March 31, 2009

DSK & A Video?_? (Pic Heavy-ish)

Can it be true, tell me can it be real...this post has a DSK Video!!

The answer is FALSE. haha youtube doesn't like me much and decided to take a million hours to upload my video and then fail.


I'm conforming to making videos because everyone's doing it!
For now, look at pics, and I hope you like my EOTD..I didn't explain what I used because it's all in the video!!

Youtube decided to be dumb, and make my title not appear, and I cannot edit my video because their site is down! they have my video categorized at Comedy. HAHAHAHA
Now you can see the real me, with my double chin and all!!

So are we better beauty blog friends now that you know me better??!
Haha if you don't want to be my friend, that's fine..I understand.
Just buy DSK!

We all have them.
My boyfriend and I are BOTH blessed with big boobs.
He's got some big ta ta's too. What a blessed couple, we truly are.

Sometimes I feel a lil lesbian when I touch his boobies, is that wrong?

HAHAHA that is so mean of me...BUT it's funny

The 2nd Part to my video that I had to upload on Google Video..
please ignore idiot moment at the beginning, I was lazy to video edit haha

I love mirror pictures, it reflects the goodness in me..haha
I am good, good at making jewelry!

My Very Purple Eyes of the Day

Purple circle lenses are p r e t t y cool!

I love this pic! The purple is so vibrant, I wish my hair was that color!
Looking down so you see my lids
Dorky smile.
Looking makeup serious.
My room is messy, can you tell?
Red Cherry Lashes #46
Tearing up! What happens when Minh leaves ..

JUST KIDDING!!! haha just put my new lenses on. HAR HAR HAR Photo Editing Fun!

It looks like smoke is coming out of my cam, but really it's a smudge of the mirror hahaHD-ish effect
What I would look like if I had more "flava" to me.
My shirt says " I left my heart in Cali" I say that everytime I visit!
B&WI'm blue!
I love this pic most!

For my boyfriend, you stalker you!!
Basically, I just odered 1,000 of these
logo DSK Jewelry cards.

LOL, thank you to my perverted friends, and classmates for pointing that out.

Now, what do you see when you look at my sexy sexy logo?

I'm off to a group meeting at 8:30pm...will be back in a few hours.. hopefully the youtube video will be up and working!


  1. You look super beautiful !!
    I LOVEE the headbands =)
    Like I said, your boobies look super healthy =D

    Can't wait to see your video later!!


  2. I LOOOVE that look! It's BEAUTIFUL, and the boobies are too, haha! O man! I wanna seeee your vid!!!!

  3. boobielicious!
    post the video!!!

    i mis-read your blog and was like, "your gonna make cock and nipple rings too?!?!"
    then i read more carefully. silly me. ;p

  4. Steph, you look super super cute in these photos! ;) Love your eye makeup!

    Can't await to see your video!

  5. haha.. girrrll.. i'm gonna need whatever you're eating to plump up the boobies.. haha.. =P oooooh.. the blue titanic hearttttts!!! gahhhh.. temptations a bitch! hehehe.

  6. I love how you did your eyes! purple looks really nice on you! At first I was like "awwww" to your tearing up picture...and than I was like "awww! you meanie" haha j/p <3 hmm the vanilla pigment makes your eyes look really big! I should probably get some lol >_<

    YAY nipple ring/cock ring cards!!! LOL I would laugh my ass off if someone asked you if you made nipple rings and cock rings hahahahahaha <3

  7. I just noticed the little "I love you Minh" note...ADORABLE <3 KISSY FACES!!!

    and boobies everywhere~! YOU ARE NOT INNOCENT MUHAHAHA =P

  8. arrgh you! i really should stop looking at your jewelry til like.. july.. ahaha. but that bottom combo is SUPER CUTE :D which is why i was having such a hard time choosing btwn the two from my recent order!! LOL. best of both worlds! sigh/

    daaaamn girl you have boobies! hahahhaa. lucky butt. i don't even think my ass+boobs total YOUR boobs.

    did you take advantage of that 1000 free card thing i was promoting awhile ago? ;DD the last day was today! so i hope so~ but LOL.. i didn't even notice that they were cock/nipple rings. GIRL! HAHAHAHA. you're hilarious. that kinda sucks but.. uh.. i hope other people don't notice?? otherwise that might be hella awkward.. i prefer to close my eyes and picture it as a necklace. happy thoughts!~

  9. I love your hair, your eyes, your headband... and your boobies! lol

  10. The necklaces are sooo pretty! Wait till my no haul challenge ends.. I wanna get my hands on one! I'm already picturing the one I want... LOL!

    OOoOH! I'm picturing it already. *Droool.. maybe I'll email you to see if you would have the color.. Hmmm..

