January 13, 2009

Skin Food E/S for Sale (Sold)

Hi ladies,

Hedley order quite a few pairs from earrings from me, and she asked me to take a picture of all her earrings. I thought I would post them so you could all enjoy the fun colors :)
(click to enlarge)

There are 2 pairs that Jo ordered
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Skin Food E/S for Sale

I just moved back to my dorm room, and I moved so much make up!! lol, anyhow.
I've been neglecting my Skin Food E/S as in..I never think to use them.
I've used all the colors 2-3 times, and I just don't love them anymore..sadly.
I adore the cute packaging tho. Anyhow, I bought them at Skin Food in Tapei, Taiwan December of last year, and I'm going to put 4 of them up for grabs. I'm keeping the orange one because I think it's so pretty lol.

$20 for all four, or $6 each.
I did one of my first post about the little adorable Skin Food e/s, and these are the same pictures from that post. I haven't touched them since.

#10 is not for sale
They're pretty pigmented, and frosty in color, and I'm an NC 40-42, the lighter colors like the white, blue, and pink just don't look right on me.
e-mail me @ nguyenst@msu.edu if you're interested

(Sold to Kristine! I hope you like them, and post a look for us!)

Thanks :)


  1. wow these seem real pigmented! but i know what u mean - sometimes u just get tired of certain makeup products, lol...

  2. Wow -- I don't think I've ever tried SKINFOOD e/s
    But they do look very well pigmented by your swatches!!! If I had an extra $20 to spare right now, I'd snatch them up from you in a heartbeat, but I've overindulged way toooo much these last few days...LOL.

  3. awww you're too too funny.
    yah i love indulging...mmm indulging is my middle name JK

    well i just recently bought a ginormous train case for all my makeup, so most of it is in there for the time being and then other items usually go in my bathroom in cabinets or drawers and then my walk-in closet has a plastic drawer holder with random items...

    i tell ya girl, it's all in how you "camouflage and hide it well" puwahhahahha

  4. i sooo agreee! now i feel bare without the falsies. :)

  5. oh the earrings are so pwitty next to each other.

    omg this week is worse than last week at work. ugh

  6. ooh you're always selling stuff! hahaha!good for you, i'm always buying crap!

  7. Awww love all the pic flashbacks. Girl I swear youre never gonna age..jealous..sigh! lol

  8. LOL I nearly forgot my earrings! LOL wasnt until i saw them i was like... ummm those look familar! lol :p
    Awww I never wrote 168 on my wishlist when mum went on holiday :( is that a good one?? actually i think its in my holiday collection set? I don't know... I still don't even know if im contouring properly :p


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