January 10, 2009

Chanel Wallet

Picture from Chanel's website.

The Patent Calfskin Wallet

I saw this wallet at Nordy's in Pacific Place (Seattle). I fell in love with it!

Unfortunately, the SA was too busy that I didn't get a chance to TOUCH it, and look at the price. lol. If anyone comes across it at Chanel, can you please let me know how much it is?

I hate how Chanel doesn't show prices online. But anyhow..the one I saw was in a Black Cherry color, this one however is in a forest green. - Still beautiful.

This is what I was talking about Jennifer!


  1. I saw this last week but didn't check the price since i was drawn by a purse not too far from it, will check it next time :P

  2. Thanks!!

    lol, which purse were you drawn too and how much??

  3. Chanel...very classy!

  4. pretty hope they open up a Chanel here... getting tired of the same old LV and Gucci... luckily they just opened a Marc Jacobs, and Jimmy Choo here... and girl I think all of your creations are pretty and special if you ask me...

  5. ohh chanel!! pretty!! the clint eastwood movie is sooooo good...but soo sad! OMG i cant believe ur friend is in it! cooolness!

    Thanks for the compliment too babe1 so sweet of ya! ;)


    <3 Penelope

  6. Chanellll...oooohhh. more FOTDs!! plsssss. =D

  7. a mini quilted clutch thingy haha. i need a smaller clutch :P

  8. cute wallet... i've been wanting the full-sized chanel quilted handbag for ever...


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