March 30, 2009

DSK's Casino Gambling Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

$$ So you wanna hit up the casino?

Here are some facts + tips to keep in mind ~ ^_^
As those of you who go gambling, you know it's super easy to lose willpower when you play with money like it's monopoly money.

IMPORTANT: PLAY INDIAN CASINOS WHEN YOU CAN, they pay out A LOT more than non-Indian owned casinos.

1. Gamble with a partner, NEVER gamble alone.

2. Have your partner spot (one of you guys needs to be in control and have willpower)you hhahaa, for example, say I start out with $100 bill, I put it in a $1 slot machine, if I win anything more than $20..I cash out my $120, and put the $20 I won away. Actually, I'm lying, I have to give it to Minh to tuck away, or I stuff it in the zipper compartment in my purse. Repeat process.

3. If you lose that $100, put in another $100, and continue the same process. Keeping track of your loss + gains.

Bring $500 with you, and decide how much you're willing to lose. If you're a baller, bring more! Just don't do use plastic to withdraw money. It looks too desperate, haha

5. Play $1 slots, don't waste your time with 25 cent or 50 cent slots unless you're bored and want to waste a few hours with little rewards.

6. This should have been #1, go to the player's club and sign up for a player's card. This is FREE, it's a point card that you insert in a slotmachine or a throw on the table to rack up points to get free meals, hotels, and other perks ^_^

7. ALWAYS ask the casino staff, what they can do for you. Explain to them that you've been playing here, losing $$$ and they will usually give you something for free hahaha

8. Casino food is hella good, so eat here while you're here.

9. When playing table games, throw $500 out on (along with your player's card) the table for them to exchange into chips for you. This shows that you're #1 a baller, and #2 you know what's up. haha (by exchanging $200 or more, they add points to your player's card. Remember to make your first bet your largest bet, as they calculate your average play. They basically have a math equation they use to figure out how many complementary points to put on your card.

They average it with your first bet. Minh and I usually bet $25 at whatever table game we're playing the first time.

10. Slowly, hide your larger chips. The table manager will think you have been losing money, if you ever notice they ask you to "color in" your chips and have the manager come by to count it before you leave. This is because they're keeping track of your play and your money!! They want to know if you lost or won. You need to screw with them and mess them up!! so you get more rewards. lol

I always give my chips to Minh who is usually standing behind me or sitting next to me when I play $100 chips at a time. Again, they will take the initial amount you exchange for chips, the first bet, and how much you leave their table with when they figure out how many points to give your card.

11. Take advantage of free amenities, non-alcoholic drinks from cocktail waitresses are ALWAYS free, you can tip them a $1 or more depending on how generous you are feeling.

12. If you win big at the slots or table, be sure to tip the person who helped you, or the dealer.
Say you win $400+ at a table, throw out a $5 chip on the side at the dealer, they really do get to keep their tips. You'll notice other players tip too, it's just common courtesy, if you don't tip, some people will give you dirty looks. haha Remember, you're at the casino, you're a baller!!

13. If you win jackpots of $1,000+ haha tip people who help you $20 each. You'll notice that they will give you $900 large bills, and 5 $20, meant for tipping hahahahahaha

14. ENJOY, relax, eat, drink, you're on a mini vacation in the casino castle.

15. Don't leave until you win!! haha jk, but that's the kind of person I am..but I guess just know your limit, know how much you're willing to lose. There's always next.

16. Money can always be made, so have a good time, don't be stingy! Just play!! And if you don't know how to play something?? ASK! They dealers are there to teach you the game, and they're ALL friendly.

17. I highly recommend $1 slots, $5 slots, and $10 slots ($5+ are considered high limit slots)
When playing the slot machine you have 3 choices of bet, Bet 1, Bet 2, Bet 3 (MAX BET), always go with MAX BET x3, so $1 x 3= $3 bet / time, but if you win your winnings is multiplied by 3!!

18. Don't get discouraged by your first 10 losing "pulls" on the slots, you'll hit a win before you know. And if you lose that first $100, pick a different machine and stuff $100 in it!! If not the same machine.

19. TIMING. TIMING IS EVERYTHING in a casino, especially during the slots. If you notice, most slots have a pay out time. Everyone around you will be winning!! You'll definitely here the machine as well as the "WOOO!!! YEAH!!" from players. It's quite a great feeling to be around happy people gambling haha

20. ALWAYS LEAVE WITH FREE STUFF, you remember that players card I talk about? Well, usually your points rack up to be free plays on the slots, or you can use those points $ to pay for dinner, or even buy goodies from the gift shop!! They have machines that will tell you how many points you have accumulated, and if that doesn't work, just go ask the player's club people. If you don't have enough points for free stuff..they're always free sugar packets, matches, straws, hand wipes, and napkins!!
And when you win big? Go shopping! Buy that LV bag that you'd been wanting, I never save casino's free and meant to be spent on spurlges!! haha like buying MAC, a whole lot of MAC!!
Usually most slot machines allow you to check your points. Btw, they'll ask you to type in a PIN # to access your cards info.

