefer pots. Therefore! I'm putting this one up for grabs.
The closest free standing MAC store is 2 and 1/2 hours away from me, so I know how hard it is for a small town girl to get her hands on a palette.
(MAC sells for $12, I think)

MAC Studio Fix Powder NC 42, used once - the sponge has never been touched
(I'm an NC 42 in the summer if I tan, but I'm not planning on getting darker anytime soon)

E.L.F. Quad Palettes
(2 available, again e/s not included =P)
They fit MAC e/s perfectly, and have the magnetic base

You can also get these at www.eyelipface.com for $1 as well, but remember if you buy something from me you get a chance to win a FREE pair of Swarovski Post Earrings!
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish: Light Flush
MAC's Description:description: Soft pastel pink with deep bronze veining.
I really like this MSF, but it doesn't show up well on me, I'm NC 40.
I've used this only a few times, it's still dome-y shape as ever. A fellow beauty blogger suggest shimmering it up on top of a darker blush.

MAC Fafi #1 Eye Palette
Pink Venus, Vanilla, Hey, Howzat
You honestly cannot go wrong with this palette, it has Vanilla!
I will throw in a sample of the Vanilla pigment with purchase of Fafi Eyes #1

(SOLD) MAC Fafi #2 Eye Palette
*Brand New*
Bold As Gold, Shockwave, You're Fresh, Prankster
I will also include MAC Vanilla pigment sample with purchase :)
This is my favorite "Spring" Palette by MAC

Naris Up Natural Pack: Egg Shell Ex Facial Mask
Used once, I paid $17 for it w/ shipping.
After it dries, it's like using a full face Biore Pore strip! It's pretty cool, and does what it's made to do. I really dislike applying it (it's really tacky/sticky). I'm one of those people who can't stand to get their hands "dirty"

Lashes from Taipei, Taiwan
Brand New of course
I bought a whole box of these lashes at a very high end cosmetic store near Taipei 101, and they're all the same style..now why would I need so many of them?
I wore these in this pic,

$2 / pair

Purple Lashes!!
Purple-tipped Lashes from Vietnam
*Brand New*
Some of you ladies have seen me wear a pair just like these in a past entry.

A subtle pop of purple.

L'Oreal HiP Bright Shadow Duo: Flashy #318
Only used a few times, the sponge applicator has never been used
The bottom actually pops out, and out came the sponge! lol, I just realized.

L'Oreal HiP Bright Shadow Duo: Flare #404
Used a handful of times, as you can see, I just cleaned it up though..sorry I didn't take pictures after I wiped it! But anyhow to anyone who wants it..
(you just pay shipping..or if you buy 2 or more jewelry items it's literally free!)

NYX: The Ultimate Pearl Shadow UP 13 Purple Pearl
Used only a few times

NYX: The Ultimate Pearl Shadow UP 17 Ocean Pearl
Used about 2 times. I'm not a fan of blue much

10mm Swarovski Blue Crystal w/ 16" Sterling Silver chain & bail

Swarovski Green-Orange Heart

Looking for a unique pair of hoops?
Sterling silver w/ Swarovski Clear AB hoop earrings

Swarovski Rose 7 1/2" w/ Swarovski Roundelles Bracelet w/ Sterling Heart Toggle Clasp (gift box included)

Swarovski Black Diamond 7 1/2" Bracelet w/ Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp

Random Blog note: My bracelets are lacking..I haven't been home home in 2-3 weeks now, and all my bracelet jewelry supplies are stashed at my parents. I really need to get on taking pictures of the pieces I make. I usually make to order, so it never really gets displayed.

But there are some of the more simple & less expensive pieces.

I can't wait to invest in some huge crystals, and put together a bracelet for you guys to see. I made this gorgeous bracelet with square/cube crystals and the swarovski roundelles (pictured with the pink crystals above) It was massive & beautiful <3>
It cost me nearly $40 in materials alone. I sold it to a lovely successful former Retail major!
AHH I can't wait to make another one.

Swarovski 10mm Crystal Post Earrings
Studs are Sterling Silver

Clear Checkerboard 10mm, like my ear modeling skills?!
Clear Swarovski Checkerboard (2 available)

Swarovski Black Diamond Rhombus 10mm (1 available)

Jet Black (2 available)

Jet Black in the green box!

Aquamarine (1 available)

Green Tea, taste great with water

just kidding :P I got you.
But I do love to drink green tea with honey on a cold winter day =P

I'm kind of bummed that I broke my SLR..and don't have it to take better pictures :( no worries though, it's under warranty & they send me an email saying they've received my camera :)

Siam Red
(1 available)

Clear AB $10 (3 available)

Aquamarine (3 available)

Jet Black $10 (2 available)

Siam Red $10 (2 available)

Pink Rose $10 (2 available)

Copper Checkerboard Swarovski Post Earrings (2 available)
As seen on the lovely ears of our very own celebrity beauty blogger M (MakeMeBlushh)!!

Cosmic Style Red Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Ear Threads!!
This is what they look like on,
Please ignore my ginormous looking finger nails..macro mode!
They just glide right on, lol some people who've never seen them before flip out.
I love selling jewelry!!
Excuse my 1 week old nail polish :)

Siam Red Swarovski Heart w/ 16" Sterling Silver Chain

Rose Pink Swarovski Heart w/ 16" Sterling Silver Chain $18

Swarovski Starfish w/ Sterling Silver Chain

(Heart & Starfish pendants are $8 alone w/ Sterling Silver bail to add to your own chain necklace)

My 16" Sterling Silver chains are very high quality, made in Italy
$8 each (Starfish & Hearts) $5 each (Moons & Flowers)

Amber Swarovski Moon w/ Sterling Silver Chain

Hard to find Swarovski flat Heart in crystal AB, $20
(look at how the light catches in this crystal!!)
Circle Twist Swavorvski Crystal Necklace w/ Leafy Sterling Silver Bail

Breathtaking crystal, isn't it?!
Swarovski Clear Heart AB, w/ sterling silver leafy bail
16" Sterling Silver Chain (this style is a fancier style)
A larger version of the above heart crystal,
the chain is 18" instead of 16" since the crystal is much larger (compare to my thumb)

They're read to meet you BB's!!

If you have any specific jewelry styles, or colors you would like, please feel free to contact me,

I love personalizing each piece to your preference.

Holla @ y0 girl!


  1. Wowwwwwwww so many things in my wishlist but since I live in Th. So I guess they'll always be my wishlist,LOL

    Love the golden cam bag. uwwwwwwwwww so lovely

  2. That cow lock is so so so adorable!! Did you make it or buy it from somewhere?


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