March 5, 2009

iBob NOW!

iBob NOW!

The Italian Hair Dye made my hair extra shiny! :D
CANNOT wait to see it in the lightBlue Black Bob

I got my hair cut by Kevin, a successful hair stylist in Newport & Long Beach. He's super cool. He had his assistant run over to the bar and bring us back a pitcher of beer! We stayed there for 5 hours~ haha I got a bob & dye.

He didn't charge me for my haircut because he completely forgot I had an appointment in Newport! His salon there was closed when we got there so we drove 20 minutes to his Long Beach salon. $45 haircut value! I paid $70 for an Italian hair dye : blue black (it doesn't fade!)
He gave me GHD hair products ($5 each) at cost, and a free Pureology hair conditioner. He's so sweet!

His friend had a Ferarri..basically his network is pretty successful! I'm going to ask him to hook me up with a GHD straightener soon. He was going to give me a Japanese Hair Straitening for $50 originally $300, but I'm leaving Friday, but he's going to Vegas for a hair show. :( But I'll definitely be coming back to him my next time in CA. I'm also going Vegas next week! 3 nights, baby!! I haven't seen my boyfriend in 2 months ~! It's going to be F-U-N. We're gamblers & I'm a drinker!!

Kevin's Long Beach Salon, his walls were pretty cool ~ graffiti paint style
He built the light fixture himself
His Newport salon costs double since his rent is double there and it caters to the snobby.
His words!
I look like I'm 14 haha

My cousin and I haven't seen each other in 2 years..look! Randomly matching =P
Pizza & Beer & Cappucino blend lol
5 hours at the hair salon...I got my hair dyed, cut. Cousin Tiffany got her hair dyed, and her hubby Christian got a cut ~


My cousin's baby, Peanut 7 months old
Sophia's so chubs! & adorable

My cousins and I went out to Hamamori for dinner, well appetizers before hitting up In N Out and Pinkberry!!

Next to South Coast Plaza
Asahi Beer
PERFECTLY seared salmon, my fav.
I forgot what this was! Sashimi w/ fried scallions
Sashimi Scallops with Truffles
My cousins, so yeah the bill goes to the guy with the tie, Dr. T! haha

Nothing like Pinkberry for dessert!
Fresh Fruits & Mochi! They had MOCHI TOPPING!!

Agora Brazillian Buffet BBQ, you flip the circle card to green for them to serve you meat, or red to ask them to stop. There are 13 kinds of steak they served.
Banana Appetizer @ Agora..haha I tagged my boyfriend to this picture on Facebook, hahaaha
he was like "OMG HUNNIE!" was damn good banana!!!
The servers come to the table and cut you a slab of steak!
Chi Truc, my cousins Tiffany ( I so introduced her to Japanese beauty products today at Mitsuwa)

So girls know this place right?!?!
Stay tuned for Blog Sale in 2 weeks!
First come, First serve =P
(Naris pore peely mask, Mandom makeup remover, and more!!)

Fro Yo, not from Pinkberry but Yogurt Passion
Self serve style
My mother at the Yogurt place :D
@ The Boiling Crab with my NYC cousin Christopher who lives right in Time Square!
Hoefully 5851 is my future address!
That's my daddy in the stripes


6lbs of Crawfish
The damage!

Dozen Oysters
Christopher & TiffanyThe Boiling Crab with my older cousins, lol they're siblings

I have so many more food pics but I'm so sleepy!
Will post more soon!

I'm going to visit my Grandma's grave tomorrow before I leave.
She's in Anehiem at the most beautiful place!

Bonus Pic! My cousin Peter's iHawk! lol
I had to wear a headband too for the funeral, viet tradition.
LoL, my mom would kill me if she saw this pic AHAHA
She was eating a rice ball ahahaha


  1. omg! you look so different and cute! I don't think I could ever go short with the hair cuts >_< and omg!!! FOOD PORN! IT LOOKS DELICIOUS! and hey I see mitsuwa! I love mitsuwa <333 whenever I go down to Socal I always bother my boyfriend to take me there hehe...Ohh what a nice stylist! and hurray vegas with your bf I hope you have fun!

  2. your new hair cut is friggin FAB woman!!! i love it -- it looks like someone had a kick arse time in So. Cal

    and I was cracking up at that banana photo, I was having flashbacks of cliffy jr in the worst way... PUWAHHAHAH

    can't wait to see your mitsuwa haul!!!


    you make me miss cali even haveing the time of your life!!! i hope you move out there hun so i will have another babe so i can bother and have to go out with me to get my hair done and nails did...the FOOOOOD....the FOOOOOD!!! hair!!!! OMG your comming back from cali a new girl....

    keep us updated

    DROOOOOOOOOOOOOL on the boiling crab isnt it to die for!!!


    good luck on the house!

  4. wah! could barely see the haircut on you! you either took a picture so far or too close to completely see it! and loving your LV bag! man you know some hairstyler eh! some expensive one that is!

