January 9, 2009

Coach Shoes Size 6 (SOLD)

EDIT* Both pair just SOLD (that was the fastest thing I've ever sold online...)
I just sold them to a girl who went to my high school via Facebook..so random!

Hey Ladies...this is really random, but I bought my momma 2 Pairs of Coach Sneakers a few months ago..and now I'm home for break and she said that they don't fit her well since she's a 5 and 1/2 and they're 6. She also thinks she's too old for them, lol. Anyhow, they have never been worn out the door. And they're up for grabs..if anyone who happens to be a size 6 shoe wants them!

I have the Coach Original Box & Coach tissue (oooooooh) they came with as well.

I am selling them for $65 (orginal $108) a pair if anyone is interested. I saw them at the Coach store still about 3 months ago, so they're somewhat a current style if anyone was wondering.

I posted it on Facebook Marketplace, but I thought I would post here as well since I know there are more ladies who might be interested in Coach here. Feel free to contact me here, or via e-mail: nguyenst@msu.edu if you want more info. etc.

The description on the box is...

Style: Katelyn
Color: Black & White
Size: 6.0 Width: Medium

Style: Katelyn
Color: Khaki & White
Size 6.0 Width: Medium

I actually own the white pair myself (I'm 7 1/2), and I really like them. They're super light and comfy, the only thing that sucks about the white pair is you have to be careful what day you choose to wear them since white gets dirty easy. (I have a matching bag )

Also, they sell for $10 Coach fabric cleaner..I really swear by this stuff to clean my fabric Coach bags... I went through a Coach phase a few years ago. Now I'm going through my LV phase..except! Most LV bags are MADE IN THE USA now..they even say it on the tag! Anyhow..that's my somewhat related rant about bags.

Anyhow...let me know! I feel like it's wasteful if my mom doesn't want them and just leaves them there. Someone please enjoy these shoes!!



  1. I wish I had small feet womps. lol
    & wait watttttttttt lol Mr. louie is makin babies in the us? ahhhhhhh =0 ....

    gluck with buyers and u def have a better shot on blogger. didn't even kno fb had a marketing thing goin on.

    tootles boops have a great night.

  2. omg your mom is only 5 1/2?! i want to be her size! its so much easier to find shoes when they go on sale!

  3. considering the fact that I'm on almost everyday, its very addicting haha :P

    you guys should come here, i always see the 5 1/2 and then the size 9s... i'm a 6 - 6.5 and can never squish into the 5.5s doh.

    fingers crossed on sunday's game, its suppose to snow big time, good thing i got mezzanine seats


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