March 29, 2009

MAC Hauling!

Hey girls,

This past weekend I went back to my hometown of Kentwood to hang out with the family & my fav. Jennifer ever, beeyoutiful7!!

Prior to leaving for home, I stopped by MAC and a guy from my high is a MAC makeup artist?! My friend Whit & I couldn't believe how different he looked from high school. Let me tell you, he's super fabulous now! Anyhow..I got SO lucky at the counter. I found 3 Lavender Whips (I bought all they had), I got the last Fashion Mews, and I found On the Prowl nail polish! I've been wanting this forever, but it had been sold out. I also picked up the last HK makeup pouch too, the MA's were telling me how lucky I was hehe. I guess when I don't go to the casino, I get lucky in other things. haha

Free Tote from Macy's for spending $60 or more

I'm in love with Lavender Whip, I might be posting 1 in my blog sale, but not sure yet haha. I think you might be able to find it at your local MAC counter still, since I did.
It's just a great purple tinted lip stick that works, ya know?

Yesterday, I went to the mall with Jennifer to get our eyebrows threaded, and right after we foudn ourselves at the MAC counter being waited on by two adorable MA's at MAC, both guys by the way. We left with a free tote bag with our purchase, that was kind of cool.

I picked up another Lavender Whip, and I found MAC CUTESTER!! I've been wanting this one too :D

I was super happy here.

I also picked up the new Viva Glam 6 lipgloss and lipstick, gotta support the MAC Aid's Fund!
I always love the Viva Glam collection.

I did try Love Joy blush, but I didn't buy I think I must have it!!

DSK's Favorite Things + Easter Eggs!! Inspired by Jennifer :D
Thank you mami!!
I told ya Jennifer & I went shopping!
I picked up a bunch of my favorite things for my DSK Jewelry customers!
I can't wait to send out the most awesome packages ever.
The Face Shop Face Mask are from Walgreens!!
2 for $5
or $2.99 each,

HK Eggs, thanks to Jennifer I know I can find these babies at Target

I love stuff!!
I was a lil' disappointed that Strap Perfect is $14.99 instead of $9.99 like it was when I bought it on sale a few months ago.

They have them at your local Walgreens!

I heart Walgreens


  1. Dsk! If you're gonna go to Chi, they have a huuuge Korean market in the burbs that sells those facemasks for $1.5-2 each! Walgreens is expensive in comparasion! Just fyi.

  2. shop ohh so much! LOL. im def. gonna call mac tomorrow and have them do a search. it sucks i can only use my discount at a mac if they have it at a macys counter id have to pay full priceee...and u know that would kill me a little inside. hahaha.

    great haulage as usual. i love lipsticks now, i use to ONLY use gloss. sometimes i worry what if it gets too hot and melts all my stuff...idk i guess thats random. LOL. i usually only save things that are powders or lipglass..but this lipstick trend of mine is concerning me.

    blahh okay..this is too long. sry. that shoulda been a fb post. haha.

    great stuff as always. : D

  3. I just got some masks on Friday from Walgreens. I got the lemon and cherry ones.

    Glad you found all the hk mac items you were looking for. =)

  4. darling,

    you did more shopping without ME!!
    but look at those HK eggs, so pretty and cute <3

    It was funn seeing & shopping w u as always! I can't wait til CHICAGO!!!



  5. Hold come those straps are 14.99? All the walgreens round here are selling them for 9.99...I even checked online!

    Ur walgreens musta marked the wrong price!

  6. Wow awesome haul! I told Minh to get me that bra thing bc I have a couple racer back tops.

  7. Aw, those HK eggs are so cute huh? I bought those a couple weeks ago. =) They're all sold out at my 3 targets! & wow, I've never heard of the perfect strap.. I want one now. LOL Walgreens, here I come.

  8. Wow! Steph you are lucky!! What a haul!

    And yay for free totes!!:)

    Look at all those Easter Egg goodies! I've never seen the HK Eggs at Target.. now I gotta go back and look!!

