February 21, 2009

DSK & Beeyoutiful7's HK Date

I love FREE SAMPLES, no shame.

I got samples of the new Sculpt Foundation in NC 37 and NC 40
& a liquid concealer sample, since they were all out of the Sculpt concealer i both NC 30 &35!

Hello HK.

Pink Fish!

All Open, they were ALL sold out of all the lipsticks & lipglosses I want :(
I gotta hit up another MAC soon!Pigment Samples: Milk & Deep Blue Green

Milk is my FAV! It's the color that defines me if I were a color.

Beeyoutiful7 + DSK!
Basically, we got our makeup done @ MAC, and basically we looked pretty crazy.
Basically, that's a bad angle of me.
And Basically, it's so sad..how they can't do Asian makeup! Gr...rr..I love Jennifer's lips though. SEXY!
My bestie Jennifer - Beeyoutiful7

Welcome back to blogging!
You better post all the stuff you got..you crazy shopper you.
Basically..a lot of bad color choices were made (not by me...).
Clown face! Lulz.

My eyes actually looked A LOT worse..she made me into a freak dragon lady..wtf
With extreme dramatic winged out shadow..I was like..umm can you round it out more..
Although, I love what she did with my eyebrows (Spiked pencil). Jennifer & I also went and got our eyebrows threaded before our makeup appt.

Just got a phone call from my daddy.
He made it safely to CA. No Delays :]
My day just got a little better.
Even though we're suffer yet another snow storm in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I'm at home this weekend, and as I was talking to Minh on the phone I see this doggie in my sister's room! It made me think of Make Me Blushhh!

Shout to M & Charlotte! The doggie even had a ribbon on just like Charlotte did!
(I think it's the corgi from Cow Boy Beebop?)


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  2. Yeah, the colors the MA used on you are like colors my super ivory skin would use. That's pretty absurd. You should do my makeup sometime, that'd be fun! I think your skills far surpass mine in that department.

  3. i like the name of that pigment, too, "milk"
    but it looks purple to me...

    can't wait to see you do looks on it (=

    i thought the mua suppose to be trained and can work on everyone

  4. Ah! That does look like Charlotte! So so cute. And that's bogus because they should enhance your beauty. But girlie.. you are no clown face! Even though the colors didn't match I still think you look gorgeous. Not everyone can pull that off! That is one good Hello Kitty MAC Haul. I'm dying to try the palletes, they look so pretty!

  5. I LOVE spiked eyebrow pencil!! Totally HG!! Let me know how u the the studio sculpt..mac foundies always break me out :(


  6. aww i was totally gonna send you a sample of milk cause i loveee it but i been slow on the getting to the post office! grr. glad you got a sample and you love it though! i like how it has that little bit of glitter. nice haul lady...ill be messaging you on fb. : D

  7. This just proves just b/c someone works at MAC doesn't mean they are some sort of makeup God! I'm sorry to see your face butchered so badly...it's really bad...you should have spoken up. Now I know why every time I work on a shoot w/ Asians they ask me if I know how to do Asian Makeup lol.

  8. awe the MAC artists should learn how to do asian ppl makeup! :[[
    but i love the samples! can you get them from a MAC counter? let me know how the foundation works..i'm debating whether or not i should get it! :]

  9. yay for samples :) Omg the little dog plushie is the cutiest!!! :) Omfg that MA sucked for real! You should go back and complain and get more samples. lmao

    I told my mom that you are my matchmaker, and she wants to thank you? lmao

  10. Shopping is always relaxing. I'm glad your dad made it safe to Cali. I'm so retarded I didn't know to ask for samples. Now, I'm going to start! haha

  11. freak dragon lady? Hahahahaaha!!! I almost died laughing... xD You're too funny! Yes, I'd agree, extremely winged out shadow that doesn't fit the shape of your eyes is totally not wearable... and the lip color definitely doesn't match the look... :x That's why I'm always too scared to have MAs do my makeup.. hahaha.

