January 27, 2009

DSK's Shower Routine (Dorm Life Edition)

Don't you love the feeling of being clean? I know I do!

I've been trying to use showering products that I normally don't use while I'm
at school. As you all don't really know; I live in a single room at Shaw Hall @ Michigan State University. Shaw is located in the heart of campus, and I've had my room since my junior year. As a Sophomore, I woke up at 3:30am walked 25 minutes to the International Center and waited 4 hours in line to sign up for this very dorm room that I am in RIGHT NOW. Shaw is one of the nicer dorms on campus, and used to be reserved for upper classmen. Until they changed it and allowed Freshmen who are majoring in Business! (We're located right next to the Business College). I guess they think it will improve their Business School since students would be closer to the school to attend reviews and such. Still NOT fair.

Shaw has community bathrooms, where you often times shower with your community. lol
Of course the floor is all girls, and you typically use the bathrooms closest to your room. I need to sneak pictures for you girls, just so you can experience the MSU Community Shower Experience. =P

Anyhow..I have to carry a little shower caddy with me each time I go take a shower. It gets pretty heavy if you carry full size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Therefore, this is the time of the year where I use all my sample products! Or small size versions.

Recently, I've been trying out the L'Occitane original Shampoo, Conditioner, and Shower Cream.
Basically...L'Occitane obviously does not specialize in bath products since their labels are printed on paper..which doesn't look beautiful after being wet from the shower. lol. First thing I noticed! It's also SUPER hard to squeeze the product out from the container..it definitely takes extra effort to dispense the product. The smell is fair, just like their famous hand cream actually.
If you don't own this, you are crazy. You need to own this! It's the best hand cream ever made. I have it in all sizes, the biggest one $25, the regular one $10, and the mini airplane approved one $5 ( I have several of these) I keep them in every bag. You can find it at Loccitane.com, or Sephora.com. I would buy at Sephora considering you get free samples with purchase :) This product is something I definitely don't mind spending a little extra money on. I've gotten everyone in my family using it. My dad LOVES it. So you know it's good when dad uses a "beauty" product regularly.

My LOTN (Look of The Night)
Me post shower in my jammies (from Target $4.88), no makeup, with the hair texture I was born with! It's wavy. Me no like-y. I have to straigten it almost daily.
*Random tidbit from Steph, the Retailing Major: Did you know that American retailers are not allowed to sell any item below cost? That includes clearance items. So...when Macy's puts a $100 Ralph Lauren Sweater for $20 or even less...they're still making a profit!! Outsourcing is how they achieve these tremendous profit.

Anyhow, I love the L'Occitane shower goodies...why?
I love them because they're so portable! Super light to carry to the bathroom :)
But they're nothing impressive, just standard. I don't know why anyone would pay full price for these products. I got mine in a gift set for Christmas, so I'm just testing them out. I have 2 more sets of their products to try out this semester. Will let you know how those turn out.

But yeahhhh, what I carry in my caddy is:

-Toothbrush w/ toothbrush travel container

-Crest Toothpaste (any kind will do)

-Olay Facial Cleanser w/ the little blue micro beads

-St. Ives Face Scrub (I use this every other day, and not just on my face! I scrub everywhere!! well..not EVERYWHERE, but everywhere on my limbs!)

-L'Occitane Shampoo, Conditioner, and Shower Cream
2.5 oz Shampoo $8 (not worth it unless it's free!!) hehe
Conditioner, this 2.5 oz is like $8..wtf? Do not buy this!!
$8 Creme De Douche! hahaha, my little sister and I started cracking up..we're so immature.

-Cocao Butter!! (I bought this huge bottle from Sally's for $5!!)

Simple, simple. What I like about community showers?

#1 We have maids that clean all our bathrooms every 2-3 hours. If they're cleaning you just have to walk down the hall to another bathroom. Each bathroom has 5-6 showers, 4 sinks, 4-9 stalls for pee pee and other bathroom duties. >.<

#2. They change the shower curtains everyday other day (they alternate colors so you know they're fresh!! )

#3. They have 30 minute heaters!! So you feel super comfy when you step out under the heat lamp. I love to lather LATHER LATHER LATHER and LATHER my body with lotion after I shower. I lightly towel dry, and wrap my hair up in the towel, and start LATHERING away. After that I put my pink robe on and walk back to my room. (Some girls just run back to their room in a towel (SKANKY!!!) lol, jk, rock what you got, but it gets a little awkward because guys come visit their friends and are always hanging out in the hall ( I actually think guys hang around our hall hoping to see a girl out of the shower room.. There are about 100 rooms+ on my floor, it's realllllly long. Will take picture for you!

