January 21, 2009

MAC Foxy Lady Kohl Liner

Foxy Lady Liner..What does it take to be a Foxy Lady anyways?? The world may never know..

Xin Chao! (Viet for greetings)
Sooooo, I finally used 2 of my "new" products today. Those are Foxy Lady Kohl Liner & MSF in Light Flush. Unfortunately..I failed to pick products that compliment me. I bought these two items because I saw them on somebody else and wanted them so badly!!

First off..Foxy Lady..I had to hunt down this mofo b/c it wasn't available at any MAC counters I visited (which made me want it more!!!) You know how it is...
Story behind the want: A girl (caucasian) in my project group last semester had it lined on her eyes and I feel in love with her!! (eyes). hehe...I finally find it online, and that was how I am now wearing it. It just looks like a deep reddish copper on me. It looked like a GLOWING lighter coppery-orange beautiful awesome super gorgeous color lined on her eyes!! I am a little sad, but my life continues.

I will still keep it because I had to chase it before I got it. I TREASURE FOXY LADY.
Which is why guys should chase girls according to Frank Hwang on youtube. He's like really ripped, and you should watch at least this video by him, "Learn How to Fob Styling." His background fob singing music during each segment of his video is just hilarious.

(click to see enlarged pores!)
As you can see..I did a bad contour job, but besides that..it doesn't look like I have blush on..
MAC MSF in Light Flush, I read about this little sucker countless times on blogs! I swatched it and everything before buying it. It's the prettiest illuminating pink color anything I've ever swatched. I wou ld describe it as an frosty sheen-y glowy soft pink.

Like how I added Swarovski Bracelets for a more beautiful photo?? =P
No Flash Light Flush, please ignore my messy desk ;)
Flash Light Flush

You can get caught up just staring at in the container..it has all these sparkly pretty mineral swirls... ANYNOW, I was like YES!!! A new MSF blush for me ( I really like Northern Lights ). And now today..I applied it 2 times. It does not show up!! I layered it on too, but it's just a no show. Although, it gives my skin a hint of (pretty) glow (thumbs up). But I can't substitute it as a blush. I guess that's the real reason why I am a little sad about it.
I think it would work well for you ladies with lighter skin..or if you use it for purposes such as defining your glow.
*I just learned from a girl on ABB to use Light Flush on top of my regular blush for a sheen! Why didn't I think of that?!?!?

Money well spent.

Random RANT of the day: MAC's website has a new layout, and it's annoying to use!! There is no search box! I hate it. Just like I hated Facebook when I used it for the first time (but now I love it). Does anyone else agree with me? Why would MAC do that. :(

Random: So did anyone pick up free makeup from a department store?

More takes of myself in the mirror w/ a camera that I have dropped twice since owning it.. SONY is durable!!
The Light Flush glow is there baby!!! Just not enough.

I finally inflated my yoga ball :) Not that I do yoga..I enjoy to stretch and attempt some sit ups through the day. I like to lay my back on the ball and just use my legs to stretch out my back. It feel soooo good. Isn't the dorm floor at MSU a lovely shade of brown w/ other random colors?

Have a lovely evening blog world.

Peace & Love


  1. I LOVE those yoga balls! They're awesome, and really helps with posture.

    Light Flush is very pretty!

  2. i just have something random to say..

    I have the same exact makeup storage box tihngy in your background! it's probably common but..I get excited easily haha.

    I also have the light flush blush and hardly ever use it..I guess sometimes it looks good on other people but everyone has their own skin tones so you just gotta search for the right color.

    lots of love,

  3. Haha thanks girl~ Tsubaki actually isn't that expensive.. much better than Fekkai, haha. That huge bottle of conditioner was under 20 bucks.

    My all time fave brand?? Oh man that's tough... I think I've liked Dior for a loooong time, but Paul & Joe has recently taken over. Haha. I gotta say my current fave is P&J.

  4. I don't have that msf! Its really pretty though.

    i reuse my falsies 3-4 times.. sometimes they break before that :T

    omg is it friday yet?

  5. btw you're so darn cute with that camera, the lens is pretty big! nicccee!

  6. Oh yes! I think vanilla piggie is a must have since it has a lot of uses. :D

  7. Whoa NELLY what a big LENSE you go there MISSY!!!

    and mmmmm BLUSHES... that's LOVE right there for surrrrrrre.

  8. Random..i loove those yoga balls..if you just sit at your desk to blog or do homework or whatevs, sit on them and you're automatically getting an ab work out..just a fyi lol

  9. Good for you for working out with that yoga ball. I'm not working out at all... =(

    Have you tried the Penultimate liner at MAC?? I say it knocks all MAC liners out of the water!


    lmao ...i know that is not how you say it but that is how i say it!!!...happy gookie new year baby...i have been wishing everyone a happy chinky one...

    Im love your camera!!! i know its a sony but what model is it...im planning on getting a SLR for my travels...

    get on that yoga girl...i have a HUGE ball to i only use it for certain things now...AHEM...anyway i love it for stretching my back


  11. oo very pretty i am loving your dark eyeliner! thanks for the cm sweetie x

  12. hey stephanie how's it going? really love your eyelining here. i can't do the same thing cos i realise it makes my small eyes even smaller. loll...

  13. never done threadinggggg! my lashes are too sparse =X

  14. never done threadinggggg! my lashes are too sparse =X

  15. nice camera! you look great on that kohl!


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