February 26, 2009

What Am I Using Right Now Tag

I was tag by the ultra sexy, Yas to post "What Am I Using Right Now?"

Here we go!

Shampoo: Chi Infra Shampoo

Conditioner: Chi Infra Treatment

Styling products: Big Sexy Hair Root Boost, CIBU Pho Finish (thanks to Jen!!)
Shower Gel: L'Occitane Verbena Shower Gel (smells like lemongrass!)
Moisturizer: La Mer Cream & Gel samples!! woo! (thanks to Jennifer!!)

Deodorant: I never use deodorant (random fact about me: no arm pit hairs!)

Fake Tan: lol, I quit the tanning bed..but it's just so warm in the freezing winter months!

Cleanser: Shi Seido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam (sample!)

Eye makeup remover: Costco's Kirland brand makeup wipes

Exfoliator: St. Ives Apricot

Primer: Fix +

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Powder NC 40

Foundation brush: MAC 187 SE
Concealer: MUFE 5 Palette Concealer

Powder: MAC Studio Fix Powder NC40 and/or Skinfinish in Medium

Blusher: Nars Super Orgasm, I only have 2 blushes..haha can you believe that? I did order a MAC Springsheen though. Basically when I shop makeup, blush obviously isn't on the top of my list unlike lippies!

Bronzer: hmm, it came with the Fafi Collection.. I can't think of the name!

Highlighter: Anastasia duo brow pen ~ the highlight side of course =P

Eyeshadow base: UDPP or MAC Paint Pots Painterly

Eyeshadows: Castle Dew is my current favorite, but MAC is my staple!

Eyeliner: I fell in love with MAC Kohl Liner in Feline all over again. I lost it then I found it in one of my bags, and I never realized how much I miss it! It really is a true dramatic black liner.

Mascara: Cover Lash Blast, L'Oreal Voluminous, Maybelline Lash Stilleto (ALL BUY 1, Get 1) I cannot buy drug store makeup if it's not on sale!

Lipgloss: MAC Love Nectar, Dior Ultra Gloss 517 Clutch Pink (thanks to Fuz!!)

Nail Colour: Paul & Joe #2, I love it, it's so right for my skin tone! (thanks to Fuz!!)

An old picture of me & my best friend taken last year! hehe, like my frames?
Look at how ugly my eye brows were before threading! I can't get over how different I look now because of eye brow threading!!

Good night from Michigan!!


  1. I have those Harry Potter glasses somewhere! haha I am such a dork. And omg, you look so diff before you threaded your eyebrows!

  2. eye brows frame the face Im glade that you are getting more people to threat their eye brows!

  3. Damn girl you are fast! hehehe...I'm so glad you didn't mind me tagging you. I was secretly curious because your hair is always so healthy and perfect beautiful. Do you like the Chi stuff? My hair needs more hydration than the products I'm using right now I think. I couldn't agree with you more about the tanning bed. I miss being all warm n toasty inside. But keep your skin young and cancer free...a much better option anyways;) As always sending tons of love!! <3

  4. i love that picture of you in the giant frames! too cute!

  5. LOL at the Harry Potter frames!! Too cute though!! I wish I didn't have armpit hair! LOL!

  6. Love the specs, Henritta Potter!

    Good luck on your trip to Cali..take care!

  7. wow how do you like the Chi hair stuff? i only have the straightening thingy and this other thing.. i'm going to be in need of new shampoo&conditioner soon. :P but that's funny it's raining there--it's SUPER windy here! laameeee. :[[

  8. How do you like the La Mer skincare? OMG YOU ONLY HAVE TWO BLUSHES??? I'm gonna send ya something then, in return for the second necklace! :D

  9. Awww you're too sweet! I'm glad the nail color worked out for you... but is it your ONLY bottle of polish?! xDD Hahahaa... You look too cute in those frames!

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  11. Steph, I checked my mail and saw your package!! I couldn't wait to open it! I saw all of the goodies you gave me as well, I love twixxxx and lifesaverrrs hehe thanks for the V-Day card it's so cute, as well as the HK stickies. :D Then...I saw the necklace! It's toooooo beautiful, gorgeous, shiny, and everything nice. haha I never wear necklaces at all, but I will definitely wear this one all the time, I looooove it!! Thanks so much for the EDMs as well!! You have an incredible talent and definitely need to open a store!! I'm wearing it and I can't stop looking in the mirror. keke Now, I want them in all colors. :P Thank you so much again.


  12. I forgot to comment on your post, I was too excited about the necklace. You look adorable in those frames hehehe. I have only 3 blushes :P. La Mer is awesome, isn't it? I love that stuff. I don't know why but I love the smell of the La Mer creme a lot, I always sniff it before I put it on my face lols.

  13. that's something we got in common... i don't feel right getting drugstore makeup unless it's on sale too!

  14. lol you're a dork! That list should be longgerrr..it was too short. :( Oh and those glasses are COOL, I would sport that all day everydayyy.

  15. I love those tagger things, I'd do one but noone ever tags me! haha lol

    Don't forget to check out my Lady Gaga Look Contest!

  16. heehee i like those harry potter glasses! look cute on you:) i bought some fake ones recently hehe x

  17. i love love nectar lip glass! i havent been using mac eyeliners but im starting to get into them!

  18. haha, what a funny picture :) your new jewelry collection looks really pretty btw!

  19. I actually think your eyebrows are nicely shaped before and after! =P

    Hahha I like the glasses no you! Very Harry Potter-esqe!

    I think I just got some Verbena body soap!

    Haha I'm a fan of you too! ;)

  20. Cute pic! And I agree with Angie, your eyebrows look nice in the before too!

    haha I opened the body butters to get a nicely swirled one, lmao, some of the other ones had slid out of shape! =P

  21. I tried thinking in my head the product I use for this list, and realized that I can only fill out about half. That's a lot of products girl! --Which is why you're a beauty blogger. I'm so oblivious to all the different products out there. Don't laugh, but I only recently found out and started using the base for eye shadow, this year. :/ Yes, you can list me down under Beauty-FAIL.

  22. Whoa, that's a lot of products! I need to start collecting, I think....!

    Remember how we were obsessed with chapsticks in middle school? I have never ever ran out of a tube of chapstick... I should start throwing those away cuz most of them are a POS.

  23. Hahha aww thanks!

    Yeah I love it!! Thanks again!

  24. I GOT YOUR PACKAGE! THANKS SO MUCH BABE!! I'm gonna blog about it later this week. <3

  25. hi stephanie, how've u been?

  26. stumbled across ur page n love it - i don't use blush that often either, but after i went nuts and reorganized all my makeup and labeled everything, the blush compartment looked lonely... yea that was the reason for me to go shop for many more... sad :)~


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