#4. I love community bathrooms because you see how ugly everyone looks in the morning. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHA everyone's all vunerable. I don't really care how I look because I aint here to impress no one!! (double negative, but it expresses my point better).

By a count of comments! Who brushes their teeth in the shower?? I DO!!
I think it's just the most covenient time to brush your teeth. I usually brush after I put in my conditioner, I feel like it's a great chance to multi-task. By the time you're done brushing, it's time to rinse out your conditioner. :) Me so clever. =P

Overall, I love my blogger sisters!!, you all are so supportive & I just love reading your posts! ALL of you! Everyone is so inspiring in their own unique way. I really want to thank the blog ladies who have inspired me to be a better me, to take better care of my skin, and to spend the money on all the right beauty products. I love you all! I'm going to go lather my face with La Me Moisturizing Gel Cream now :D and go to sleep! XO!
Me yesterday, lulz! Tis my current Facebook Profile Pic. =P


  1. Love ya doll! Your facebook pics are adorable! I love your jammies...there is nothing like being all comfy cozy. And I swear we have the same hair. I get lazy and sick of having to style it all the time so sometimes I just go all wavy crazy whatevers. When I was in college we had a shared bathroom between every 2 dorm rooms so we shared with about 3 other girls. I've never seen a hall type one so I'm curious;) Hugs mama!

  2. hey steph..i got it at forever21 actually..less then 25..i don't even know if they still have em because I bought it early december!! Hope this helps

  3. You are too cute.

    You are sooo beautiful even without a makeup 11! =)

    I love the hand cream you gave me. smells realllly good too.

    cant wait to talk to u soon

    love you. <3

  4. awww, La Mer (=

    how is it? since everyone raving about it...is it really that extraordinary

    i need to save up so i can see what's the hype about ;)

  5. l'occitane i should def check those out. i've heard a couple people use it and completely fell in love. i have yet to try brushing my teeth in the shower, i should def. try that too!! haha

  6. LOL my BF brushes his teeth in the shower too!

  7. Ahhhh dorm life~ It was fun but I hope I never live in a dorm ever again. xDD You look too cute in your PJs. I own the L'occitane foot cream, but not the hand cream, I must be INSANE!

  8. i can't brush my teeth in the shower. got no talent haha.

  9. OMG Steph, how huge is your shower caddy? Hehe kidding.
    I'm not a fan of community showers, I never have been. I need my privacy and yeah, I look pretty horrible in the morning with no make up on, haha. I don't want people to see me that way. =P

    Brushing in the shower, I only do when I'm in a rush to go out somewhere. But yes, I've done it, and I'll do it again!

  10. I forgot to tell you that I love yor new blog layout. Keep it like this for a while, it's easy on the eyes.

  11. well you're right about the falsies.. it's addicting! i was supposed to put falsies on but didn't have the time cause i always have a hard time to get them straight. and yea i love the mascara i'm using now. so far my best drug store mascara. and hey i also brush my teeth in the shower! lol. but that's after i rinse everything out jus before getting out of the shower. :)

    if only i live closer to you we could watch bride wars together!!! is it still shown in your place?

  12. Hey girl, I have an idea... VIDEO OF DSK!!!!!!!! :DD

  13. Miss Nguyen..How much money did you get this yearr huh?? I wanna tell you that your lips lookks delicious in that bright pink/red/fushia whatever color it is lipstick. I have to pause and think what else..um OH yeahh everything is Loccitane with you! =O I just use DOVE my girl and LEVER 2000. hah. I dont like putting lotion on my hands! im the only one in the world with that syndrome.



  14. btw..WHAT body are you talking about! Im wearing a big ol T shirt to cover everything up. I do run/jog/taibo/dvd workouts. I alternate bc it gets extremely dull and boring to be doing the same thing every single day for an hour soo..yeah at least an hour. Ive been on and off with the whole exercising working out tonin routine but ive been stickin to it as of lately! gotta work hard for your bodyyy =(

  15. Honestly, I brush my teeth in the shower! It saves so much time huh? I do that every morning I take a shower. It is convenient! lol

    Girl, what are you talking about? I love your born textured hair? [if that makes sense] hehehe. At least it's not all poofy & frizzy like mine!


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