March 13, 2009

I ate a BABY!

LoL, Minh took me to Gorditos a "Healthy Mexican Food" Restaurant
Literally ..the size of a baby!! It was $8!!
Fed the both of us, and we had leftovers.

85th & Aurora, (Seattle)
I eat.Burrito Baby!!

Sneak Peak of DSK's iSell NOW! post next week.

Hey Beauty Babes!

Look what I found! MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Duos! I LOVE this thing!
I am a Medium Dark/Natural & Shimmer (not pictured) NC 40, so if you're lighter than NC 40 look into them. You can't get a better value..I love MAC's MSF shimmers.

Hopefully the CCO back in Birchrun, MI will have them too since they just got them in Tulalip, WA, I think CCO just got them in! So if you girls are near one..stock up!!

MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish Duo!!
Medium/Natural and Shimmer
$21 (black jack baby!!!)

MAC's Mineralize SkinFinish Duo!!
(SOLD, do check out your local CCO!)
Light Medium/ Natural And Shimmer

Lucido Orange Hair Wax --I know some of you girls are looking for this, I myself wasn't a big fan, but hey if you're looking for it! I found it!!
I found the last 2 tubes at Uwajimiya!!
(my bf always ask, "how are you sure your blog friends will want this stuff?"
My reply, you go wait in the car. hahaha


  1. I used to eat there when I lived in Seattle (and when my metabolism actually worked somewhat!)


    Oh, and the makeup is great too ;-)

  2. "you go wait in the car"
    that's hilarious.

    that gordito is HUGE. i wonder if anyone can eat it all...

  3. haha.. nice! i know what you mean.. my hubby can't take good pics if it'd kill him.. hehe..

  4. My mom lives across the street from Uwajimaya!! I used to go there all the time!!

  5. Yaaay, yummy the food looks delicious. But that's a shit load of food!! Hahah, I wouldn't be able to eat it all. And what's CCO? I keep hearing about it, some kind of place that sells discounted makeup?

  6. LOL!! "go wait in the car" :D

    I was like she ate a what?! OMG that thing is effin HUGE!! Looks delish though!! Mmm...

    You're soo sweet for thinkin of us!

  7. wow that looks delicious! and only for $8?!?! wow >_<
    aww you still look cute! <3 how much was the MSF duos?

  8. i almost panicked reading your title!! and the picture (1st) OMFG!!!! it's scary man!! anyhoo... im interested with mac mineralized in light... :) email me again..

  9. OooO i wanted to get one of these but didnt know the color. it was between med and med dark. i didnt know which color would be right (i was ordering them online so i couldnt swatch them) i take a med dark for the blot powder but thats like translucent. and i was afraid this would get muddy.

    which color do u think. i wear the summer im a lil darker.

  10. holy moly that baby looks huuuge! taha. :P
    looks yummy!
    ohh wow you found those duos!
    they're so cute. i'm trying to keep mine as long as i an lol! no cco in hawaii. :[[

  11. Good God Woman -- that thing is GINORMOUS...

    and explain these cuuuute lil hello kitty dealies in your header they are soooooooooo cuuuute

    and shoppingggggggg ey.... i'm so happy your jewel business is on the up and up!!! you're stuff is GORG!

  12. Oh wow. that food looks so good. haha i love the picture of the baby! i can't wait till my bracelet comes in the mail. i am so excited. thanks for the update. i am sure to wear it the friday after next.

  13. lol at baby/food pic!!! its huggggge!

    nic cco haul!

    RYC - nah im not rich, it was a gift frm the bf!!! lol

  14. has anyone bought the MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish Duo!!
    Medium/Natural and Shimmer
    $21 (black jack baby!!!)?? I want I want! LOL

  15. haha I like your response to Minh. You're so funny! I've never tried or swatched any of MAC's MSFs..I'm eager to go check them out though I hear raves about them. :)


  16. dannnnng that burrito looks bomb!!! i haven't had those in years!!!

    hahaha about ur respond to the bf..hehe..."you go wait in the car"

  17. My goodness that is really big!! Hahha I'm getting hungry now!

    I use to live real close to there, off of sandpoint and 65th!

    Yeah, the marysville CCO is pretty awesome! They always have a great selection! And I found my Lucido at Uwajimaya too!

    Really? The kohl stays on your waterline?! I'm gonna have to try that!

  18. I love that first picture of you =)

    and wow..that is extremely big for 2 of you !! Did you guys finish it ?..

    I was craving On the Boarder earlier today but I ended up going out with the EK people to Bar Louie. lol..

    Im a little drunk now and just updated my blog. =)

    Are you proud of me? =)

    Have a safe flight back tomorrow =)


  19. HAHAH what the heck, that's a freaking humongous burrito! it could feed like.. 4 people.. hahahaa. man!

  20. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of Ferragamo.

    I will have pictures of it and my tiffany tomorrow =)

    good night love*

  21. C-Box is on !

    woohoo!!! lol.....

  22. the you go wait i the car response is too perfect :P

  23. hey hottie!
    i tagged you on my blog. :]

  24. that's one hella big plate of food! your response to your bf was priceless :)

  25. WOW!!! Lotta food for a small price. But seriously, why did they showcase a baby next to it? O_O

    I'm also LOL @ "you go wait in the car"....pwuahhaahaa

  26. did the photo change or is it just me?

  27. hahaha i really thought u ate a baby LOl.. WOW that's a huge burritoo! i'm sure u knoe what mexican food does to your stomach. lol.

  28. oooh burrito. i love burritos so bad. haven't had it in years man. gee ....
    you're making me so very hungry right now and it is 2.34am in sydney.

  29. Wow did u get a haircut since the last time I been here..u look so adorable! wish i could pull off the short hair

  30. hey steph i live in the seattle area and i never seen lucido products at uwajimiya! where on earth did you find it?!

  31. wowo huge burrito! but what a good deal 8$ for 2 people! that's 2 whole gasses that gonna last all night LOL

  32. Steph! That is the biggest most tasty looking burrito I've ever seen. You got lucky...a burrito & MAC. Life doesn't get much better. ;) Hope all is great with ya babe! Lots of luv for you!

  33. omg that looks SO good!! i need to find me a mexican restaurant!


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