February 4, 2009

Embarassing Moments!

I love playing around with picnik, check it out www.picnik.com for all your photo editing needs!

Having fun with my new contacts!

In Embarassing News:
So..today at 10:20am, I was in my class which was in a computer lab, and I checked my phone to turn it to vibrate...well guess what happened instead...NOTORIOUS B.I.G. "HYPNOTIZE" starts blasting from my ruby red blackberry curve... I was mortified.. my friend Sarah was cracking up like crazy. The sad thing is I didn't even know how to turn it off because last night I finally figured out how to add MP3s to my phone and make them my ring tone. I added 3 songs just as trial, and I set Howie Day " Collide " as my ringtone, and also added Biggie, and Lady Gaga..omg omg omg...Biggie's song just starts playing out no where as I press the button that puts my phone in standby mode.

That's not the end..

It happened again in another class! I heard this girls phone ring, so I checked mine..guess what happened AGAIN (@4:40pm)! The same thing! I had thought I turned it off. My professor was completely cool about it though, she started laughing and told us to stop calling each other in her class. Everyone was laughing because RAP MUSIC starts blasting out of my pocket in this Rhetoric & Literature class...hahaha, I'm laughing about now as I type because it was just so random and funny. How does something like that happen twice in one day..while I'm in class?!!?!


As promised..my dorm floor, 3rd floor west shaw, probably the longest hall in all of MSU

Look how far it goes down...it takes like 5 minutes to get to the other end!

To the right of my room, obvious those girls with the door covered in pictures are Asian..hahaha
Korean to be exact.
My room ^^

No bathroom pictures yet..I feel kind of weird carrying a camera into a girl's community bathroom lol
I don't want anyone to think i'm a PERV!!

hehe you like my "Chanel" lol I got that at the night market in Taiwan

I finally got a good picture of the cuts of the crystalFinally clarity!!

How many earring holes do you girls have?
I have a total of 5 :)


  1. Ahaha wow, that's pretty crazy! That used to happen to me back in high school but I realize that my cell phones are usually put on vibrate about 99.9999% of the time. I just don't bother taking them off vibrate. LOL

    & whoa, that is a long ass hall way. You could walk back & forth and hit a mile. Good excercise! LOL.

  2. yes,we love your Chanel earrings! LOL

  3. the contacts look good on you! :) how's dorm life? i never got to experience that. my parents were too strict.

  4. Oooh! I love those pink rose earrings!! Just stopping by :)

  5. LOL! Rap in Rhetoric class!! That's awesome.

    Ahh dorms.. I like your decorations, nice and cute and simple.

    Haha, the "Chanel"! Whatever, it looks cute. I have NO piercings at all whatsoever... hahaha... my mom used to be so strict! :p And now even though I could go against her will and get piercings I don't really have the will to... haha.

  6. haha Steph this post cracked me up. i checked out your jewelry--you got skills girl!

  7. Hi!
    Cute goodies! Yeah, you really can find a lot of things at the night market in Taiwan, hehe... especially yummy food.

    About that earring thing, I can wear two on the left and one on the right side. My uncle took me for piercing two holes, when I was a little child and the third hole I got when I was a teen. :p

  8. Oh! I used to have one of those moment too, LOL. Really wanna get lost back then.

    uh I just love your lil chanel eyering. very elegant but simply cute.

  9. Hun you look amazing with contacts! I love them on your eyes...you have such an amazing eye shape! TY for posting those pics....ahhh it makes me think back to dorm life. :) That is one crazy long hallway. I think you're likely in a much bigger dorm than the shrimpy one I was in. Love the nostalgia I get from these!

  10. I have 3 right now, but I plan on getting more! :p

  11. Your jewelery are simply stunning!
    How can I order some for myself? :)

  12. lol a model look? I'm a bit too short.. BUT I have been in a tv series, a commercial and Im in a movie thats coming out next year xmas... little roles ofcourse... lol shhh :%


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