March 25, 2009

Delicious Mail* Drool Worthy!!

This is the way I live.......mail box #367 MSU, gets a lot put in. =P

I send this girl jewelry, she sends me makeup, we basically have a very sexy relationship going!

I send her a blog birthday gift and she send me an early birthday present =P
Funny story: you girls know how Fuz usually end her FOTD videos? "Finish curling your lashes with a heated curler"? Well..she never really shows up until her latest video what she meant.

In my imagination, I'm picturing Fuz with a hair dryer, blowing heat on a regular eye lash curler lol.

I'm such a heated eye lash curler FOB!!

I've never seen such a device before today.
I was so curious, but I had to go to class right after I got my mail.

But now it's okay because I'm in my room blogging near the eyelash curler.
Fuz is so SNEAKY, like a Kittie! She sent me a beautiful MUFE l/g
I adored it on her when she posted a picture. Now I can wear the same lipgloss as Fuz!

Purple & Grey, will give you more details when I use them lol,
been so busy with reading that I can't wear these babies until the weekend!

I basically had a good mail day =P
The animals I ordered from Tia arrived today!

I absolutely adore her craft ~ she's so good!

Collective Love Packages that Loved Dorm Mail Box #367! I'm really one spoiled college student.
You mami's all take care of me, I'm forever grateful.

I received several wonderful packages from my fans! lol jk!
I wish!! Packages from my beauty bloggers I owe blogging to Pink, if it wasn't for her awesome blog..I wouldn't have wanted to leave her a comment about how awesome she is..and I won't be where I am today with all these great new friends. I cherish all of you!Basically, her package will allow me to get really healthy skin :D
I LOVE that strawberry mask! I just want to eat it..jk, but NOT REALLY. It smells so freaking good.
Self-explainatory pic!
Mimi has bought a lot of goodies from my blog sales, she just happens to catch what she wants at the right time, and she sends me a present b/c I sell her things?! I love you Mimi One of my best friends from high school send me this Sephora palette for Valentine's Day, wasn't that just sweet of her? I miss you Rachel!
This is my girl..she's just awesome, I can't express how much I appreciate her friendship.
Especially after she sent me a hello kitty egg! I've been wanting one for over 2 years!!

Thank you so much dear!

I am so mad at myself right now, I recieved some HUGE packages from Mai, May, and Kristine, I can't find the picture folder!! I'll definitely post them when I find them :/ I still am working on my 10 honest facts haha Thank you to the ladies who gave me an award. My next post will include the 10, acknowlaging the beauties who nominated me, it makes me feel SUPER special, thank you! & DSK CASINO/GAMBLING TECHNIQUES!!
(Ignore chubster #1 in the background, haaha I'm chubster #2)
My stupid cousin said to Minh that he's a chubby chaser, what a douche bag Dr. T is sometimes, no wonder he's single!! hahaha (random rant)

Do anyone you ladies drink Chrsytalatheumeuemeememme haha I can't spell it! It's too hard and too long mom!!!!
Basically, I grew up drinking this stuff, but in the form where you make it out of the packet. My mom would make it for me when I get pimples haha

It's quite tasty, and my friend's girlfriend introduced me the juice box version! How sick is that?

I know right??

OOOH! I forgot to mention.

Basically, he really needed some work done..those black heads were just a NO NO.
My esthetician told me that he fell asleep haha and he was SNORING.

Anyhow..enough about him, I also got a facial and microderm, it was awesome, I feel so clean, but she said I'll probably break out this week, and then my skin will start to clear up.

I cannot wait, my skin's been in terrible condition lately. I really think it's because I ran out of La Mer face cream. =/

Blah blah blah Steph,
Tell us something we care about!

hmm..I'm having a stamp made for my DSK Jewelry business, I can't wait to stamp all your packages with my logo muahahahaha

In the mean time, take it easy, and good night lovelies!
In case you miss the update =P

New bracelet made for Linda, isn't it cute?
You can own one too! (if you want) if not, allocate those dollars toward makeup that is drool worthy please :D I'd love to see hauls!

Visit NOW!!!

I so need to post an EOTD, I've been so ugly! I need to do something about that.


  1. PUAhaHAHahah you took Minh for a facial!

    blogger ladies are such sweeties!

