February 18, 2009

Update on Wild Wednesday!

Minh thought it would be funny to make me black.
[he did this to like 3 pictures...]
This picture was taken 2 years ago when I went through a phase..lol of being a poser with my friend Oliver's fitted.
Look at how UGLY my eyebrows were prior to threading.
Look at my banner for (make me so happy) threaded eyebrows.
THE NEW ME (refer to above photo)

Back to things non-Minh related:

Having Limy in class made my Wednesday pretty Wild.
(She's long like a Limo, that's why Vince named her Limy)
That's the extent of "wild" in my world.
Her adoption fee from Petsmart was about $100.
She is the sweetest dog ever! Doesn't make a sound, and she loves her daddy Vince, constantly following and eye-ing him. ^^

I have never been as impressed by a Cover Girl product until I tried Cover Girl Lash Blast & Cover Girl Last Blast Luxe. Boy, does this work for me!

It's midnight...and as I'm clearing off my table..there they were..orange & pink as can be..the mascaras. I had just come back from washing up in the bathroom too. I felt the desire to try these babies out.

[one coat]

#1 Cover Girl Lash Blast
-I've heard tons of great things said about this orange beast, so I found a double pack at Target for $9.99. I always buy double to share with a friend ^^ I think they were $6.59 each. Very Black = Very Happy DSK. It lengthens, and gives my nude lashes volume. I'll have to try it tomorrow and wear it all day, and get back to blog about it. ^_~
#2 Cover Lash Blast Luxe in Black Cabernet
-I pull the wand out of the tube and I was in "whoa" why is it so light & brown!!
NOT TO WORRY. I tried it on and it looks more black than brown. It's actually quite lovely. The mascara has tiny tiny tiny tiny little shimmers in it. Especially in dim light with a lamp on (at my desk). I FEEL SO PRETTY. This is definitely flirty date lash mascara, I kid you not. Each one of my lashes are covered in CABERNET BEAUTY SHIMMER!!!!
It was $7.29 @ Target with 10% off this week, so not too bad. This is the kind of product that I would be proud to include in a care package for any of my b-bloggers. It's just outstanding in terms of fun mascara. It's not too dramatic, unlike the BLUE, PURPLE, or RED mascaras..we've all gone through that phase.. (high school)
[I have freckles, it runs in my family, my lil sis has a lot, kind of like Lucy Lui]
Naked, but curled lashes & w/ the Black Cabernet, you can tell there's a hit of shimmer where the light hits the end of my lashes.
Now I want all 4 colors!!

Anyhoo, that was fun, I love how I have both orange and pink tubes, (they're friends!). It's so cute & go together so well.

Happy Couple

I also spend 10 minutes in the bathroom hovered over the big sink mixing vinegar & water to clean my UGGS! :D

BEFORE: Salt nasty, suffered 2 years of abuse.
Cleaned: But still wet.

I took before & in the process pictures. We'll see the results tomorrow after they dry.

The Chi goodies, I mentioned last night.
Silk Infusion $14.99
Infra Treatment (Conditioner..maybe? LOL) I don't know!! $7.99
Infra Shampoo $7.99

I heart T.J. Maxx & Marshall's sometimes. I think the reason why they were shipped to T.J. & Marshall is because the caps have a little dent on them, plastic manufacturing error and probably didn't pass quality control.

LOL, I used to work in Amway Artistry Cosmetic Department [factory floor] two summers ago. I did a lot of Cosmetic packaging inspection. It was kind of fun to see how lipstick, powder, eye shadow is all made. I had to wear a white lab coat, and a hair net whenever I was near cosmetics! Isn't that crazy??

Oh, the best pic for last.
Meet my boyfriend, turban boy.
I don't even know how he did this, but it looks SUPER realistic to me!
LOL, look how girly his eyebrows looked there. There was this dumb lady that waxed his eyebrows to look gay. NEVER AGAIN LADY, my man's gonna get threaded.




  1. lmao, that last picture is just PRICELESS!!! ahahaahahaha. I love the new Lash Blast so much, I am glad you like it!
    And maybe you should try UGG's conditioning spray? I have many pairs of UGGS(I have every color... It's an obsession I swear) and the spray keeps my UGGS waterproof and repels stains. I think it costs about $15 at Nordstrom. It makes my life easy so I don't need to scrub em. hehe

  2. hahahahaha how did he do that? lmao that's very funny! your bf is just as creative as u are lol.

    and yea i agree that your brows look prettier now. i want to try to have my brows threaded.

    i might be getting the CG lash luxe cause i've read from nu's review it has better formulation than the old one. we'll see if it will hold a curl for my hanged down lashes :)

  3. Nah, I'm not going to collect all of em, I think I'm just gona grab the blue one because blue makes my eyes pop! But ya never know... I might be tempted to get all of them because I am just crazy like that. :)

  4. I love your brows now...they are perfection hun! I want to try the CG Lash Blast Luxe now! I have the good ol orange one already and it does a good job.

    I love how you can bring your furbaby to class! Such an adorable pup!

    That is soooo cool that you got to see cosmetics behind the scenes! That is seriously interesting! Was it what you pictured it to be like before you worked there? I'm all curious ;)

    I still need your birthday info! Take care in school this week mama! <3

  5. glad to hear a good review on the mascara, I was hesistant to try it. I do love the original formula tho!

  6. LUSH is awesome! hehe I cant wait to get my hands on more.. and its only been ONE DAY since i was there last.. :p

  7. Next time I'm in the US, I will definitely buy some Lash Blast! I missed my chance in January when I was in Cali, because I will still unsure about the product.

    You and others have convinced me now!

    I'm also trying the new Max Factor waterproof mascara...

  8. Lash Blast is actually OK !!! Just found your blog - and it's neat :)

  9. Haha it's funny that you mention Artistry cosmetics! My bf got me a ticket to one of their Artistry events last Sunday. I've heard of Amway before, but not Artistry, so it was cool to get a chance to try out their products. I ended up ordering their Loose Powder & a pair of earrings haha. How did you like their products?

    Btw, I agree Lash Blast is great!

  10. Those pictures are amusing, he's so good at photoshop! I looove Lash Blast mascara! It's the one I use right now and it's great! What are your other favorites? I wanted to try a high end brand after I finish the Lash Blast, you think they're worth it?

  11. well i've never been into fitteds, but i sure did go thru the trucker-hat tramp phase LOL

    thanks for the Lash Blast Luxe pics... if Target is still having their sale, I just might pick one up...

    BTW LOL @ "they're friends" hahahaha cute.

  12. HAHAHAH you're too adorable. Hey your bf rocks that turban!! He should definitely consider growing some facial hair... hahaha.

    Wow, you cleaned your uggs! Good job!

  13. You and your bf look so cute together lol
    I am glad that you like vov stuff, they make some good quality eyeshadow sometimes, I believe.
    You know that you can always go to gmarket and order it, I wonder how much the shipping fee would come out though.


  14. Hahah I am loving that last pic, its so funny! Maybe your boyfriend would love working with graphic design or something in that element with photoshop? Yaaay Lash Blast, I have the orange one, I love it!


    i love lash blast too! i have to try luxe since i saw it in a mag this past week!

    you'looka'like'a'black'GUH! ;)

  16. hello dear!!! OOoH! I looovvee CHI products!

    LashBlast is lovely! Haven't tried the one with shimmer though... Hmm! Ooooh you also have to try max factor 2000 calorie... WEE!

  17. you definitley look hot black! haha

  18. PUAHAHAHAHAHH that last picture is pricelesss!


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