January 9, 2009

Introduced to a better world. + Jewelry pics

My spurgle of the day...from Macy's..I opened a Macy's card just to get 20% off these shoe...I just had to have them!! I walk so much around MSU campus, plus Jennifer & her brother said it was a buy. I trust their judgement.

I've been spoiled this week.
I've spent 3 straight days hanging out with one of my besties Jennifer a.k.a. Beeyoutiful7.

Wednesday Night
Jennifer, Phuong, and I met up at our annual winter break get together.
We spent close to 4 hours sitting in the cozy chairs at our local Starbucks. We spent all that time catching up on each other's lives, and reflecting on 2009, the good, the bad, the funny, the sad..we talked about it ALL. There's really no better time spent that with good friends.

Jennifer, and I went to our facial appointments (which she booked for us) at Vasaio Life Spa in Grand Rapids, MI at 1:45pm.
Vasaio is definitely on the nicer side of town a.k.a. where the rich rich people of Grand Rapids live, lol. Anyhow..it was my first Spa experience!

They had us take off our clothes and change into spa robes & flip flops, then we went into a room that led us to the world of relaxation. The music was soft, which added to the dark & calm ambiance of an Italian inspired spa. Our ethestisan came out to the lounge to shake our hand and led us each to our own rooms.

I was so nervous at first because she told me to take off my robe when she steps out of the room, and to get between the sheets of the heated massage style bed. She knocked before she came in and then explained to me each step of the facial & massage. I was like WHOA....this is so cool!! I feel like a rich person!! hahaha, anyhow!!

The whole process took 1 hour, and after I was done, I went back to the lounge where Jennifer who had finished first was relaxing and sipping on some wine (jk) she had a glass of water. It was a bit too early for wine. lol . Speaking of wine, has anyone ever tried Lambrusco? It's so good!

Afterwards...we went to pick up Phuong on the way to Rivertown mall because Jennifer was going to take me to get my eye brows threaded by an Indian lady!! She IS AMAZING. My eyebrows have never looked so good. It didn't even hurt!

Results of a facial & eyebrow threading....

We also met up with my friend Oliver, who I introduced to the ladies. We shopped together, hit up the MAC counter for some TLC. :) We finished the night with some Panera & went to see Benjamin Buttons, a 3 hour movie! It was a really good movie for an unrealistic plot.

Friday (today-yesterday)

Jennifer, her brother James and I went to Ferris State University (where Jennifer attends) to drop off most of her things before moving back officially on Sunday. 1 hour later...we are at Rivertown mall again.....and her brother got his eyebrows done by the Indian lady! The lady said she will give Jennifer a discount the next time she visits because she has been bringing her customers non-stop.

I really need to shout out and thank Jennifer for helping me appreciate my skin more and to take better care of myself. She's so good at it! She also spoiled me with cosmetic goodies from MAC, The Face Shop, and La Mer! I tried La Mer moisturizing gel cream tonight & I am feelin' good!

Anyhow...here are pictures of stuff from the past 3 days...

Fix + (and all samples gift from J.Yo)
Danger Zone e/s
Foxy Lady Kohl Liner
Something O' Spice lip liner
Studio Fix NC 40 + Pump

I can't wait to play with danger zone (I bought b/c of M's vampire inspired look!)
Foxy Lady Kohl Liner

I can't wait till I get back to school, then I'll have more free time and my own space to try out new looks. It's kind of awkward if I just bust out taking pictures of myself with my family around. ^_^

Jennifer's Order -- The Jewelry I made for Jennifer

Jennifer designed this bracelet, and I made it :)
We spent one evening picking out the toggle, the chian, the bead caps, pearl size, and crystal links over AIM, and this is the final product

All sterling silver & clear SwarovskiI put it on for photo purpose of course, plus I had to make sure the size was a. ok.
I had some of the expensive sterling silver chain left over, so I decided to make her another bracelet as a Christmas present :)Close up

I think it turned out lovely, more casual than the first
Swarovski Jet Black Checkerboard Earrings
Silver Shadow

I've been getting a lot of great feedback from the ladies who bought jewelry from me :)
It makes me happy. Thank you all for your support & darling comments.

Why is Mar Jacob's Daisy perfume box green?? It's the limited edition bottle!
It has a green top instead of white.

I also got the Versace perfume set, and I couldn't resist the Marc Jacbo's perfume ring..hehe
I got 20% off perfume too with my new Macy's card!!


  1. woohoo you got dangerzone!! apply it wet, you'll LOVE IT!

    lol the blue shirt is my sleeping-T
    four sheeps on it with the seasons of ireland :P

    oh the bracelets are cuteeee!

    when do you head back to school?

  2. The earrings are soo pretty!!!!! Can't wait to get mine....

  3. oohhhh such goodies. I always wanted to try dangerzone for my punk nights out. wow ur good those braclets look amazing. how was the spa experience? I wanted to kno how the facials went. musta been nice to relaxxxx =)

  4. Honey,
    Past 3 days was lovely!
    I'm glad that you liked the facials. I was a bit worried that you might not like it =)
    You now have a betttter/healthier skin and make sure to keep it glowing and massage 1~2 times a week! =)

    Better get that eyecream started as well lol!

    Thanks for the help at Ferris. I can't wait to go visit you sometime.

    Luvvvv youu hun! xoxo

  5. hahah! i'm quite the fan of labrusco! you get the jug for like 10 bucks! LOL! just as close as boxed wine! LOL! but i don't care, it taste like juice!

    you should also try riesling... YUM! my favorite type of wine.

    nice mac goodies!!! i have some to post as well! did you order from the 25% sale? =)

  6. Sounds like you're having a great start to the semester! Your bracelets are so prettty~~~ Nice La Mer! hehe

  7. u sure are spoiled these few days stephanie XD the bracelets look lovely, what a good job u did!

  8. wow sounds like you had a lovely week and what a haul! I've always wanted to try threading. Do you prefer it to waxing?

  9. oh and your bracelets are so pretty!


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