March 14, 2009

When you hit a jackpot at the casino, you buy stuff!

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The Results of LA & Seattle ^_^

DSK's Big Makeup Haul!

Some items might be for sale, but most of it is ALL MINE!!! lol, I'm so happy right now. I love my boyfriend for liking to gamble as much as me. We've been a pretty lucky couple. Last time I was in town he won 5 grand on the $1 slots, Max Bet and this time he won 4! When is it my turn! lol. I'm not going to lie, I am a little jealous that he's the one that wins all the time. He rubs it in too.. =P But hey, we're a team so it's all fun and games! lol.

Enjoy the pics!
As you can see I went to the CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet near Seattle)
They had just gotten the MSF duo in!
Golden Olive Pigment is my ALL time Fav, and they had it!
Magnetic Field Femm-Fi Evening Aura Expensive Pink x 2 (one of my favs!)

Honesty (One of my very first MAC e/s)

Mythology (I've been wanting this for a while as well :D)

Something it looks like Golden Olive so I liked it right away.

Cool Heat (memorable to me from the Cool Heat Collection)

I picked up FAFI sugar trance! I bought the last two too.
Found some Heatherette & Neo Sci Fi for my beautiful Aussie sis Sandy.

Not So Innocent l/s, I describe it as the aurora borealis coating of lip stick. :D
My favorite purchase has got to be the brush set!
-163 ( I was in need of a new angel brush)
-168 (I've been wanting this full size for so long!)
-187 (remember how it was on my wish list? the full size?)
-222 (like the 224, but a bit smaller)
I now own two 187 brushes!
I am posting one for sale, if anyone wants it, it's brand new.
I had ordered one before I left for Seattle.
1 Brand New 187 Brush is up for grabs if anyone wants it.
If not I don't mind having 2! well actually 3, because I have the travel size one too!

Lipglass in N2, I wish they had some on lipsticks from the N Collection, I missed out on that one.
Pinkarat (I think this is my favorite Lustreglass ever)
Moonbathe Bonus Beat Sock Hop

More lip glosses (I love MAC lipglosses)

Morning Glory (I've hear this is a favorite?)
Gadabout --I remember this was a Norstrom's exclusive
MAC Springsheen Blush
Studio Sculpt NC 37
MUFE! Eyeliner, I was so happy to own this. I over heard a Sephora sales associate tell a customer that most if not all the brands in the store are going to increase their prices by $3-5 dollars. She was the Dior representative I'm worried!! your staples if you need them because prices are going to rise :(

My very first Glittery Eye Liner, can't wait to try it out.
Spiked Eye Brown Pen by MAC
I was so tempted to buy another one from Anastasia, but I knew I had already ordered Spiked.
I resisted. ^_^
Ed Hardy! They had a Christian Audigier Club & Store inside Treasure Island. It's pretty cool because a lot of the employees there wear Ed Hardy and the casino's theme is pirates & sirens.

I bought a size M, and I am too chubs for it. :( That's what I get for not trying on my clothes & eatting burrito babies. It has Ed Hardy on the back near the buttox as well. lol
If you're a size Medium (note it's very form fitting (it's a longer style shirt, called tunic?) & like Ed Hardy message me, I'll give you a good price on it.

hehe, I have the Ed Hardy sneakers and I want more more more!
What I really want is T with the Koi on it, but I haven't found one that I like yet.
I'm young at heart, I don't think my bf likes it much..he's just an old conservative man. BLAH
boring lawyer!

Rant on my BF*
He will never get a tattoo even though I think they're completely rad
He will never get his ears pierced because it's not professional for his profession
He will never wear any graphic T-shirts I pick out.
We're pretty opposite lol. I think he's just waiting for me to grow up.

Little does he know..that won't be any time soon!
Lavender Whip! Thank you so much to my friend Van, who found this for me! It was sold out everywhere I looked. I'm so excited to use it.

I went back to Uwagimiya and picked up the rest of their HK charm/beads.
These only have Swarovski crystals on the flowery bow. They were $8 each instead of $14.
They're cute too!