I'm currently in class right now, but I just wanted to post this real quick for my girl Miss Ria, who's celebrating her 21st in Viva Las Vegas!! Happy Birthday Girl!!

Will update more tonight!




  1. haha..awesome! i'm going to see if i can try some of these out when we go to Vegas in May.. hehe.. fun! =)

  2. That sounds like a strategie from the movie 21! (loved that movie by the way♥)
    I´d definetely go gambling with you, seems to be a lot of fun and you now so many tricks!XD
    I bet you win big money in Vegas!:P

  3. great tips! i haven't been to vegas in awhile! i won sorta big the first time, then never again! hahahaha. beginners luck.
    i always get nervous to play on tables b/c i don't know what i'm doing! hahaha.

  4. I'm scared of Vegas LOL but maybe you can help me get over that fear!!! a lot of great tips though! thanks <3 I didn't know people were that friendly in casino's lol I guess I won't know if I don't try hehe <3


    Im kidnapping you for when i go to vegas....i swear...your like lady luck...i have no luck =(....btw i wore the earings so much the crystal fell off on one of them i need super glue...i love them so much!!!

  6. steph you know my happy ass is definitely gunna be printing these and stuffing these tips into my purse and pulling it out once i hit the casino!! lol

    you have such a great strategy going..i laaaaav it!!

  7. hahaha these are good tips!! gotta work 'em before they make you lose your damn money. good shit though :DD thanks for this post! of course i can't go til i'm 21.. DAMN.. 2010 october!! so lame.

  8. LOL you know so much about gambling!!!

  9. next time when I go gambling I'll remember to use your tips hehe X3

  10. I don't gamble but I'll keep these tips in mind if I ever do! How much was your biggest win?

  11. each word is as precious as if it's from the bible.. girl, seriously I play alot in the casino in AC but never won as much as i do in vegas.. gotta change my playground soon..
    YOUR TIPS ROCK!! u'll make the bloggers casino mafia.. lol..

  12. Awesomeness. I am a gambling dunce. Next time I go instead of just pigging out the whole time I bringing this post;) You're so awesome Steph!

  13. Thanks for this!! This is cool!! Makes me want to go to the Casino and just play.. hahaha! I wish I'll win a lot like you did! I will for sure splurge like there's no tomorrow! ahahah!

  14. tempting to gamble but i don't gamb le!

    gasp @ the $1k chip!!

  15. Thanks for the tips!! Man, I wish I knew all this stuff before I went to Vegas last summer. I'm planning to go again this year or next year, so I will def take your advice. Thanks again, baller! :P

  16. EEP!! THe post I've been waiting for!! See next time I go Vegas, I'm gonna print this post out, and keep Steph in my pocket! LOL!!

    I've heard a few of these tips before, and some not at all. I think I just don't have will power, that & I don't know when to quit! LOL!!

    Yes peeps!! PLAYERS CARDS ARE GOLD!!! I always get one!! My collection is pretty decent! LOL!!

    And I ALWAYS take free matches & hand wipes! LOL!!

  17. OOOooooOOOHHHH! Thanks for this..I have the WORST luck!!

    YAAAAAAY can't wait to try these tips in JUNE! :)


  18. Damnnn Chi, you're like an expert at gambling. Remember: When you win big you can always buy your little sister a new LV bag too. ;) ahaha


    I am probably going to 10 times over before I go to the casino!!


    ps: We're still not going to gamble over the weekend. ..i hope..

  20. LOVEDDDD this article. it's the viet blood in us!! we can't NOT gamble!!! haha.

    sorry, i dont use blogspot but have to have an account so i can comment but my website is

    g'day :)

  21. Omg, your tips are soo funny! Loved this post :)

  22. Baller! We shall meet in Vegas one day! LOL! Teach me, master!

    Husby is a huge Craps fan! He did good in Vegas too! Man, I need to go there.

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  24. Hahha those are some awesome tips! Thanks for sharing! I hope I remember all those =P

  25. that's it...I've made up my mind! I already told my bf that we're going to go to Las Vegas for my 21st b-day haha. So I'll be able to afford an LV bag when I win the jackpot in slots hehe


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