    I was just thinking about trying out the StrapPerfect (watching to many late night infomercials!) So do they really work? Does it stretch out your bra straps? Sorry for the questions... haha.. better to ask someone whose tried it!! :)

  9. OMG steph!!! YOU GOTTA TAKE ME SHOPPING YOU ARE LIKE THE LUCKIEST GIRL I KNOW LOL! danggggg 4 lavender whip?!?! ohh I love cute-ster too! I have cute-ster and mimmy lipglass I just had to get those two from hk collection! and omg HK eggs! They are adorable <333 Man I wish I lived near you! I want to go shopping too! lol >_<

  10. loooove those face shop masks...the walgreens that carries them (not all the ones near me have them, wth?) finally got pearl ones in stock, and i grabbed all of them without a second thought, haha. the HK easter eggs are cute!

  11. Agh I really have to try those face shop masks! I had a ceramide one from ages ago (it was still ok) and it was so nice. I also just found out I have a face shop near me in korea town! I'm so excited to go :)
    Do you get your eyebrows threaded in those little booths in the middle of the mall or a salon in the mall? I'm afraid that some ppl I know will see me getting eyebrows threaded if its where anybody can see ^^; Sounds so much better than tweezing/waxing though!

  12. WOW cool! Free tote! U spend a lot on goodies,honey! =) Your hauls are massive! But we love to see all the cool stuffs u got.This is what makes a girl oh so happy.SHopping! =)

  13. Whoah! When you haul, you really haul! :p

    I haven't tried the lavender whip but everyone's raving about them :D I do have the fashion mews too :) But the MUA didn't give me the box since I got it for exchanging 6 empty containers. I'm a sucker for boxes. :p

    But I should check the lavender whip out :D

  14. crazy girl! i'm loving it though :DD such cute things. i gotta go to walgreens and get me those face masks and try 'em!! to scare the bf ahaha [x

    I WANT PERKY BOOBIES!!! hahaha! you're hilarious

    i love your 20pack of chapstick :D haha and the HK eggs~ so cute~ what the heck. i always want to go buy easter eggs when they come out but i have NO USE FOR THEM.. how sad :\

    CUTESTER IS SUCH AN AWESOME SHADE!! i sort of want to go get another one.. hahaha. but NAH.. must resist. i think. eh, well i guess it doesn't hurt to snag one or two ;)

    i haven't swatched lavender whip!! but the mac near me doesn't ever really seem too busy.. so maybe if i go sneak there... hMMM..

  15. Steph! OMG you are such a lucky girl! I love your haul! I really adore the HK collection still as one of my all time favs. You are going to LOVE CuteSter! Let us know how you like the Lavendar Whip hun! xoxo

  16. the strap perfect thing looks so cool! who doesn't want perky boobs? haha

  17. omg!!! you are so lucky your walgreens sells The Face Shop Face Mask!! i wish mine does =/ but they dont sell any asian brands

    more mac haul! i love it a lot =D

  18. i love ur haul miss shopaholic! :p have u tried on cutester yet? i had my aunt buy me mac hk but she will be sending it on may :( cause mac stores near my place are all sold out of HK.

  19. Gosh.that's a lot of stuffs you got there!. Does strap ferfect really do the job? I mean is it great, gonna try one!lol

  20. wat exactly is those vitiman packets?

  21. I love these masks from Walgreens!! I just started buying them, but I'm in love..LOL

  22. what a huge HAUL! LOL. wow so many lavender whip.. heard many raves about it!!

    oh yeah i finished reading all the twilight series. You'll enjoy it, it's very addictive!

  23. Holy Mac!!! Hahaha. Ooo I've been wanting to try the strap perfect!

  24. Wow girl you are totally addicted to Lavender Whip haha .. I not like this color in my mouth, I prefer the more lipsticks pink =)

    How cool stuff! several lips balms!
    you like hello kitty huh haha

    I loved that thing to put in bra .. is very practical! I need one of these .. so my do not appear more

  25. Omgoshh!! my eyes are getting bigger as i scrolled down the page XDD im totally drooling over all the awesome hellokitty stuff!! you really are lucky to get all the sold out MAC stuff XP


  26. omg, look at all those lavender whips!! i cant even find ONE! LOL you ARE a lucky one!

  27. ommg!!! o_O
    i finally find a walgreens near my college that sell face shop strawberry mask! thanks steph for letting me know walgreens sells face shop, wat a surprise =)

  28. oooh, curious about that strap perfect thingy!!

  29. wow tons of eye candy there!
    omg where did you get those HK eggs at?! must.get.them.


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