January 26, 2009

My Boyfriend Needs to STOP reading my blogspot!! + EOTD, Ed Hardy

Stupid Minh now reads my blog..HOW EMBARASSING HUNNIE!! STOP IT.
How do you block ppl?

I do not want him to know what I'm up to in my beauty blog world. This is something for me not you so go away!! Do your significant others know about your blog?

In other news, Chuc Mung Nam Moi!! May all you ladies live forever, and become a little bit more beautiful each day as we age!! :)

I feel lots better today considering it's new years and I have to feel happy or else I will be angry/sad all year! Nobody wants that, now do they?

Although I did have a bad dream..Minh!! I had ANOTHER bad dream about you. You keep making the wrong choices in my dream, and you become the bad guy, and I dislike you and want to be mean to you in my dreams. What's up with that? Is it forshadowing events to come?


I decided to do a "li xi" (lucky money- little red envelopes!) inspired eye today. I used the 88 shimmer palette, black eyeliner & mascara. I used my Skinfood BB cream w/ MAC Medium Dark/Natural & Shimmer MSF duo. MAC whirl lip liner, w/ Splendid lipgloss from the Dame Edna Collection (thank you Jennifer!) I love it!

Check me out!! ;)

I got on the OPI nail polish in "Friar Friar Pants On Fire" Red
~ ~the eyes ~ ~
Ed Hardy Shoe Box is SUPER CUTE!! I got the last pair..they were on sale at Macy's for $49.99 org. $70.00 (it just happened to be in my size!!)

My bestie Oliver picked up a pair at Foot locker..and it made me want one too!

I love their koi fish!

On the otherside of the Koi is a drawing of a Geisha ~ she has some mad sexy eyes
I found a black Ed Hardy long sleeve shirt at Macy's, and I really want it, but it's $92..
They had 25% off last week...but I think I'll wait for the price to drop a little more..maybe an extra 20% with Macy's card?? I have my fingers crossed!

Kissy face!! Not meant for Minh.

I always make this face when I'm on web cam, it used to drive someone crazy (as in annoyed)

Happy New Year!

Pictures taken with MacBook.
Apparently..the SLR is not okay..his battery holder inner broke..
The little blue plastic tab that holds in the battery broke off! AHH
I have to send it in to get fixed.. boooo

But I'm still happy because it's a happy day!! YAY!! lol


  1. Haha, yea Mr. H reads my blogs sometimes, but I don't care... he likes to compliment me after reading it, so that makes it even nicer, lol!

    I love your fire red new year's look! Happy new year!

  2. u loook sooo pretty!i love what u did with your eyes and NAILS!! Wow thats a bangin red!!!

    HAHA,my bf is ALWAYS on my blog.lol

    nosy fucker! lol


    <3 Penelope

  3. happy chink new year mS. Nguyen!! Im so glad my bf hasn't found mine! =D

  4. happy chinese new year girl! :) i've been reading bout lucky stuff like i'm year of the rabbit and now is the year of the ox of this will be a good year for me and such. :P do u believe in those things? so anyway, how did ur bf know bout ur blog? :p I don't think you can block him. You can set your blog in private and require ppl to sign up to view ur blog. ohhh and lovin the red look. in filipino, we call the little chinese red envelopes "ampao" (can't spell)

  5. happy lunar new year hun!

    i know the kissy face was meant for meeee! i kid haha

    I love your nails! the length is perfeccct <3

  6. OMG... I WANT THOSE SHOES. Have you seen the purple ed hardy snow boots with the geishas on them?! I seriously take them off the display and hug them and promise them that when I have money I am going to adopt them. haha. Chuc Mung Nam Moi to you too! You are lucky to have a bf that reads your blog, unlike me who has an ex who STALKS my blog.


  7. Hey stephanie! LOL i just posted the pics of your creations... sorry my camera didn't do them justice :s
    Happy chinese new year! :):):)
    I totally forgot about that until now... :S
    Its good that your boyfriend reads your blog.. hehe then he'll know what to buy you when you two next meet up :p

  8. haha my bf sometimes pop in and out of my blog and mocks me! lol its all fun for him and not for me tho! lol what a tease he is.

    cute new years inspired look =)

  9. Happy New Year! Great look babe! I think its cute you're bf wants to read your bloggy. hahaha...omg I show my bf mine but I dunno how much of it he actually reads (read probably boring). Since I normally update him all the time or he's sitting next to me when I'm updating its not much he doesn't already know about my dork azz. :P Love the Ed Hardy!!

  10. I hate hate hate when my bf reads my blog. It's just weird. And I never tell him when I post entries, so he surprises with questions about my blog. Muthafucker... You can block his IP but it's kinda silly to.

  11. hahaha the husby reads my blog.. it's okay though.. i could care less.. haha

    soooO! i was just on m's blog and i was leaving her a comment. i wanted the lucido wax but she sold out! GAH! then i saw your comment... hmmm, if you sell.... you better let me know!!! =) thanks, dear!

  12. hiii steph,

    happy new year

    lol, i went to m's blog and her lucido wax nd skinfood sold out...then i saw ur comment, too =D
    lol everyone is hovering on the lucido wax


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