  12. and i thought MAs know the best! guess not! good thing you didn't go out from the store when the day is still bright!! having a foundation that does not match the skin type is such an embarassment. personally, i think the lip color looks nice on you!

  13. I just used udpp as base. romping is vibrant as it is but for the too dolly eyeshadow i used a flat shader brush (239) with a patting motion so the colors would be packed

  14. Can i really ask for pigment samples??And concealer??Wow you learn sth new everyday!Although im not sure its valid here.They dont give anything for free :/
    You look very nice, Im not always happy though with how they do my make up in MAC , i think they put too much for my taste!

  15. i love the HK you got! how do you find the beauty powders? i'm thinking of gettin one but scared that my face might appear darker when i put it on.

    sorry that u didn't like the makeup. but when i 1st saw the pics i thought it looked good esp the e/s. maybe it looks diff in person tho.

  16. you and jenn are sooo adorable! :D
    awww which HK lippies are you after? i can't believe they're out!

    I'm gonna have to steal that corgi plush from you, its soooooo cute. Charlotte would freak at it though hahahha.

  17. Nice HK haul!! You got so much samples!

    cant wait for my HK package hehe.

    Pink fish looks really prettY!

  18. U would've done so much better with your make-up than the MA! Haha! But I like the e/s though. Some things just didn't go right along the whole set. Anyhoo, yay for samples. =) and wow for Hk haul. yipeeeeeeeeeeee!

  19. U would've done so much better with your make-up than the MA! Haha! But I like the e/s though. Some things just didn't go right along the whole set. Anyhoo, yay for samples. =) and wow for Hk haul. yipeeeeeeeeeeee!

  20. U would've done so much better with your make-up than the MA! Haha! But I like the e/s though. Some things just didn't go right along the whole set. Anyhoo, yay for samples. =) and wow for Hk haul. yipeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  22. i totally feel u! every time i make an appointment to get my makeup done at MAC, i always have them put a note by my appointment "must be comfortable w/asian eyes" hahaha

    like seriously, some just don't know how to work w/asian eyes!!

    anywho, YAY for samples!!!

  23. Yeah.... my experience with MAC MAs is that they actually from Jess's area near Sunset. Apparent the best to have do your makeup for you.I had one MA who tried to put on black sharpie eyebrows on me. I was getting PISSED off.

  24. How did you manage to get MAC samples..?? Every time I go in there I feel like they're up my butt for even swatching anything! LOL

  25. Hmmm I have to agree with you the MA didn't do that great of a job >_< also I was wondering how did you get free samples? Does MAC give out free samples? =O I never knew that!

  26. That's so funny that the MA didn't match you correctly! Sometimes you just have to wonder...

  27. hi stephanie!
    thank you for dropping by my page.
    nice HK haul! i'm still waiting impatiently for the collection to come out in australia ... 2 weeks to go!

  28. ohh! Thank you so much for your suggestions hehe...I have a hard time being nice to MA's sometimes >_< They scare me with all their questions lol (I'm terribly shy...) But I'll definitely give it a shot since I really do wanna try their foundation/concealers to see if they will do any good for me! <3 Thanks again for the fast reply and helpful tips <3 And I love your HK collection! Way bigger than mine =( boo =P

  29. Regarding to your post, I've never had an MA do my make up before. I have a fear of walking out of the store looking too made up since I don't really wear heavy make up myself. Maybe one day I'll be brave and find a nice counter and ask them to do my make up, it sounds fun though!! :) I'm glad you're doing well, your family will be in my thoughts! I'm doing well also, but these last few weeks before spring break will be stressful! However, I'm off to visit my boyfriend for 9 days on the 6th yay! hehe I can't wait I haven't seen him since January! Yeah, I just realized you can ask for any type of samples at Sephora, just ask them and they put it in these little round jar things. I don't even know how to choose foundation for myself, I got the wrong Dior foundation color LOL! The MUFE kabuki is so soft, I've never touched a brush this soft haha. You should definitely get it though!! :) XOXO


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