March 26, 2009

My Stash!!


I'm so proud of myself for being productive today with DSK Jewelry. I was super happy with all of the pieces I made. It's time to relax and blog! blog! blog!

I wanted to share with you my drawers (no, not that kind). =P

I try to keep them filled with goodies to stuff DSK Jewelry packages with, I love getting surprises so I assume everyone else does as well ^_^ I also have a candy box! haha, you health nuts must hate me >.<
Glide, can't live without floss!!
It has 7 compartments! My goal is too fill it all with stuff or my bloggers & DSK customers of course ;)!!!!

Post Spring Break dorm mail!!

I found the pictures of the HUGE packages Mai (mrsmaiwu) & May sent me :D
Thank You!

Holly's the best, I don't have access to a MAC freestanding store, so she does some of my shopping for me :)

Thanks babe!

I am so proud of some of my creations today,
Dangle Clusters for Lovey
Twilight Inspired Bella's Bracelet for Jenny
Customized Bracelet for Cielo

Lots of customized bracelets to come!
Burgundy Starfish Necklace
* With matching earrings for Angel *
Purple Haze S.S. Leaf Bail Dangles requested by Melanie Y.

Thank you all for your support, it means a lot to me.
I love all the requests and suggestions!

I love how much I get done when Minh's not here to distract me.
I come to realize our favorite things to do together include, going somewhere to eat..going to the casino, going shopping....:D everything I love to do!!

I love you Minh! Even though you're 2,000 miles aways,
you'll always be close in my heart!!

OH! I almost forgot what came in the mail today for me.Look at my industrial box cutter Alex, the threaded eye brow boy gave me!
He even let me borrow his Ipod Touch so I can try before I buy; I probably won't get one until I'm out of debt. hehe
Swappage with Song Ling from Malaysia!
Sarah sent me a "keep up the good work (DSK Jewelry) package"
Isn't she the best?! She wrapped everything so beautifully,
I think I learned a few things from her!

Unwrapping was so much fun, oh the suspense!


  1. Aww that last bit is so cute~~ :D You're very organized!! You've got to be, so you don't get crystals lost or anything huh! Hahaha.

  2. Look at all those goodies you got! WOW!! :)

    And how sweet of you to put stuff aside for others! I have place for that stuff too! LOL!!

  3. haha i like the floss part. thats my favorite brand of floss. its good for sensitive gums. i am pretty sure i will be ordering again soon. my mom eyes my bracelet every time i wear it around her and she says she wants one with a dark blue moon. but i'll tell you on your jewelry blog later.

  4. steph i was wondering if you could make an anklet? I was thinking about buying today but then thought about you and you're super beautiful creations! :]

  5. ohhh how i have missed your blogsss!!!

    Oooo and i got a shout out! woo woo! LOL.

  6. wow you make it so tempting to order from you! I will def be your future customer!
    wow that's a lot of packages!
    now get back to work! lol j/k

  7. Love your stash! How exciting! I really should consider one of those to organize my butt. Sending love to you babes!

  8. You have convinced me! I'm really easy to convince hahahaha.
    omg don't tell me you're still working? you workaholic! it's like 2 right now! You're working hard on my surprise? hehe.
    I close my lips? does that make sense? I'm really paranoid I might eat something gross if I don't lol.

  9. oh my goodness so many goodies! hehe I wanna start swapping and giving love packs!!! >_< agghh your creations are getting prettier and prettier! I can't wait to own my very own DSK jewelery!

  10. Ooooh love packages are the best! They seriously make my day.

    You're sooo organized, I need to start doing that too!

  11. Goody Goody Goodies!! soo many!! so sweet of the ladies who sent u some love!!

  12. wow!! so much goodies!! hehe.. love it! =)

  13. I'm starting to love all your Swarovski jewelry, they are soo cute~ I think I might purchase some of those studded earings... totally my style =)

  14. ahhh the goodness!

    i love your the drawers thing!

  15. ahah your organization skills please me. i LOVE being organized! i guess it requires thought.. and.. i am very thoughtful. well. over-thinker? ahaha. i'm glad you like it!! and WHATEVER about learning stuff from me about wrapping. your way is way cute :D plus your package contents ROOOOOCK. it's the inside, not the outside!

  16. Yay for organization and goodies! What did Minh try to steal?

  17. I scrape my tongue. I feel so gross doing it but so much cleaner after!


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