  11. luckyy! im sooo jealous! ur very photogenic!! u look so pretty in those pics XD
    lovee ur eye make up! PURPLE FTW! ahaha


  12. LOL man boobies! Once you said that about your BF, somehow I really want to see them haha. And the necklace looks so damn amazing ... I am seriously thinking about purchasing it! Ahh, decisions decisions..

  13. I lovethe fotd. And DAMN CHI, YOU HAVE NICE BOOBS! When I meet you I'm going to touch them, and you can't stop me! muahaha. The titanic heart is gorgeous, I think I'm going to watch that movie now! ahaha

  14. so cute!!! i love the shirt, the hair, the headband and of course the boobies!!

  15. hey doll!! u seriously look like one.. hell yeah to our boobies!!! i don't think the shirt would fit you coz ur tits are HUGE!!! hahahaha!!! imma get you something else for ur bday!!! :o)

  16. omg you're too adorable! i want to reach across the screen to give you a hug! :D
    the hairband looks good!

  17. you're too cute! i love your video, moreeee!! haha!

    and i love your FOTD as well. cute falsies!

  18. hey the hair cut suits you and your making it work! and you capture the necklas cause thats what I it reminded me of before I read the name good job!


    I wanna pinch your cheeks - hand you tissues... and Drink whatevers in your damn water cuz hunny you are straight up boob-a-licious!!

    and omg you have major video presence, totally cute, totally personable.. and YAH this WONT BE YOUR LAST....

    'nuff said.

  20. you are so cute in video ! how you did your makeup!! your eyes are so pretty!! The heart pendent looks REALLY pretty!

  21. as u already know. i am in LOVE with the for real.

    omg ur eyemakeup looks soo good!! im glad i stopped being lazy and came to the blog.

    (not like i dont stalk ur blog anyways...i woulda seen it eventually. lol)

    umm idk what to say here cause i posted like 4 pgs on ur facebook just now....

    SURPRISE!!! lol. a novel from me. hahaha.

    okay im hyper today...glad im not making a video right now. lol.

  22. LOL:] You are so funny,cute, pretty, and sweet at the same time<3

    I guess my boyfriend is gay too then, because I'm boobless:[ Haha.

    Anyhow, love your blog and your jewelry! You are such a super cool and genuine type gal, I like that a lot.

    I'm going to add you to my reading list, if you don't mind:]

    Well, take care then and talk to you soon!

  23. You are just too freaking cute! That is a nice camera btw!!

    LMFAO @ "Sometimes I feel a lil lesbian when I touch his boobies, is that wrong?"

    Is it wrong if I touch my own?


    I never understood the whole ribbon bow headband, but now that I see how cute it looks on just changed my mind on it. I want one now!

  24. I love your headband! You look sooo cute. :0) Pretty eye mu ^0^

  25. hey sweets! loved your vid! ur are too cute and so natural on the vid I get too nervous,,, X3 loving your boobies by the way hehehe

  26. Hi Stephanie-

    So cool ... I was actually gonna "specialize" in Asian American Studies too ... BUT I took so many classes that I ended up majoring in it! Cute video :)

  27. Steph, you're so super cute! I love your eye look in this post - those contacts look awesome on you, so unique! And woah! My bday is the day after yours, hehe, yay April bdays! :D

  28. LOL you are way too cute! your eyes are like twinkling & smiling at me! adorable!

  29. Haha!! I'm glad you decided to get in on the fun!! It's good to put a voice to that talented gorgeous face!! Beautiful Comedy maybe?! LOL! For your tissue fetish.. LOL! Try the PUFFS VICKS!! OMG I love that tissue!!!

    You soo need to keep making vids Steph!! You make me SMILE!! :D

    Dang BEWBIES!! I'm jelly! I wish I had boobies!! I love all your pics!! And yay!! I use Picnik too!! Haha!!

    LOL!! "cock ring/nipple ring" But it's cute!! :) TITANIC indeed that sucka is huge!!

  30. OMG!! You belong on QVC!! You were made for TV! I loved your vids!

    I promise more poses with your lovely jewelry!!

  31. finally vid from steph! =)

    of course we want to be your friend, who wouldnt want to, you are nice, friendly, and cool! =D

    btw - you looking cute w/ the headband (=

  32. your video made me laugh. you're so funny girl. the whole tissue box thing. heheh.

    i love this purple look on you. (:

  33. Hahha you're so cute! I love your makeup skills! I'm loving your short hair!

    I've gotten so many compliments on your necklace, all over the place. I sure hope they remember to google DSK jewelry on blogspot haha.

    I minored in China Studies!

    MUA! haha

    Ahem I heard your blackberry! Gimme your pin! hahha


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