January 17, 2009

Gym Pants!

Steph is in the market to invest in some new gym pants.
I'm the type of college gal who rocks sweats to class 3 of the 4 days I have class.

I have not been able to find new sweats anywhere! All of my sweats and gym pants are now old..I don't think the snow & salt helps keeps clothes looking new very much.

I love Express sweats, but this year they just don't have any cotton sweat pants..all they have are the velour pants, and I'm just not a fan of those. They make them too low rise anyways, which you do not want to me working out in. haha
( Y )
Or else people around you will be seeing booty crack!!
( Y )

I bought some mesh-ish black gym pants from Target, but they just don't last..they shrink, as in get shorter with each wash! They weren't very warm either...hence gym pants..but hey I take those pants outside the gym environment.

Anyhow, I went off to Macy's to look for "Active Wear" and they no longer carry them. Strange huh? I actually found some Adidas stuff at Meijer, our local supermarket one stop shopping kind of store. Everything was Retail Price..not on sale, and I didn't feel like dishing out $30-40 for a pair of pants from a grocery store. lol

I think I'm going to search online for the styles I like, and maybe look into Kohl's?? I'm trying to avoid Dick's Sporting Goods, or MC Sports because of their price tags.

EDIT* I actually bought the pictured pants by Adidas -classic. Meijer our grocery store had 20% off all Adidas clothing!! yay!! $35..I paid $28 (they are so warm!!) Almost as good as snow pants..don't think I won't pair these with some warm leggings for some outdoor snow man building fun. =P
I'm just looking for something basic..something I can wear to the gym, or to class haha, I'm so bad!

Where do you all buy your gym clothes...or sweats for lounging around? Any advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you ^^

On another note,

I really want to do more EOTD, FOTD, and all the fun makeup related things!
I'm not settling in very well back at school. I'm already back at my parents' place for the weekend. :( I just hate being alone. I can't believe I pay for a single room to be lonely.

Oh, I was organizing my room, and my hairdryer fell onto my baby toe, and cut it open! It was pretty gross because it started to bleed a lot. I was about to cry, but I stopped myself and started to laugh instead.. It was strange, but I don't need stitches, luckily. I'm just trying to take care of it until it heals.

I'm going to write down my goals for Blog.

I promise to start using my 88 palettes.
I promise to do at least one EOTD each week.

Oh, I also want to get my hands on the black DUO brand eyelash glue.
I haven't been able to find it at any drug stores, they just have the clear or white.
I think I will try Sally's Beauty Supply tomorrow. :) Will let you know how that goes!

I also just watched Mama Mia! with my little sister, and my best friend Bonnie. lol...
Bonnie and I actually left to go to the movies, which is 2 minutes away from my house to see Notorious, since I had 2 free tickets. Unfortunately...even with the crazy snowy weather, the parking lot was PACKED FULL. I circled around so many times, and just had to give up. There were so many other cars waiting to park, that I didn't want to deal with traffic and risk getting in a minor car accident, ya kno? So we went to Meijer and rented Mama Mia! via Redbox for $1.06.

I'll save my free tickets for Bride Wars, which I will force my bestie Oliver to see with me. lol, I made him see Sex & The City with me, but I'm not supposed to tell anyone, so shhhhhhh


  1. What about Juicy Couture stuff? I mean, a whole track suit of Juicy looks quite stupid imo, but the pants are kinda cute.

  2. Such cute blog goals! =)

    Honestly I'm not picky about gym/lounge wear so I can't help you much, sowwies! It also doesn't help that I work out NEKKID...jk! ;)

  3. i believe they sell the black eyelash DUO at the MAC PRO.

    I like wearing Victoria's Secret sweatpants! :) I only have one pair. lol


    <3 Penelope

  4. thanks for the comment ^^

    so good resolutions for the blog there! i need to get back into the grind of doing that... always too lazy tho!

    Im not surprised if LV would be made from China.. !!

  5. ouch, sorry to hear a blowdryer can harm people
    hope you get well sooon =)

  6. hey girl! for the contacts, check out kawaiieyez.blogspot.com

    Fuzkittie recommended her.I havent purchased from her yet, though.



    <3 Penelope

  7. do you like y3?

    hunnie, come over here! i'll give you some lovin' :)

  8. The search for workout/gym/sweat pants can be tough. I usually look for bargain deals and find BCBG ones at Ross. I have a pair from Target. If you're willing to pay some bucks, take a look at Victoria's Secret. You know those are going to look good on. ;)

  9. oh yeah, for the freshlooks contacts, its the 2 week ones (disposable).

  10. I had no idea u had commented my profile.. lol
    My Mac 266 is working wonders.. and I just got some brushes today :p hehehe We dont sell sonia kasuk in NZ... I'm still starting out with makeup... so I'm taking one step at a time... If you could offer me some suggestions that would be cool :p

  11. haven't had the time to make vidsss! >.<

    hmm next time y3 have a sample sale here i'm gonna go check it out for you.


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