February 6, 2009

The Color Between Red & Blue

PURPLE is my favorite color, what's yours?

I went to my internship this morning at 10am..early "class" for a Friday, I know.
My boss ended up leaving at 11am..and told me I could stay in the office if I wanted to..lol, I locked up and went to the business library an hour later. =]

Anyhow, I worked out today yay..it's been a while. =P
Took a shower, then "put on my face"

MAC e/s Goldmine
MAC e/s Phoof!
MAC e/s Stars & Rockets
MAC e/s Gallant

MAC Pearlglide Eye Liner in Rave
MAC Fluidline in Macroviolet

DiorShow Black Mascara
Falsies from a box I picked up in Taiwan

Eye Of The Day

Photos taken with macbook, my digital camera battery died!
Taiwanese lashes from a box that came with 11 other of the same pair, lol
This pic doesn't look quite right..weird lighting

M's package arrived!! WOO!!! She's so sweet, she sent me a pair of Shisem lashes <3 x o <3 x o!! You made my day Smerfette! :)
I absolutely love the Vincent Longo lipstick <3 Perfect "nude lip" for me

On my lips?? Vincent Longo Pure Demure (I snagged it from Mona's blog sale)
I love this lipstick! It went perfect with my Pastel Emotion Lipglass from the Emanuel Ungaro collection

pic (just lips with pure demure)
Fun macbook pics w/ cool light effects
Glasses, Versace (I've owned these forever!)

Super nerd!

I watched Oprah today! Yay! I love it when I catch her show.


  1. That nude lippie looks great on you!! :D You look so cute with glasses~

  2. yay! I'm so glad you like it. It's not as nude on me but looks perfect on you :D

    tell me how you like the lashes if you get around to trying it :)

    omg i want the goldmine e/s!

  3. aaaaah! Your eyes look amazing! I LOOOOOVE THEM! so elf like!

  4. purple looks good on you! hmm my fav color? pink.. but i have never ttried wearing pink e/s. idk why.. and i love watchin oprah too! esp when dr.oz is on. i love watching stuff bout health. :)

  5. This is gorgeous! Yay for color!

  6. OMg i love the look... Its awesome!

  7. I sent u a little package today... hopefully they don't crush and ruin it... lol sorry about the messy writing... it was a last min idea... lol :)

  8. one of my fav eotd's on you! the eyelashes really finish the entire look off! me likeeeeeeeeey!!!!

  9. w0w! very nice! I like it!!! it looks radiant and beautiful!!!

  10. Girl you're too hot to be a nerd! Yay you worked out! I just nabbed some workout gear too (my reward)...keep it up and I'm cheering for ya! You look incredible with those colors and with that m/u babe!

  11. Wow...

    You're already lovely to begin with, but sheesh... you just get purdier and purddddddier...

    and your skin is GORG!!!

  12. Of course I can try to make you something cute, what are you interested in my dear?!!?!?

  13. Hi My Dear!!

    The turtle is $10 + $5
    and you can choose 2 colors =)
    here's my email
    kimberly.tia [at] gmail.com

  14. nope i didn't dye my hair. the color jus looks diff depends on the lighting.

    go workout! so we can have fab bodies for the summer! oohhh la la! lol...

  15. YAY! I'm glad you got it! OH GAH! Sending priority is no biggie, woman! HAHA! But I hope you enjoy the goodies! You're going to love Pho Finish... IT'S LOOVVEE!!!

  16. i love purple too, i'm SO lazy at doing eye makeup though..


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