Mandom, I have 1 extra one if anyone wants it. I would have bought more but I was uncomfortable with putting so much liquid in my luggage in case it broke or leaked. Plus it was pretty heavy.
Naris! Peel off all the ucky dead skin, black heads and white heads.
Message me if you're interested, quanity limited! LOL
These were so cute at H&M, now that I have shorter hair, I need to add some umph! to my hair do with some sparkle. Ladies who buy something, expect a few or these in your package ^^ There are too many, I don't need them all.
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in Strobe Kiss (I've never owned or tried this before)
Does anyone have it?
Oil blotting sheets, I can't wait to try them.
I don't know why but I just wanted to try Japanese bobby pin & hair ties..they might be better? I hope! lol
I think I'm going to put a hold on buying MAC for a bit. I was pretty excited about the MUFE black eyeliner that I finally bought.
LOL BIORE PORE STRIPS FOR ME! Each box cost me $11.50!! lol, but ripping it off Minh's nose is PRICELESS. puahahaha I can't wait to use one on him tonight. He's flying back to Michigan as well, staying for 11 days ^_~
Thank you to my cousin Tiffany who gave me all these cute Smashbox lip glosses!
Isn't he cute? He's an "LV" bear lol. I found him on The Ave near the University of Washington. I bought all his brothers too! Message me if you want to adopt one. :)
Beeyoutiful7 this is SO for you! Isn't she adorable? She's in traditional clothing too! I have a few of her sisters too.
He's one big ass cell phone accessory lol. I'd put them on my purse.
Or Keychain
Isn't she an Angel?
What a handsome little bear, his arms and legs move too
I bought a bear pen for my little sister & myself. Aren't they cute?

If you want anything I've posted, message me!
Red Cherry Lashes--my first time seeing them in person, I went buy happy.
I have triple of a few pairs, if you would like more info, let me know.
The lashes I found in LA, aren't they beautiful? They have some sparkles on them.
Sanrio Candies!!
Rice Crackers hmmmm!
Pinky Peach is my ALL TIME favorite candy. It looks like a tiny mint, but it's a fruity peachy candy. xoxoxo, I bought all of them. ^_^
I also bought the Lychee kind, can't wait to try them.
Sanrio whistle candy!! (I annoyed Minh a lot in the car)

Minh: "ok hunnie"
Minh: ::looking really annoyed in the driver's seat::

LOL, I love him so much for putting up with my shit. He drove me ALL around Seattle to find 6 new bead shops. I hate how retail bead shops are so expensive!

They mark up 500% on most Swarovski Crystals.
Makes me so mad sometime, but it's still fun to physically touch and look at all the beautiful colors at the bead store. many tangents! my bad.
I saw this and immediately thought of M, hehe so I had to buy it.
It's really comfy on, I can't wait to do my hair and post some pictures
$4.90 @ H&M!
$2.90 each at H&M
I also remember M bought these to try out, so I couldn't resist to buy it!
I need to re-read her blog on this face scruby device. lol
My cousin's AWESOME hair stylist gave me GHD product at cost, and a free Conditioner
The lashes I wore in my Dangerzone pic, I heart them.

Literally, I'm hauling all this back to my dorm room ^_^

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate all your love.

I've decided to save up for this bad boy:
LV Damier Graphite Keepall Bandouliere, I know it's mens, but's HAWT for traveling!
I'm going to be doing a bit of travel this summer, so I know it will be a great investment.
I think I would enjoy to touch the Giant City bag in White Pearly everyday.
I'm not sure though, they have so many different styles and colors..I feel like I should wait for the perfect color and snatch it.

I think I'm going to label a piggy bank "Balenciaga" for realz.
I'm starting my lifetime "quality items" collection. lol
I also picked up two Japanese magazines (influenced by Fuzkittie)
I picked up Vivi & Cam Cam..
In Vivi they had an article & PICTURES of the new Balenciaga bags..
They is this beautiful pink one that I wouldn't mind having.
I did get a chance to see the Balenciaga store in the Caesar's Forum in LV, but it was really small.
I think I'll save Balenciaga for when I turn 22 and 1/2.

I'm still 21. I turn 22 April 4th, so ..I can wait.

Also, Phil promised me that we will launch on my birthday.

He better deliver, or else.!


  1. Dang girrrrl. That's a lot of spending. You could probably afford that LV bag with all that makeup. Are you gonna make new items with the HK charms? I'm in love with your creations...I swear my Swarovski heart necklace pretty much everyday and I get tons of compliments. Even the guys notice it, that's got to mean something!

  2. HOLY CRAP..girl you did some damage!! SOOO lucky your boo won 4g!! UGGH SOo jealous too!

    Thanks for the compliment btw..but the dress was supertight, so it sucked it my

    I did some hauling today too..but damn..mine is nothing like yours..


  3. Damnnn nice haulage!Holy moly, you bought a ton of things. How much for the egg Naris peel and the Mandom? Thanks Steph! And I'm glad you're having fun!

  4. you can buy those bags with the money earned in the casino ;p

    i love the bears!!! so adorable! But i have way too many keychains for my cell lol

    and welcome back home!

  5. damnnnnnn girl! LOL. thats sooo much stuff!!!

    You're so lucky someone found a lavender whip lipstick! i been calling everywhere.

    and fyi..that BBag is one of my to gets too! I wanna get the white with GGH and a black with GGH

    theyre actually not too bad priced considering some of the LVs.

    my god, i cant get over how much stuff u got. u basically opened a little mac store for urself. hahaa.

