April 1, 2009

Another DSK Production -WARNING: NO MAKEUP

Just so you get to know the daily real me ;)

Also check out my jewelry blog! Jenn took some amazing pics of DSK's lil plump stars & checkerboard earrings! www.dskjewelry.blogspot.com

Also, I might be "booking" my first bridal party!!! DSK JEWELRY BABY, I'm going places!!

Basically, I don't know why I can't title my videos..... someone help?

I worked a lot on jewelry projects today & took pics! Will post those tomorrow.

Thanks for WATCHING!

Also today, on the phone I randomly asked Minh, if he wanted to marry me.

His answer today was , "yes". AHAHAHA

NOW THAT DSK JEWELRY is successful the man wants to marry me??! WHAT

You gold digger, you!!!! AHHHHHHH

My birthday is in 2 days..FYI MINH.


  1. Can't wait to see your pretty creations:]
    And you still look good with no make up!
    I just love your personality<3
    "I was so cute today.....SO?" :]

    Anyhow, good night to you and I hope you don't catch what that girl caught 0___0;; Only so much Gatorade can do.

    Take care then!

  2. thanks for being so patient! i know i'm super indecisive!! haha


  3. cool video! you look good with/without makeup anyway! do more vids :)

  4. OMGG you are too cute! you look really cute with no makeup!!!

    omg how did u get youtube to work??? i cant. grrr.

  5. hahaha oh man.. steph. don't make me laugh. my throat hurts. those are nice nails though :) i can never get those done. i got 'em done for prom and WASHED MY CAR.... hahahhaa. so stupid! that jewelry stand case thing is super cute too. n' you kept leaning forwards.. ahah. you look fine w/o makeup! then again my boyfriend tells me that but i just put it on anyways LOL. HMM.. what else. aw, your vid ended. sadness. at least i'm not croaking laughter sounds out. gnite steph! :D <3

  6. babe, you look cute with no makeup on!! I love your randomness ! Seriously, keep doing these videos!


    Good night my love

    ps: i should "favorite" all ur videos on my youtube. hahahah yea ?

  7. Well it's a good thing you didn't get sick from that food!! But how cool is that for the school to get you all that stuff. But why plastic bags?! LOL!!

    You look cute even without makeup.. You got great skin girl! Dang that's a organizational container! But you're a busy bee so you need all that! :)

    Hey I'm a lipbalm addict too!! I always have to have lip balm on me! HAVE TO!! BurtsBees Beeswax Lip Balm is my fave.

    Cute boxes!! it's a shoe! LOL!!

    What program are you using to edit your vids?

  8. Oh wow, your organizers are so impressive!! Mine are so small and I've been forced to combine some items b/c I have too much stuff for them and am too lazy to go get more... lol. & that jewelry hanger is so so cute!

    But eeeeee, I can't wait for my necklace to come! I've been bragging about it & your blog to all my friends, lol. =)

  9. your video was quite entertaining. i think you look cute without makeup.

  10. GAWT DAMNNNNNNNNN @your jewelry cases! SHIZZLE.

    why is ur vid so cute... u use tha sony? speakin' of which, i almost got mine today but my man wanted to research some more. booo. all good tho, i got a few two months.

    lmfaooooooo@ kinda clean. (>_<)

  11. I thinkkkkkk ....
    I may need to order some new "heart danglers" from you girl.
    I'm attending a wedding in Canada
    and I need to "sparkle"


  12. you're so adorable, steph! i love your videos, keep 'em coming. love the randomness, haha! :)

    i wore braces too but never wore retainers after, so yeah, im the same, been thinking of getting braces again =/

  13. ughh i hate my computer at work i cant see any videos!! BOO! :(

  14. hahaha you are such a funny one.. i love your videos! i am so dependent on lip balm too.. I have two in my pencil case and like 5 on my desk, and a billion stored away in some drawer, unused. Right now my favorite one is the burt's bees pomegranate one--it's kind of like lip tint! :)

  15. more video more more....i love it....love it...

    welll get on home girl..and watch the video...hahaha

  16. Your vids are so fun! Since it's your birthday I will be making a debut too.
    Ohh I love that Jewelery thing they gave you!

  17. just a random fact about me =)

    i have 2 turtles pet


  18. Hmm I wanna order more stuff from you!

    Congrats on the engagement ;) haha

    Awkward silence ... hahaha.

    I'm dependent on lip balm too! I must always have some on my lips!

  19. lol ur so random steph!! i love it though!! keep doing your thing hot stuff!..im putting in another order soon :]

  20. LOL you are tooo cute!!! I can't live without chapstick either now x_X ever since I bought burts bees replenishing lip balm x_X

    LOL aww I asked Chris if he wanted to marry me too!!! and he said "yes, but you have to work too!" hahaha he knows my fantasy is to be a stay at home mom hahaha >_<

    Blah I'm sick...I think I got that stomach shit you are talking about because I threw up 4 times this morning x_X

    Ohh a bridal party!!! Man you are growing big! Don't forget the little people <333

    And girl you look pretty with or without make up! I wish my face would clear up x_X I have all these blemishes that I can seem to get rid of!! GRRR and yay do more videos! I should probably start on that video you want for your bday x_X haha Its going to suck so bad because my webcam is SHITTY! I've had this webcam since ughmmmm highschool?!?! and the mic on it SUCKS! so I would have to wear a headset >_< I'll look like a secretary or something haha =P

  21. i cant wait until my necklace comes! i like it when you make videos, keep it coming! :)

  22. haha ohmygosh i love that picture where you "smack that ass" then you ride it!!! i was laughing to myself and forgot i was at work haha!!! hope no one saw me...

    p.s your boyfriend looks really familar..i know i've never met him before but seen him somewhere..LOL sorry if that sounds so creepers!


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