March 16, 2009

Bloggers Anonymous

I'm supposed to be studying for a midterm tomorrow, and every time Minh (who I brought back to Michigan with me) looks at my computer I'm reading a blog. He just told me that I need help. lol.

I'm not addicted..just very interested in all of your posts! I'm due to post all these care packages I've been receiving! DSK is overly appreciated! I had to explain to him the philosophy of "swapping."

>.< BLOGGERS ANONYMOUS >.<, and that he will need the names of all my blog friends. Whatever! I was trying to comment of some of your posts and my login was "Minh." I caught him reading my blog this morning. He's been a good sport though, organizing and cleaning my dorm room. He keeps asking "What's this?" He was holding a Neo Sci Fi MAC eyeshadow.

Minh noticed all of these packages and he you girls just find a reason to spend money on each other. He even said that we are a community of online shopaholics.
I never thought about it that way, but it might be true.

I think we all are very sharing, and nothing is wrong with that! Just because guys don't have a tight knit blog communities like our. Don't be hatin' boys!

He's looking at me, and I said stop looking at me.

What do your significant others think about your beauty blogging?

I really like Mojitos..whether they're straight up from the bar, or in these glass bottles ^_^
It taste so yummy!

D&G = Drinking & Gambling



  1. hahaha! a group of online shopaholics.. hmmm.. i might have to agree with that. but hey, it's fun! especially w/ me, since most of my close girlies don't really use makeup or know anything about it.. i have a whole GROUP of people PLUS daily reads to chat with :) it's pretty awesome. i posted about "public vs private blogging" and someone commented that public blogging allows you to make friends you otherwise wouldn't have 'cause of distance or other complications~ i believe she's totally right. and who cares if we're shopaholics ;) haha. we support each other through "no buys" and whatnot, it's great!

    i don't think i'm addicted to blogging either.. it's just.. something to do. he has his motorcycle forums, i have my beauty blogs. i think it evens out.

    thankfully he doesn't think my blogging is too weird. occasionally he'll pass by my computer, look at what i'm writing and laugh.. but.. mostly, no response. i think i lucked out with him :) hahaha.

    and i agree, mojitos are yummy! :) just tried one in early feb.. haha, late bloomer :X

  2. OMG That is soo funny, cuz my BF said the exact same thing!! About the blogging and the love we send out to each other!! LOL!! Men.. they just don't get it!! LOL!!

    But the BF is happy for me, he says I've found a good bunch of peeps to communicate & share with so he's happy!!

  3. hahhaha aww thats cute. lol.

    the eyeshadow part was SOOOO cute!

    umm i have no significant other so....i do what i want! LOL.

    lol. jk jk. i know u do what u want too steph. hahah. find me a bf! asian is a must. sweet hair is a must. LOL. lol.

  4. aww too cute..yea dave will kind of peep over my shoulder he's around while i'm making my blog rounds..haha i guess we are shopoholics..whatever though!! i still cant believe your boy's luck in gambling!!!

  5. LOL that is quite funny! I just recently told my bf about my blog...He hasn't checked it out yet and I don't really update much because I don't have a camera so blogs with no pics are NOT fun! lol not really sure what my bf thinks about it...I think he is alright with it...I tell him about all the new girls I've met and how I'm gonna try to meet everyone in person and he was totally fine with it =D I can't wait! It is kind of like a blogging community of shopaholics actually! reminds me of confessions of a shopaholic! That was such an awesome movie lol <3

  6. i looove mojitos! do those really taste like them? i gotta get me some!

    my boyfriend thinks i'm nuts. everytime he comes home i'm either reading a blog or watching a youtube video! but it's kinda funny, he got a new watch and was like "did you want to take a picture of this for your poupee doll?"

    i think the bfs should form asupport group for boyfriends of bloggers. hahhahaha.

  7. Hahah! OMG! can I join the Bloggers Anonymous?? I mean, I do have a test coming, but instead of studying, I'm here reading all other people's post and what did they buy, and that I need to buy the same thing! hahah!

