April 2, 2009

(Updated) Meet My Minh

I'm his boss.
DSK Production brings you DSK in the Morning, April 3, 2009

As requested, pictures of us together..haha I don't have many on this computer..but these are OLD SCHOOL by old school, I mean 1 year old
Out shopping ~
WHAT A PERV! His sister caught this picture of him trying to...
Hands..finally I'm ok with holding his hand.
Our first dinner with his friends, look how retarded my hair was..stupid Taiwanese hair cut!
I was new to photoshop and basically surfaced blurred us into wax people!

Random 35 Second Video on Chopsticks..the white version.

He bought me my first LV (well actually the casino did)

I would like to officially introduce you to my boyfriend Minh. I figured since I sorta refer to him a lot in my blogs lately.
The 411 on Mr. Minh Tran, Esquire
If we ever have little ones, they'd be blessed with big eyes lids, but cursed with a gigantic nose..haha like ME!
But don't tell him that right? haha, nah we're blunt honest with one another.
We both know that our kids will love me more. AHAHA

He's Vietnamese-American (just like me!)
He's 26 years old, born December 18, 1982 (old man).
He's 5'9, he weights 440lbs + haha jk (this is a lie).
He has a big pee pee, haha jk, I wouldn't know.
He looks like an old person 1/2 the time. I was like who is this 40 year old man hinting on me.
He graduated from MSU Law December 2008
He took the Washington State Bar in February 2009
He's officially a LAWYER, just not licensed hahaha
He prides himself in the fact that he is "College of Law"
He repeats "College of Law hunnie, College of Law" when I get mad at him, or say mean things.
He loves dogs.
He tricked me into dating him, and held my hand when I just wasn't feeling him-hahaha
I was like WTF dude, gross!! So during future car rides, I would literally sit on my hands.
He fed me so much food that I gained 30lbs over the past year.
This pic? Me the year before I met him, look at my shoulder width..haha I miss that!!

He just moved to and is currently living in Vancouver, Washington.
He's flying back to MI to attend my GRADUATION! May 8, 2009
He thinks that he is smarter than me.
He doubted my jewelry business from the get go. (He's a terrible business person). He's like a dad, you study hard in school, and be doctor. haha not that extreme, but you get the idea.
He's artistic, can draw & photoshop.
He is a realist.

He enjoys writing briefs hahaha.
He does not drink, or smoke, but he does gamble because I taught him!
He's a sweetheart, will go out of his way to do anything for you.
Sometimes I get super pissed off because he's overly nice to everyone.
I'm more of the you need to deserve my respect before I become close with you.
He loves Thai food, and Chinese buffets..
He doesn't eat oysters (MORE FOR ME).
He is very responsible, and does not swear (law school does this to you.. I guess).
He's SUPER goofy, and kindhearted.
He pays for everything for everybody, what an IDIOT, that's my future money, son!
He thinks gangsta wannabe Asian dudes with rice rockets are retarded (I second that).
He's the oldest of 4. (I'm the oldest too!)
He has the same passion for LV as I do, haha we both got into LV together.
We won our first $900 and I bought him an LV wallet, and he bought me my mini lin, haha the next day because we won like 2k that very next day.
He has lots of law school debt.
He will give me an allowance of 3k per week in the near future.
He also does whatever I want to do! HAHA
He likes Diet Coke.
He can cook!!! ( I can barely).
He loves loves loves..best buy. lol what guy doesn't?

But most importantly..
He loves me!

ok..he just sent me this link about a giant sea worm?? It's gross!

Basically, this picture sums it up,

.....I caught this catch, he's my one in a million.
The new puppy contact cases I talked about, and the eye drops suggested by M.

Birthday Surprises in my Mail box!

She knows my style! haha, we fear no color!
Bunnie sent me a birthday packages out of the blue!
Thank you cutie ;)

Cam on Nu Nu Doll va Bunnie!

MAY. OMG. She spoils me like no other, this is the second packages she's sent me over the past 2 months! Seriously? Am I that blessed??

She sent me 5 Nars l/g, which I was flipped out over!!

Basically, her mail box is about to get terrorized, haha basically a lot of you girls' mailboxes are about to get terrorized once I get back from Chicago!


Did you know Fuz is one of my beauty blogger IDOLS!

(Fuz, M, an Pink are the 3 that got me serious about blogging, look at me now...a little blog WHORE as Nu would put it)


I went to Trade Secret today since I had 2 hours to kill before my group meeting tonight..so I ventured in there..and found a bunch of 60% off deals!?