  5. Steph, I love your hair! The style is so cute on you, and the color looks really natural! The food is killing me haha. I miss Cali food so much! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself! I've heard a lot of things about boiling crab, but I've never been there, I have to definitely go now! :) Have fun in Vegas, keep us updated! XOXO

  6. stephie!!
    the hair looks amazing!! what a transformation!! i would never have the damn balls to do that!! the food looks yummmy!!! and pinkberry!!! MmmmMmmMmm i think they should make lychee a permanent topping!! anywhooo..all the food looks bomb!! my stomach is growling as a type!!

  7. love the new color and cut! makes me want to give up and chop my hair off again, haha :)

  8. YOUr new hair cut look NICE!!! you are soo stylist now =)

  9. oh my, you look like you had TONS!!! of fun! look at all the FOOD! haha
    & your haircut looks FABULOUS! :D

  10. as much as I love your long gorgeous hair I must say the new bob looks really cute on you. (:

    food looks so good! Yummmm. Looks you had hella fun! (:

  11. OMG look at all that food! *wipes off drool* excuse me... it's just that this Lent thing has left me starving for anything.

    BTW nice hurrrr.... =)

  12. very cute haircut - your mom is adorable lol

  13. welcome to the short hair club! lol! doesn't it feel weird when you wash it, like your long hair is missing! gah! that's how i felt...

    blah! you're selling stuff from the mitsuwa market??!! BUMMER! I'm on a no product buying challenge starting on saturday.. BOOO!

    YUM! i never had pinkberry! i'm dying to try it! i love me some frozen yogurt... and that seafood looks deellisshh

  14. Awwww love this post! You look so happy... may your grandma rest in peace! ^^ I LOVE the bob on you, and the hair color is ORGASMIC!!!!

  15. Your bob looks so cute, and the dye made your hair looks so shiny! I am glad that you get to see CA!! I love the brazillian foods, and of course you gotta have boiling crab when you are here in the OC. LOL

  16. Condolences on your grandmother's passing--it looks like your family is really pulling together to support you.

    GREAT Haircut and color--it's very chic. Love the food porn, too!!

    You should have a package waiting for you when you get home--meanwhile, enjoy Cali!

  17. yum yum food! & your new hair looks great! i actually like it more than your old do because its sophisticated.

  18. lol the last pic and you saying ur mom would kill you if she saw it made me literally laugh out loud!

    too cute.

  19. That's seriously an awesome cut! Very pretty:] It frames your face perfectly<3 Haha, I like the idea of getting your hair done with a nice frosty mug of beer *sip---aah~*

    Anyhow, I'm craving PinkBerry, now!

    Well, take care and talk to you soon!

    P.S. I'm Wendy, by the way:] Hope we can be blogging buddies.

  20. your hair looks great on you! it looks so sophisticated and the color suits you.

  21. this comment is gonna be a little spastic.. hahah! so 'scuse me.. before the madness ;)

    aww i LOVE your hair!! i was really iffy when i went in to cut mine into a bob.. but.. yaknow, s'all good. i actually like it alot more.. takes so much less time!!~ hahaa.

    free shipping?? looks who's the sweetheart now!

    LOL! i don't even really like my eyebrows.. looks so much less professional than your guys' buuttt i haven't been able to get off my butt to go get 'em done.. PLUS then i'd have to fill 'em in and i'm just too lazy :) hahaa. but, thanks girl! <3 i appreciate it.

    oh and uhh.. this is from a previous entry but.. are you from the OC area? ''cause i've been looking for a good threading place~ :) :) if you could hook me up with a name/location, you would be MORE awesome than you already are (and i bet that's hard)!!

    haha ok.. enough rambling.. sleep time for me! :X

  22. I love your hair cut! I love shorter looks! Just not on myself. Isn't Brazilian BBQ the shiz!!! Last time I went I tried all kinds of random "game"...


  24. BOB is the way to go!! u look cuter!!!

  25. Hahha you are so cute! Mmmhm those are my type of meals! God I can't wait to eat at all those places when I'm there next month! yaaay haha

    I LOVE your bob! Be sure to take some photos of your hair in the sunlight! I wanna see the blue! And really? Italian dye doesn't fade?! Cute necklace btw~

  26. ur hair looks really good :3 ~

  27. i wish i am you, vacationing and eating cool stuff =)

    is you sale gonna have the pink bottle Mandom makeup remover? because i saw so many beauties bloggers using the greenish blue one...

  28. Gorgeous hair cut!! ANd for free! Even better!! Also the color look fab on you too!! Hope your having fun in Vegas!!

    OMG Foodgasm pics! And lol that is a HUGE banana!!

  29. i am liking ur new cut. it looks very sophisticated. i wish i can do something drastic like that with my hair but short hair is not my friend. anyways, first time here so wanted to say hi


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