March 12, 2009

Swarovski Related!!


Hello Kitty Kuteness!!

Umm.. I don't leave MAC without samples!

$14/ea (my bf thinks I'm crazy)

Ok, you rich blogger ladies =P, stay tuned in 2 weeks for the creations!


I jus had to share the charms!

See..ladies who bought the HK Kouture..$90 for a compact is very reasonable~!

I'm a dork :D
MAC's Dangerzone!! I knew it was perfect for Vegas
The Wispy Lashes I have on are from LA,
I bought about 5 pairs, if anyone wants a pair, e-mail me:
I really like them!
Lips Vincent Longo Pure Demure (heart this!)
I love M's blog sales, I seriously do!!
The Shishem Lashes Mona sent me a while back, thank you darling!
They're beautiful

Sorry about the random updates, I'll have a quality post soon!


  1. *****Squeeeeaaaal!********** You got the compact! I am so glad you did--and two Dazzleglasses, too!

    I love those HK charms, and I feel a purchase from DSK Jewlerry coming on....!

    Glad to see you're enjoy Seattle!

  2. daaaang girl :) nice haul! it's so cute! it's a little expensive for broke people like me (broke AND analytical!! hahahaa).. i guess that chip came in handy eh? hahah!

  3. They are soooo gorgeous !!!
    Shishem lashes look sooo real...too bad, thefaceshop didn't have it in chicago...

    I just ordered mine today lol !
    Can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back !

    love you!!


  4. i will admit, it IS cute... but 90bux for what THEY call mystery powder? no thanks. if i'ma pay 90 bux for anything, they better let me in on the secret LOL. what are the HK charms for? mmmm... ur about to make something hella pretty aren't cha? can't wait to see it!

  5. haha.. i can't get myself to get those! but they are cutE! wait a min.. u can get MAC samples?! haha.. gotta check that out next time. another thing i got to check out are those criss-cross lashes.. makes a big difference and au naturale =)

  6. Gorgeous looks!! I love the winging of the shadow!! My MAC never gives samples like that! Damn!

  7. Your HK haul is so cute! I'm not a HK fan so I didn't get anything from that collection. Your eyes are lovely by the way! Last time I got pigment samples, they are so stingy, they gave me like nothing. They totally filled yours up! XOXO

  8. Your eyes look so lovely! And the lashes do look natural. You're always so pretty, I hope you're having a splendid time!

  9. Those HK charms are so cute! Love the lashes too.

  10. i love your random updates, they're fun! :)

    <3 the lashes too!

    me want those charms!! ;-)

  11. ohh those close-ups of your eyes are absolutely stunning! and omg you got hello kitty kouture >_< I definitely cannot afford that hehe and ohh samples!!! aghh I want I you think they'll give me samples if I don't buy anything? LOL

  12. oh wow you got all of them!!lucky lucky!!!

    love the FOTD!!! very pretty!! you are rockin the new hair!!

  13. ur the reason why I wanna try circle lens! soooooooo cute on u !!! u look fabo!! im goin gaga for HK and those lashed vavooooming! lol

  14. yes vegas was soooo coolldd!! haha but alcohol kept me warm..

    OMG those hk rings are soooooooo cute!!!!


  15. ooh! i love your eyes make up! i still don't see how that hk line is worth 90$....and the packaging not that fascinating

  16. Man I'm gonna stock up on Shishem lashes when I'm in LA, even though I don't wear lashes =P They're so pretty!

    You've got gorgeous eyes! I love how you line them! What do you use on your waterline? MUFE aquaeyes doesn't stay well on mine.

    Hahah but the $1k sure helped right?! Lucky girl! Congrats! =)

  17. love ur HK collection!! how much did the lipgloss cost? i really want to buy one! Your contacts looks so cute

  18. those hello kitties are sooo adorablE!! :]
    and OMGG i looove your contacts!!!!!!!!

  19. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  20. wow u got the hk kouture! is this what u got wit minh's vegas win haha! and it is not reasonable its hella expensive!!!! well for me at least cause i dont hav a job and i get my money from the fiance. :p i sooo want to order from ur swarovskie jewelry but i dont hav a credit card huhuhuhu....

  21. balla! wooo! look at you with your decked out hk compact! OH GAH! Lucky woman!

    the lashes look purdy! i need to practice.. i feel a bit retarded when i put lashes on.. not skilled yet! hmph!

  22. u r so lucky with ur haul!!!
    those lashes look great on u!!!

  23. It's funny because I was totally anticipating the HK Collection when the news first came out and when it did come out, I didn't even bother going to Mac to get it!

    Are you wearing Circle lens in that pic? Gorgeous!!

  24. STEPH!!!

    I LOVE YOUR NEW YOU!!! <3 love your first pic a lot

    wow i didnt know MAC's Dangerzone and Lips Vincent Longo Pure Demure go well together

  25. Wow, the shisems look really great on you =) I need to get my hands on a pair!

  26. Omgoodness! You are just too pretty!! I am now following your cute blog!! :) Looking forward to reading your posts!! & WOW at the jewelries you made!! You are very talented! :) Any HK jewelries? heehee! :)


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