  6. huh, are the other NARIS peels better at whiteheads? i have the one on the far left.. if anything's super good, lemme know! i want it! haha :)

    and lashes! i would love to get some of those :)

    i love the traveling bags :DD who cares if it's mens?? hahha. screwwww that :)

  7. I bow down before your awesome haulage!! It's a good thing you won at the slots, lol!!

    BTW, did you get the package I sent you?

    Can't wait to see all those FOTD's!

  8. WOW what haulage... haha
    I love that blue mac eyeshadow.. so pretty :)
    Looking at all the Japanese products just makes me want to buy more when I go to the japanese market tomorrow!
    Thank you for your comment~ I really appreciate it! I'm new to blogging so I don't have many comments or friends yet so thanks again :)

  9. Oh haha no I've never heard about a cosmetic company outlet unfortunately... I'll look it up. I live in NJ and basically all we have here are generic beauty supply stores in malls, occasional Harmon Drugs (really cheap for buying nail polish like Essie, OPI, etc) and Ulta. Then all of the higher end stores like Sephora and department stores are available.
    Yes I've heard about your jewelry at Fuzkittie's site! I really like some of your pieces and hope to purchase one someday.. :)

  10. any info on lashes? :) unless other people have already snatched 'em up.

    by the way.. WELCOME BACK! missed your blogging :D

  11. When will I ever hit a jackpot ??

    Nice haul babe!
    You make me proud!

    this is how we do it =)


  12. WOOOWWW ;P**
    that's a humungo butt haul!
    and EVERYTHING you have is soooo cuuuute!
    damn i wanna go gambling now. lol!
    btw i use japanese hair ties almost just like those!
    except i cut them smaller.
    WAAAYYY better than anything else i've ever used. no snagging and ripping out your hair. :]
    been using them for like 8 years! taha

  13. Holy crap that was a fun ass post!!! Congrats to yall for winning that cha ching!! I'm SOO jealous! lol

  14. Wow, nice haul. Great way to use the winnings! Seeing your goodies from the Company Store reminds me that I should make a trip. Love the lashes and the Sanrio candies could not be cuter.

  15. check out miss lady luck herself! haulin' away like it's nobody's business! i'm sooo jealous but i can't be mad at that... cuz if i won serious money, i'd be hittin up MAC & the Chanel store!

  16. You're almost 22...!! heheh

    Did you find the Red Cherry lashes in Seattle? If so where?!! Pity I wasn't that into makeup until I moved back to Portland >.<

    I'm excited to finally visit H&M next weekend! It opened after I moved away!

    You got so much fun stuff! Oh man, the ave sure is interesting right ..? haha.

    Congrats to you and your bf on winning! holy moley $5k is a lot! haha.

  17. wooo hoo steph finally baq! =)

    extremely lucky, won 4g!!! wow!
    i hope one day i will win, lol, still waiting on my luck

    omg, u r the luckest woman on earth, right now...seriously, can swim in the pool of the makeups =)

    just curious,
    did you see ur cco sell fafi makeup bags or the figurines?

    r u selling ur fafi lipglass? =)

  18. Hi I am in love with your blog! How much is the MAC 187 and Ed Hardy top? Thanks!

  19. now THAT is a haul! thanks for the tip about the price increase...I might have to pick up some MUFE pencils the next time I go to Sephora!

  20. This guy didn't win the lottery, but he might as well have...

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. OMG! such a lucky ass! your bf won but you bought all that much!???WOW! You have a pretty nice bf,eh?! Ahhhhhhh!!!That's such a big haul!!! I'm soo drowning.LOL =) U sure did enjoy all that shopping. =)

  23. omg woman you are so lucky lucky! hahaha you hauled a a hell lot :) i love everything :)

    get the balenciage in the white color :) its preeeettttyyy! or i'd prefer a black one coz i mess up my bags real fast

  24. omg your so lucky! I want EVERYTHING lol I wish we had a CCO near me! :'( Stupid NZ always gets things LAST! grrr
    I want I want!
    I do love that headband! if your ever going to sell it... give me a buzz! lol

  25. O.

    my jaw hit the floor...that is the mother load of all hauls!!!!
    wow. i'm so speechless! ahahahaha.

    wait...did you say sephora prices are going up??? i better go back and buy more! yikes! haha.

    those 2 bags are to die for. i had a jar i used to save for a chanel bag. i loved seeing all the $$ in it! hahaha.

    great haul.