    The husband response to your question: "Its ok.. Does not really bother me"

    I guess it does not coz he's on too! hahah! :p

  8. Oooh, I'd love to join bloggers anonymous! Mine just thinks it's cool that I'm meeting nice new people!

  9. ohh. I wanna join the bloggers anonymous too... haha
    lol, I think blogging is a way for me to de-stress. Having fun with other girls all around world, knowing them, update with some latest beauty info. It is really fun
    I'm having my 2nd test soon, presentation, thesis proposal submit, gosh, everything just come together and it totally make me ANGRY.. haha, but things will be nice after all these... hehe

  10. lmao... it's sad, but true.

    blogger is a horrible enabling addiction.
    we can't help but want what the other girl's got -- and feel that need to look -- i see thumbnails on my sub list and i get this horrid urge to CLICK. puwahhahahahha

    and btw I emailed you back regarding the crochet goodies ^_^

    omg MOJITOS... i effing LOOOOOVE MOJITOS!!!

  11. haha that's so cute how minh is stalking blogs too XD
    i agree that we're online shoppaholics...and the worst part is..once someone gets something amazing, they blog about it...then everyone else starts spending money hehe

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  13. hahah oh i love freshly made mojitos!!! strawberry ones are sooo nice!!

    haha your bf made a good point. It took me some time to get some self-control.. can be difficult but do-able! :P my bf says the same thing, only he just thinks i spend too much on the internet, which is completely true... LOL.

  14. i think it's great that we have ladies here who can get products that may not be achievable where we live and we pay the favor in kind. =) pretty awesome deal although i'm not in the swapper blog just yet.. hehe..

  15. lol, my boyfriend just chuckles at me starting a blog, and goes back to studying for his final :]

    i cant wait for the mandom!!!

  16. You really got it right!! Jamal reads my blog so he can see exactly what I'm spending!

    Sign me up for Bloggers Anonymous!!

    P.S. I promised to stay away from the mall this weekend!

  17. lol it's funny to hear what from guy's point of view. they use very different termniology than ours, that's for sure.

    My boyfriend doesn't have anything against this euh....hobby, can you say that? haha

    and wow, mojito, i never had one but it sure looks good frm that pic

  18. My significant other thinks im a STALKER. =[ but nooo he's actually really nice to me about it, he doesn't say it but I know he wishes that I lay off the hauling entries..muhahha.


  19. :( No significant other here.
    But its okay, no nagging for me!
    Hahah, I only recently started blogging and now I'm addicted too!
    Definitely a community of shopaholics, and the love we send out to each other is like no other!

  20. Haha, Mr. H loves my blog! xD He likes to read it sometimes, he doesn't check all the time though. And he actually started learning the different bloggers... hahaha. Kinda cool.

    Hey it's the P&J polish behind your mojito! They go nicely together eh? Hehehe. Bracelet??? HOw much? Did you bill me yet?

  21. Minh is too funny =)

    It was good to hear from him tho!

    How did ur midterms go?
    I miss u ..havent talked to u for couple days now!!!!

  22. I <3 Mojitos too!

    Omg, I'm sitting ground typing to you and Pocky feels neglected. He came and sat down between me and my keyboard, with his ass on my feet! hahahha

    My ex thinks that I shop waaaay too much and he's always laughing when I tell him about the online community of bloggers =P. I do agree that we're online shopaholics haha.

  23. Yep! Blogging is so much fun but it also takes a toll on my wallet. I'm pretty much addicted!!! I hate going on a day w/o reading updates from Google Reader. LOL.

    I heart mojitos too!!! It's the way to go girl!!! <33

  24. hah!!! i am so guilty. and this is pretty much ABB's fault because it lead me to the other beauty bloggers' blogs. not only is it slowing me down in doing my homework, it's also draining my bank account! damn it!!!! and im not even an oldtime blogger yet..jeezz... >_<

  25. Ohh yummy Mojito! haha I don't have a significant other to ask, but I know that Steve makes fun of us beauty bloggers. haha what's next Steph, first you want to photoshop me and Steve, are you going to imagine how cute my kids would be when they call you DI? haha I love you!