  2. hahahha man! i can't get my boyfriend to step inside victoria's secret (he won't let me shop there because it's awkward for him).. yet you get him to do all that? TELL ME HOW!!!! hahaha :) pleeease! i must know your secret!

    um.. what's a microdermabriasion? >>:
    and i totally pictured fuz using a hair dryer too.. woohoo! i'm not the only one! xD

    daaang you get super amts of packages! but you're just that awesome xDD how long have you been hoarding these pics for?

  3. You spoil your man! tell us what you think of the heated eyelash curler.

  4. Omg, I used to drink chrysanthemum tea all the time when I was little! I upgraded to the kind in the can now though hahaha. I had no clue it had effects on your skin. :0) & that bracelet just adorabuls. <33

  5. lol! i didn't know Yeo's product is available in US too! haha it is so commonly available here in my place! xD

  6. lol I love your posts!! <3 and man you are one spoiled girl!!! haha ohh I wanna spoil you too ;D haha I gotta find some nice things first! I have several people I want to send some love packages to <3 It might be small though since I'm one broke college student! LOL But its the thought that counts?!?! =D that lip gloss looks so pretty! and ohh you got the circle lenses? and OMG KT makes the coolest things!!! and Pink is really awesome! Her posts are freakin' hilarious lol *^_^* I'm really glad I got into this whole blogging thing! It's like we're sisters from different mommas! ohh I love cystalaatahanum tea too! mmm mmm you never knew there was a juice box version?!?! =O wow thats funny! haha >_< I've been breaking out too especially on my forehead >_< its annoying! grrrr...well its late and I should sleep! *huggs* have a great day!

  7. Look at all that LOVE!! Whoa... KT's creations are so great aren't they?! And Pink always personalizes her "love packs" to a T! And how sweet of your #1 model Fuz?! Your are soo loved!!

    LOL! Chubster! TOo cute! I've never even heard of that tea drink before, but now I'm curious!

  8. the hello kitty stickers are so cute!!! i have a string bag with the same pattern as the bumble bee stickers you have ^^


  9. look at all the love everyone sent you!!! hehe.. don't worry, u're on my list! =P didn't forget ya.. ooh are u going to write a blog entry on how to gamble??! haha.. neeed to read that toute de suite (right away)

  10. OoOh lots of fun stuff! You're so loved by the beauty blogging world!

    Btw, I blogged about the necklaces I bought from you last week! They're absolutely gorgeous. :) I'll post pics of me wearing them soon. Just thought you'd like to know!

  11. Blogger ladies are awesome!

    so much love <3

  12. Oh i just started to drool from the first pic!! those girls hooked u up!! that MUFE lippie from Fuz is such a pretty color!!!

  13. Yay I just HAPPENED to send you an early "birthday" present... hahaha! Good timing eh? Wow so many love packaged. You can count mine as fan mail!!! ^^ I'm a big fan!

    Mr. H is oollld what an old man, haha, he specifically told me that I can't tell anyone. :x

  14. look at all your love packs!!!

    the bf and i went for couples massages & facials, and he started snoring real loud. the two girls working on us were trying so hard to be polite but i just busted out laughing, then they joined in. hahaha.

  15. that bracelet is so cute. i may NEED one.

  16. Hell yeah you're loved by your blogger babes! We all lurveee you and your pretty face. *Sigh* I'm so jealous, both you and KT are just so creative and talented! I love the HK charm on the bracelet!! And I loveee that tea too. :)

  17. Haha that is so funny. I'm guessing he liked the facial right?
    Ohh such a pretty bracelet!!
    So many goodies. YOu can do a whole look with all the things you got.

  18. amaaziiinggg!
    i have that peach face foam thingy too! i looove it. smells so good!
    i ended up getting the shampoo/conditioners. :PP hehe.

    and i LOVE your HK bracelet!!
    so creative!!

  19. Wow!! SO much stuff.
    I'm really digging the owl key covers, so cute~ I have the monkey and duck ones myself.
    LOL you took your bf to a pampering spree! That is too funny. And I like that chrysanthemum juice too, but I really like the chrysanthemum tea as well, it's even better.

  20. holy moly! wow, girl! sooo many love mails =) jealous

    i wanna try the boscia blotting sheets, too, but still thinking, lol $10+ for blotting sheets, hmmm not sure

    lol, i love you, too, always selling good stuff on your blog and just being nice accepting other option beside paypal (=

    i like the chrysanthemum drink, too, well

    you got a great talent, the hk bracelets look so prettty, and you match the color so well (=

  21. so much blog love :) folks must be jealous of you when you pick up the mail :) those little mice from KT are too cute


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