January 6, 2009

I Need Lash Help!!

Hey Ladies!!!
(Can you tell I'm on Winter Break still..haha free time = blog time)

Fortunately =P
I am not engaged, nor married
lol, but I am looking for falsies to buy.
I spent a few bucks on falsies at Walgreens the other day. They were on sale!
$3 each. I think I saved .79 cents per pair.

Anyhow, I checked out www.lunabeauty.com and they have Darkness lashes, which are beautiful about $2.50-$3.50 / pair.
(I followed the link to buy lashes from one of Pink's post since her lashes always look fabulous.)

My MA girl friend told me to look into Red Cherry Brand.
Now the big question I have to ask is where do I go to buy those?
Can anyone suggest a good website? Any help would be appreciated~!

I did just find this site, http://www.beautyshopoc.com/shop/index.php?cPath=114 just now, but I would love it if someone could help me confirm that it's a legit website.

Since I'm on "Christmas Break" still, I like to chill around my parents house in Reindeer pj pants, snuggled up against my 20lb tabby cat Tobey, who is 4 years old.

My little cousin Ryan, well not so little since he's 18 now came over to be a bum with me. He's 1/2 Cacasian, 1/2 Viet, can you tell?
Way cuter than any 100% 18 year old Viet boy, I can tell you that!!
Viet guys are ugly (no offense to my honeybear who might be reading this..)
Anyhow, Ryan help me organize my boyfriend's boxes at my aunt's place, and he found the text book that I needed to ship out!

Also, when we were little, I accidently slammed the car door on his leg as he was getting out of the car....I think I was 8 years old..he was 5...he basically tells the story a lot since it was so memorable...SORRY cuz!

As you can see, Heidi, my 9 year old little hot dog is knocked out next to Ryan.
I am on the other hand enjoying Rin on the Rox rendition of Beyonce's "Halo,"
I love those girls! Filipinos can sing man!!
My baby girl
Surprise for one of the ladies overseas who purchased MAC Emote Blush from me.
I figured if they're already going to pay top dollar for shipping, they deserve something extra right?
Bad pic of the earrings, but I just wanted to show you what you could get if you ever order anything from me! I'm a generous person =P I also include a lovely LOVE NOTE to each and everyone of the gals I ship goodies out to.
I love these best!! ($10) Silver Shadow Swarovski Checkerboard
These are for Miss Beeyoutiful7, a.k.a J.Yo my high school buddy!! Can't wait to see you.
Jet Black is coming soon!
My Walgreens Haul

-Bubble packages 3 / $2
definitely had to stock up to send out text books, makeup, jewelry

-St. Ives Face Scrubs $3 each (org. $3.99)

-Ardell, Andrea False Lashes $3 each (org. $3.79)

-L'Oreal HIP Cream Shadow Paint $11.49 each (BUY 1, GET 1)
Knock off of MAC's Paint something..they used to have

-Maybelline "Stiletto" Mascara in Very Black $8.99 (BUY 1, GET 1 50% off)

-L'Oreal's Pure Pigment Shadow Stick $2.59 each (org. $9.99!)
Basically a knockoff of MAC's Shade Sticks
Shadow stick in Dazzling (Silver), Exhilarating (Jade), Captivating (Plum), and Irresistaible (Pink/Copper)

I doubled up since I'm making a makeup care package for Miss Sandy, my Aussie sis! ::SHOUT OUT!!::
I love you girl! hehe, I need to stop buying you mascaras..you already have 3 in the box!

I can't wait to try out Stiletto Mascara, will keep you posted!

I leave you with a picture of me talking to the newly LONG DISTANCE boyfriend Minh who's all the way at the University of Washington (GO HUSKIES!!) studying for Barbri --a.k.a Bar Review Course.
I'm the one in the upper left hand corner, in case you get confused.
OBVIOUSLY, he was faking it b/c he looks like a creeper and his eyes are OPEN.

@ least he tried.

I feel the need to listen to Brandy's new song "Long Distance"


Also..my bestie Oliver, who is Filipino..said that if he were a Filipino woman he would have huge boobs since it runs in his family.......

I think it's true cause he can get big pecks when he wants them.

hehe, taken in my dorm room Sophmore year 2006, and yes those are my guns!

Oh, but our Facebook status update convo continues...
let me give you all the details.. if I can copy paste it over that is.

Oliver's Facebook Status Update: Oliver just found out that all people in the Philippines are rich, have light skin, and the women all have huge boobs... after watching filipino movies. 1:58am - 3 Comments
Stephanie Nguyen at 2:08am January 7
I know that if you were a Filipino woman, you'd have huge boobs as well.
Oliver Lee Acosta at 2:35am January 7
yes i would... probably double Ds.. and id be rich, bc i have light skin haha
Stephanie Nguyen at 2:59am January 7
you know only Ludacris feel cups like double D's. just an fyi.




~DSK Jewelry~


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! :) The dog is so cute... hehe~ You also got nice haul from Walgreens!

  2. I'm a frozen yogurt fien!!! GAH! What's wrong with me!?? LOL! I still have yet to try PinkBerry! MMMM!

    NoVa is short for northern virginia, washington DC area. =)

  3. LMAO! Stephanie, your post made me laugh so hard haha! hey i'm filipino but i don't have big boobs and ain't rich. haha! filipino shows try to imitate... well not try.. but REALLY imitate foreign shows. so people on tv.. well most of them don't look flip anymore.

    anyway, so how long is your bf studyin for the review? distance is sometimes important for relationships cause it makes love grow fonder. :)

  4. I want to say that I have a couple paids of Red Cherry falsies but not sure. If so, I bought them at a Longs Drugs and they weren't near the rest of the false lashes...they had them displayed somewhere else.

    What I'm looking for..is a good lash glue. The one I bought gets clumpy and messy.

  5. That post was so funny! You got my favorite lashes! Those are awesome ones to play with, just be sure to grab some DUO eyelash adhesive (it is my HG of lash adhessives for strip lashes)! As for the Red Cherry, I've never bought them online sweety so I don't know. I just pick them up at a little store called Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle (they are a chain little store). :)

  6. nice haul! i looove my apricot scrub too! it lasts me foreverrr i can't wait for HK either i have to have everything! lol

  7. i use ardell eyelashes and have always been very happy with them. i think the important thing is the glue..
    thanks for this lovely post!

  8. Thanks Steph.. Well i've been using the garnier moisturizer for about a month now. It has lemon extracts and claims to lighten your skin. IDK if that helps and really don't notice much difference but my friends say that there's something diff with my face.

  9. i use mac nc25 for my under eye circles.. and mac nc30 studio fix foundation. :)

  10. oh la la, let me know what you think of stilleto, i didn't buy it yet have way too many mascaras right now =X

    I watched both lipstick jungle and cashmere mafia and didnt really like either. Even though both are by Candace Bushnell, I don't think anything would top SATC for me :P

    omg the silver ones are so pretty!

    enjoy your break!

  11. powder. you really don't look dark in pictures tho.. i thought you were lighter. i used to WANT to tan but the baby daddy says i look ugly in tan so i stopped. :(

  12. hi girlie

    i get my falsies here at this site:

    i love them because they ship fast and they carry bottom false eyelashes too and many styles.

    ive found red cherry lashes at my local 99 cent stores and dollar tree type stores out here in so. cali - so when i do find them i stock up.

    or try getting some in bulk from sellers in HK on ebay, they have them for like 10 for $10 + s/h

  13. Love the hauls!!! Have a wonderful last year of college!! It really goes by too quickly. Happy New Year!

  14. omg... the round earrings are soo pretty!!! I should have ordered one....


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