  26. WOW thats alot of stuff im still overwhelm by all the pictures hahah hope you enjoy all those stuff!!!!! well I know u will enjoy all those stuff =)

  27. WOW!!!! thats all I can say...actually I take that back WOWIEEEE lol! But dang your bf IS lucky holy crap! My boyfriend just turned 21 last year and we still haven't gone to a casino yet lol...I'm so bad at gambling! The first time I went I lost like 90 bucks x_X what did you guys play??? and OHH those are some pretty eyelashes!!! and that's such a CUTE headband for M!!! *jealous* haha Maybe I'll go pick myself up a pair from H&M! and...OMG looking at ALL that MAC stuff I am totally drooling all over your blog right now lol!I can never find all that at the CCO I go to!!! so lucky! I love the eyeshadow honesty and mythology! so pretty and neutral <3 I was wondering how much is the 187 brush? I would love to own a MAC brush (I don't own ANY *cries*) I love the packaging on Fafi and Heatherette collection I wish I got some when it came out! I wasn't such a big fan of makeup till last year soo bleh. Ehh this was a long comment! Sorries I'm just drooling at all the stuff you got! lol

  28. Ohh yeah aww your bf wouldn't get a tattoo or piercings? I think a tattoo would be hot >_< I want to get one too but its so hard to decide of what! My boyfriend loves to dress to impress too! he's always wearing collared shirts he won't wear a regular t-shit unless he's washing his car or something hehe

  29. damn woman, talk about hauling! hahahaha

    my dad is into gambling too, he has his lucky streaks! you guys are soo lucky!

  30. WHOAH!!! I am in love with your haul!!! Love it too much!!! :D You are just too lucky!! weeeee!!

  31. is this what minh taught you about saving money? haha! i'm so jealous u got so many stuffs! lucky girl!

  32. gasp!!!!!!!!!! omfg! ur haul is amazing.. email me about the 187 girl..


    You ain't playin girl -- when you said you won big in vegas and did "a little shopping" -- i think we have different definitions of "LITTLE" puwahhahh

    I just looooooove those bears and those hello kitty charms, they are BEYOND cute for words!!!

    What a haul that is TOO DIE FOR, Im green with envy!!!!

  34. omg the hello kitty charms are tooo cutee! yay for hauls! I feel just as great when a fellow blogger hauls hehehehe.
    The Naris peel is really hard to resist. I love peels and masks wayy too muchh! Can't really get anything with my no buy rule right now! :(Does this count as an online purchase lol. :D

  35. HOLY HAULAGE! that's a lot of good sh*t! hahahah you guys are like the dynamite gambling duo. Keep on winning and buy more stuff!

    that face thingy is a soap foamer, whips it out like buttahhh

    lavender whip! yay! that was the first thing i bought when i went to see the HK collection lol, it was like um what this thingy? looks better than all the HK stuff!

    welcome home sweetie!

  36. W-O-W!! Damn girl! Now that's what I call a HAUL!! Whew!! All those goodies!! And SUGAR TRANCE from the Fafi!! That's me & L's all time fave!!! If you're selling one, you should hit her up!!

    OMG I just can't get over all the great stuff you got!! And congrats on winning! I never win, but I still love to go!! :)

  37. omg! that's a mega haul!!! i was scrolling down and was surprised it was almost never ending XD
    pinky is one of my favs too, so convenient for the purse hehe

  38. holy freaking moly!! hhahaa.. so lucky girl! that's a whole bunch of MAC crap and I'm loving it!! ooh i want a balenciaga too.. jealous!! haha. we never win big at the casinos dammit! =P

  39. Omg you're one lucky girl!! I wish my BF won big like that on slots... but I don't let him go to the casino that much because I don't want him to get addicted.

  40. Oh, btw if you need a web designer to make your site in the future, let me know! I'll send you a list of of sites I've done.

  41. dang, girl! you hauled like there's no more tomorrow! nice stuff u got! :) *drools*

  42. WOW what a massive haul! When the bf & I went to Vegas last summer, we barely won anything. We shoulda played more haha.

    Have fun with all your new stuff! I'm sure you will.

  43. this is going to sound gross, but i heard from my friends that in asia they reported that they found recycled condoms within their hairties. I think it was in China though. Imagine cutting one open and eek!

    here was the article

  44. damn that is quite a haul! I love it! im shopping in your closet! lol

  45. woah so many lashes!!! i love them but i lost my best glue in the world and am upset cos it was expensive so i havent put lashes on since haha im silly i know x`

  46. I swear by the MAC angle brush and my feathered 188, the smaller version of your 187. I use it for my foundation. :) Everything else I use is Bobbi Brown. Anyway, I am enjoying your blog! It's nice to step away from fashion blogs for once.

  47. wow & congrats on the haul and win. off to cco i go b/c i want all that fafi!!! i missed it when it was in stores at mac

  48. how much was that full size mac brush set??? omg your haulage is huge!

  49. definitely get the balenciaga! i have 3 and I still love them and it's been over a year since I've had them.. the leather is awesome and they go with everything and anything. i love your haul!

  50. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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