January 25, 2009

Winter Blues..

Hey snow bunnies,

This snow bunny has been feeling a little down these past few days.
Tomorrow is already the first day of the 3rd week of school, and I still have to add 3 credits to my schedule, which equates to paying a late fee :(

I spend Friday morning running around campus after my interview for this 3 credit internship.
I got the internship, but I had to run across campus to hunt down my advisers to sign forms of approval.

I'm a Retailing major (think buying / buyer), and I'm specializing in Asian-Pacific American Studies (humanities, social science, cultural studies)..and I need 3 more credits to complete the specialization. Sometimes, I feel like I dedicate so much time towards this specialization.. sighh. I'm finally a Senior, but I have to dedicate 17 credits this semester on top of my job as a Research Assistant for another college at MSU. The jewelry business is also something I have to nurture. I just have a lot on my plate.

I just need to blog it out!! I think I'm just jealous of all the slacking seniors..who are just waiting around to graduate and move on.

"Aunt Flow" also decided to visit this weekend too. The combination of her, work load, and the 17 degree weather just has been giving me the blues... I'm not excited or happy about anything anymore :(

I know I will get my happy on soon, but until then..I have no motivation :( I'm hurtful to myself.

I bought ed hardy sneakers...and now I have buyer's remorse!
They're cute..but are they too teenage cute? Blahh..will post a picture of them when I'm back at school.

Please let this be the last negative blog of the year! Tomorrow is Lunar New Year! I need to be happy, or else I'll be stuck sad the rest of the year!!! lol


  1. aww babe!! I totally was like you when I was in college. So much to do and things weren't going my way!!

    I know you can do it! as long you u stick with it, the rewards will be great!! trust me!!

    good luck!! and happy lunar new year too!


    <3 Penelope

  2. Happy Lunar New Year hun!

    you got the internship! so all your work paid off :)


    as for the P&J blush, i dip my small blush brush into it, swirl it around and use it that way :)

  3. I hate the winter - and I was born and raised in desert climate.
    I must say - Ed Hardy is nice, I get so tempted... but then I realized.. do I really want it?

  4. Happy Lunar New Year! Sending smiles your way. Its soooo cold there! I've been out of New England for so long now out here in Cali that I've almost forgotten what cold really feels like, but that it more than cold...thats just freezing! Poor thing. Get some hot chocolate & hope your spirits lift sweety. ;)

  5. Happy Lunar new year :) Good luck with studies and work!!


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