  26. blogging is definitely fun, but my wallet suffers for it =P at the same time, it's a good way to escape from whatever's bothering me..just looking at shiny pretty things makes everything better, haha. thank goodness I'm a girl!

    I gave you an award :)

  27. My minh doesn't know about it. blogging is my secret double life that i do not give him too many details about. reading everybody's reviews on cosmetics has turned me into a cosmetics drug addict that suffers from withdrawal symptoms.

  28. ahahaha...babe that is too cute! You know that they are curious what we are doing on the computer for so many insane hours I think. But I love this has been a huge blessing in so many ways. You keep enjoying your well deserved time with ur man babe! Sending lots of love sweety!

  29. HAHAHA surprisingly the BF is smart enough not to say much and hate on my sad, sad addiction, sometimes he says it's "clutter", and other times he supports it and either buys me stuff or tells me about new makeup places or boutiques that he found on Yelp, LOL. So it's a mutual understanding in the sense he lets me do whatever I want and I will let him play golf with his friends HAHA. Works out! Let's just see what happens when we find a place together and sees things for what it is haha.

  30. From your previous post: "Cosmetic Company Outlet"

    Wait -- what? What? What?!?! Where's it located?! I never knew of such a thing existed in Seattle all the time I lived there!! Wahhhh...

  31. haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. great entry missy!

    my hub don't care, as long as it keeps me happy. i think part of it has fueled him to get me more sh*t... he'll say somethin' like, "get that shit... put it on ur blog"


    at one time, he was wonderin' why i was getn so many care packages (I wasn't workin' at the time) so he had "side eye". LMFAO!

  32. My hubby is really cool about the blogging, he offers to take my pictures all the time. If I'm having a bad day he offers to take me to Sephora n

  33. My goodness boys know nothing! hehehe.
    Oh! mojitos...that looks so good.

  34. ah hahahaha You and Minh crack me up! I believe what he said is true, we are a community of online shopaholics. lol I've never ever tried a mojito, will do next time though! :P My boyfriend said that the blogs are influencing me to buy stuff and I should chill out on buying stuff because I have too much already. =X haha You're so cute, you touch the Cargo blu_ray every time you're there! haha I loooove it though, it keeps me matte more than anything! I heart you too, Steph! Someone's birthday is coming up! ;) keke I like the square shape of the Cargo blu_ray, but the case feels cheap I want it to be awesome looking like Dior's. I can't help but love Dior's packaging haha. XOXO

  35. LOL we really area group of shopaholics!! we swap/sell so we can buy more!! LOL sorry girl i didn't get your comments til now but I'll paypal you! The total with shipping comes to $39.50 but I'll just make it $39 flat

  36. Steph, I gave you a "Kreativ blogger" award but I realized you've been tagged already? So think of this as PURE love from me and do it so I can read it!

    Love <33 Linhh

  37. I've become such a terrible blogger! lol I'm sooo lazy.. all I want to do is sleep, eat, spend time with my boyfriend and shop! :(
    Retail therapy just isnt working... lol

  38. hehe im kinda addicted to blogging too althought i dont update nearly as often as id like to! yeah i knoww thinking of a cbox but then im so lazy!~ x

  39. I'm not a beauty blogger but have been blogging for about 8+ years... I know my BF stops by my blog from time to time but he doesn't say much about it. =P

  40. lol your bf is funny! He is true about a lot of things.
    My bf doesn't know half the things I get. Imagine if he did. yikes hahaha.
    I might have a little bit of a problem. not much a little *winks"
    mm yum mojitos are delicious!

  41. haha that is so funny hun! I'm a bit envious of these beauty bloggers because they DO have swaps. Perhaps it would be a good start to do the same with the fashion/style crew huh?

    much love dear xx

  42. lol i bet he's trying to find out if you're mentioning him in your blog. i haven't been blogging for awhile and when i come back i see your massive haul. lucky you!

  43. My significant other supports it, and ironically, he's the one that said I should start. Now I don't know if it's because he wants me off his back, but he noticed I would read everyone else's blogs too.
    I love me some mojitos... mmmm....


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