February 20, 2009

Ugg Update! & Daily Life

Vinegar + Water = AWESOME
(note: don't forget to condition them after with Ugg spray)
Vinegar is acidic so it strips the ugglicious of it's natural "oils"

How do I get rid of it..? I mean..I don't really care, but it would be cool to know how to remove freckles from lips?

SPEAKING OF RECKLES. I have a birth mark on my arm that I forget about, I should take a pic and show you all. My mom says that I was given this birth mark so she would never lose me if a crowd of asian kids when I was little... wtf mom. I think she watches too many ASIAN DRAMAS.

Tuesday & Thursday, I have to wake up at 9:30AM to get ready for my 10:20AM class..
I never shower on the mornings of..haha I am SO lazy..I just love me some sleep.
On these days, I go to the bathroom, wash up..come back to my room and spray some Fix + to wake me up..sit at the laptop read a blog or 2 (hahaha)
Face lotion the face (read another blog)
Then apply MAC Studio Fix Powder NC 40 + MUFE concealer

Eyes: Castle Dew Palette (AGAIN!) I'm hooked...I did purply today.
I'm so taking this 9 shadow palette with me to Seattle for Spring Break.

Lips? Just a bunch of chapstick..nothing fancy cause I wanna eat me an apple or drink me some tea in the morning.
LOOK AT MY MORNING EYES..can barely open ahaha
Waiting in my room for my bff Vince to scoop me up in his Modded(?) Audi..I feel so furious in that car.hahahahahahahaha, anyhow we roll in style to our 10:20AM & feed the parking meter lots of quarters.
MAC Pearl Glide Liner in Rave (I love this stuff when I get bored of black)
Lash Blast! Big eye pics are a lil creepy..but hey, it's always fun to get a little scared once in a while.

Look at the mess behind me. School has been busy so I'm barely in my room unless I'm sleeping! Or 3am blog posting ^^

Castle Dew e/s Rocks My Scarf!
I don't mind a touch of color every once in a while (I'm usually plain jane -clothes wise)

Please Visit my Jewelry Blog for more things that look like this ^
Shout out to ..DSK!!! ......myself...lame.....but still..it's a piece in work!
Thank You!

I can't wait for my Grey & Green Contacts to come in..sucks they take so long..but I guess it's good because it makes me want them more! For guys, it's like the girl they want so badly but have to wait for her to accept his courting...ok just pulled that out of my ass. You know what similie I'm trying to express. :D

Tonight..I basically had my all time fav from Jimmy John's the
I basically ate half of it before deciding to take a pic of it's goodness...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE sprouts, turkey, provolone cheese, and avocado!
A Jimmy John's meal..is one of my favorite treats.

I was in the lib for 2 hours on a Thirsty Thursday night @ MSU!

Weakness...Jimmy John's Meal..I'm so surprised I went there alone to grab a sub....usually I'm always with my boyfriend or a guy friend.

Have you girls seen the youtube video:
Benny Lava?

If not..I suggest you watch & read & listen...it's F U N N Y sh*t

I'm about to link this to my Indian friend Krishna and see what he thinks, if he hasn't already seen it. haha

I've spent the past 2 days watching this video with my project groups. It was GREAT.

Not much more I have to yap about..hmmm, nope.
I love you friends!




  1. the uggs looks like brand new!! pro!

    and the video is hilarious lol. the lyrics only made it worse. Too wack!

  2. oooOooH that sandwich look YUMMMMM!!!

    that scard looks sooo darling on yoU!

  3. i meant "scarf".. uhh blame it on the fat finger

  4. I have freckles in my upper lip too! I think it's from sun exposure cuz I notice them more in the summer time. Eh, I wonder how to get rid of them too!

    I love the purple eye liner!

  5. you have such pretty puppy eyes!

  6. Your ugg looks very clean !!!!!
    I prefer take shower at night too right before I go to sleep. It makes me so fresh and relaxed. Not that I don't feel fresh in the morning lol hahaha
    I like your makeup, so neat, cute looking :D
    Sandwich looks yummy, I am about to go to work but I haven't eaten anything :(

  7. Oooh, I like your scarf and blazer!

  8. looking elegance there =)

    i wish my morning is looking goregous as you

  9. ahahaha your mom is just like my mom! Oh Asian mamas! Your eyes look so cute! Where can I get one of those pallets?!

  10. Hahahahha I legit laughed out loud when I read about your mom being able to tell you apart from other asian kids. And the video had me bent over laughing! "Have you been high today?" :)

    Ahh you wake up at 9:30? You're so lucky girl!! I have to wake up at 6 every morning for school =[

    Thanks for posting!

  11. you look so cute! and i love that scarf on you ;D

    just wake up look is uber adorable

  12. hey,
    it was good seeing you tonight. It would've been better if we hung out longer but I wanted you to be home. i hope everything goes well with you and your family. will be praying for all of you guys..keep me updated. I was hoping to go lansing with you tomorrow but i have to work at 2pm. Will let you know about Cultural Vogue.

    oh, and i told my mom about vinegar and water !! Im going to clean my UGGS when I get back =)

    cheer up and smile hun *..


  13. Jimmy Johns!! They're a midwest staple. My parents live in Indianapolis, and one summer when I was in college, I interned at a company downtown, I had Jimmy JOhns a lot, hahaha.

    You look so cute! I'm liking circles lenses more and more because of you! You look really cute with them in. Hey thanks sooo much for the stickers!! :D <3

  14. u look so cute with the scarf!

  15. Girl -- you know i'd be your jewelry model any day of the week, month or year. Quite honestly I have not taken off these earrings since I got them!! Well, for showering and bath time yes , and sleepy time yes...

    But I loooove love wearing them! sooo darn pretty!

    and yah i know I can't believe she sent me cookies too, and the fact that they arrived full intact is even more amazing to me, because I've seen cookies be sent out and arrive as CRUMBS. BAH!

  16. Thanks for comment, ive not even tried the blush out yet! the mascara looks really good on you! you did a great job in cleaning your boots xD

  17. I ALWAYS GET THE BEACH CLUB AT JJ'S! That's where we're going on our next date right? JJ's and the little dessert place?

  18. nice haul girlie! & you're so cute XD

    thanks for stopping by my blog


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