March 4, 2009

I've been in The OC!

Hey girls,

It's been a few days. As most of you know I've been in Orange County for my grandma's funeral. It was my first time at a funeral; I was even included in the procession and ceremony. In Viet culture, the children have to wear white outfits, and the grand children are given white head we all looked like the karate kid! I can't wait to post some fun pictures my cousins and I took.

Grandma really brought our whole family together, I haven't seen some of my cousins for 2-4 years, and some I just met for the first time! One of my cousins that I just met, recently found a freshwater pearl distributor, so I hope we'll be able to work with one another. =] Pearls look so pretty with Swarovski crystals. I'm SO excited.

I'm in Irvine, CA right, going to spend the day with my cousin Tiffany. She's taking me to get my hair done in Newport, and then we're going to go shop around the Korean & Japanese stores around here. I might have a blog sale with all the stuff I find here, if I can find some good stuff. I know there are some of you ladies, who can't get Korean & Japanese products without paying crazy shipping fees! I'll try my best to look for some good stuff. We'll see!

I leave you a pic of some Geo Duck - Giant Clam Sashimi @ Sam Woo's in Irvine,
I ate the other night ^_^
Geo Duck Clams!!!

I ate at a really nice Japanese Sushi Restaurant last night near South Coast Plaza, I can't wait to upload pics!! I've also had In N' Out burgers lol, Crawfish & Oysters at The Boiling Crab, and a lot of Pho!!


  1. Ohhhhh...that look soooo goood hun!
    I'm glad that you're having a great time with all your family! You have couple more days til you see him ! =)
    I can't wait to see more pictures!


  2. Mm I love IN n Out even though I hate burgers.. weird huh...

    Geo Duck Clams?! never even heard of those... It's hard for me to drool over raw stuff for some reason. -.- I wish I liked sashimi!

  3. MMM FOOD PORN!! *drool* I hear In N Out Burga is legendary--I haven't gotten a chance to try it.

  4. OHh OC! My boyfriend lives there and I go there a lot nowadays...Hmm I know a Tiffany it Tiffany Loi? OHhh korean & Japanese stores down there are so awesome! I love going down there just to look at those stores! I'm sorry to hear about your grandma...My grandma held my family together too and ever since she passed away I haven't spoken to a lot of my cousins anymore or most of my family members I miss family reunions =T Ohh I hope you get to work with your cousin! I love your jewelry! <3

  5. Once again my condolences towards your grandmother, I hope everything is alright! And you are so nice to be thinking of us blogger girls while you're shopping! I'm looking forward to your sale =]

  6. i missed your blogging =)

    aggg, those food making me hungry now...

    glad you are having fun shopping

    like always get wait for your blog

  7. i'm glad you take it positively! what a spirit! you go girl!!

  8. Mmm, I love sushi! I can't wait to see more of your pictures. XOXO

  9. did you like the geo duck sashimi?? i've had it once. it's not that bad, actually. we had it as sashimi and then the chef battered the rest of it and it was kinda like calamari. or it reminded me of that. lol. it wasn't that bad!

  10. Sorry about your grandma :( But I didn't know you were Viet! Man, I really want sushi now!

  11. Sorry to hear about your grandma but it's nice that you're together with your whole family. I love In-N-Out and The Boiling Crab, mmm yummy!!

  12. glad everything's going well over there.. i LOVE OC. Sam Woo's gotta be our fave go to restaurant there...

  13. aww thanks :) those clams look yummy!

  14. hope youre okay with the passing of grandma :( been praying for you heaps sis.
    thank you for the parcels. you rockstar, stuffing food in the parcels. you know what i want~ hohoho ^^ mum says the jewelleries are so very nice. i have to agree too!! very beautiful~~ love the packaging too. OMG.. the packaging is so pretty >.<;; thank you for everything!!! omg .. australia loves you~ hahahaha

  15. Orange lucky.

    And OMG! In N Out, I'm jealous. I'm ready for my In N Out burger fix already. It's only been like a month since I've had it. I'm such a tard, when I was in Cali I didn't think to go to The Boiling Crab. It's now on my list of things to do.

  16. Wow that legally you ate at a Brazilian restaurant!

    In the label is written in Portuguese "Agora" in inglish "now"

    Did you like Brazilian food? haha .. I love BBQ!

    And your hair is beautiful .. my hair is crazy .. and very Friz =/

  17. mmmmhm I love Inn N Out. I love their meat and buns!

    I've got a ton of Geo Duck postcards.. an inside joke of my old roommates and I haha. I don't recall ever eating it though

    Hope the service went well~

  18. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. But I'm glad to hear you're having a good time with your family!


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