March 28, 2009

The Gorgeous Holly for DSK Jewelry!!!

I came home from getting my eyebrows threaded and makeup shopping with Jennifer, and I check my Facebook and Holly posted a video about DSK Jewelry!!

I've been telling her that she needs to do a makeup tutorial because I wanna see her beautiful self on camera! OMG, she posted her first video for me! Holly babe, you're the best! I just want to give you a big kiss!!!

Holly for DSK Jewelry QVC Style!!
haha she busted out a ruler too!!

I still can't get over it, this is better than Christmas! LOL
She's just so gorgeous! And talking about DSK Jewelry..basically, I'm in love and probably sounding like a creeper .. hahaaha
The beautiful pictures of the Swarovski Crystals she took!

hehe, bet you all $10 Holly's gonna comment about how her sweater fuzz got caught on the bail, lol
Clear AB Swarovski Heart
Holly's photos rock..seriously!
I cannot make them shine the way she does to save my life


  1. lmao glad u liked it. as i order more pieces i will do more videos! (where i hopefully have a more girly voice that doesnt crack like a teenage boy in puberty and where i have better hair and 2 matching eyebrows. LMAO) but its just my first...ill get better. i really do lovee the necklaces though! i cant wait to order more. someone asked me on my blog how much it would be to have it in gold like mine but i said to ask u cause i ordered more than one so u just gave me a grand total. : D

  2. the pictures look soo pretty! o_O

  3. lol. yeh well the sweater fuz is very distracting to me! LOL. it angers me. lol.

  4. aww she is so sweet for doing that! But I didn't know you could do it in gold too! that shall be for next time!

  5. lol.. is pretty, I want more and more of those starfish and more and more great jewel from u =D

  6. lol.. is pretty, I want more and more of those starfish and more and more great jewel from u =D

  7. Your friend Holly is super sweet and she is super pretty <3

    and DUDE, they are soooo pretty!!
    I want I want I want !!

    You wait, ill do a 2nd version of what Holly did =)

    Ill get my DSK stuff ready and do my video numero dos ! <3

  8. Ohhh I have to agree! She is very gorgeous! I love the jewelry you created :)

  9. Wow, Holly is very pretty! And so is the jewelry you created!!

  10. The pictures are really pretty!So sparkly!<3

  11. That´s so cute of you, I´d love to buy some of your jewelry but I don´t own paypal nor an account.*sob*
    Do you take money transfer?

    I think you´re very pretty & cute!<3 Hope to know you better soon!^^

  12. those are gorgeous pics that she took! yay steph! more free advertisement ;p haha

  13. That's really just shins in the light :)

  14. OMG how did she make them look so shiny in photos?? Haha that is awesome!

  15. haha ^ i've got skillsss! lol.

    OMG steph did u see how many views? like 338! geez. more than i was expecting!

  16. STEPH! Business is good eh? <3 Those pieces Holly bought are cute as sh*t and she is so damn gorg!

    Ps. I think I am goin' with the SONY! *jumps up and down* so you'll have ta help me!


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