I WAS LIKE WHOA.. I had to get off the phone with Jennifer because I was in WHOA.

Now I can achieve fabulous volumous hair like Fuzkittie :D
::Waves to Fuz::TOTAL: $60

In case you all haven't had a chance to visit my DSK Jewelry blog,
I finished Sarah's order, finally haha
She ordered everything I had and designed these herself, with photoshop drawings and all!
What do you all think?

I leave you with random pictures of me being me!
I'm trying to get on top of the world!!
That's right, it's BOBBY LEE & ME (also my bff Bonnie)
Swing Swing mo-fo!!
First you smack that ass,
then you ride! HAHA
Doll House?
"Senior Pic" Stylin'! AHAHA
I'm actually standing on a curved wall, was sweet! @ MSU
What up Julia! Haha my lil sister, she got a 34 on her ACT!
GO LIL SIS. She's planning on going to Harvard now. haha
My first black eye, you wanna mess with me?
I'm in the fuckin' zone
Don't worry, I got this.
I wuv you!

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  1. haha awww so cute! this post is awesome! Have fun in Chi Town1 Don't forget to do lots of hauling :D

  2. awww this was a very good post..i'm sure minh appreciates it!! have fun with jenn!! and post lots and lots of pics when you get back..i'm finally done packing..vegas here i come!!! :D ohh and since i won't be able to greet...

    HAPPY EARLY deuce deuce BDAY lovaaaaaa/ favorite gambling babe!!!! May it be fun and blessed!

  3. OMG!!! Steph this post is the sweetest ever!!! Awwww I can't get over the fact how much you and Minh go so well together =) One day I'm gonna do a post about my Chriseo =) hehe I love how you can be so blunt with him =D and he accepts you for who you are!!! <333 *huggs* sooo cute >_< "COLLEGE OF LAW!" hahaha great way to rub it in =P This is my favorite post by far! love love love =)


    this probably took you 100 years to post it ! LOL..

    Look at Minh, he look good in all those pictures =)

    and YOU cutie ! I loveeee all ur baby pictures <3

    1 more day til CHI TOWN!


  5. can you tell I'm such a hopeless romantic? hahaha I fall for mushy sappy love stuff x_X

  6. this was such a nice post got to know you better XD you are so cute I love you back in the day photos hehe

  7. Awww, so cute! I got that same curling iron at Ulta about a month ago but I haven't gotten much use out of it yet... I'm too lazy lol. And nice deals on the nail polishes! I love Essie minis!

  8. sooooo cute :D i think that's all i'm gonna say.. hahahaa. it pretty much sums up the rest of the mushiness that's floating around in my brain.

    HAHAHAHA.. photoshop drawings.. more like.. MS paint. you crack me up :)

    love the photos of you! ;D nice to learn more about you.

    fuz, m and pink are my fav beauty bloggers too! along with angie :D she's a total sweetie. though there are definitely some new ones growing on me.. coughdskcough.

    i want to see pics of you guys TOGETHER now :) :)

  9. kyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooT!

    Mega Kawaii--thanks for sharing with us!

  10. omg omg OMG OMG OMG! steph you got a crimper! OMG OMG OMG WOW... IM SOOO JEALOUS! lol

  11. you're so cute! minh is a lucky guy! :)

    i started cracking up about you sitting on your hands!

  12. happy bufday... the new creation,awesome. very pretty

  13. haha bobby lee is hilarious! lol. this is such a cute blog post steph! and our men are born on the same year and we are too! cool :) and the baby pictures are adorable! you still look the same except wit the full bangs hehe.

  14. Awwh! What a cute post!!
    I wish lawschool also prevent me swearing (perhaps in court..LOL), but I still swear as much as my heart desires! HAHA

    Happy birthday tomorrow!! Hope you'll have BLAST!;)

  15. Haha Steph! Pimpin out your man!! Soo sweet!! But how come there's no pics of you guys TOGETHER?! HRMMM! I wanna see one! LOL!!

    Love all the pics of you!! Your sense of humor is amazing!! Your blog always brings a smile to my face!

    Great haul!! And what great bday gifts!! Have fun in Chicago!! :)

  16. Happy Bithday in advance!! Your bf is so sweet! thanks for sharing :D

    cool that your bf is a lawyer, my sister is at law school now, she says its tough!

  17. awww....such a nice post....thanks for sharing.

    happy birthday in advance! hope u have a great one!

  18. Ahaha "we both know our kids will love me more." lmao I love you and your honesty! I am still calling you and wishing you a happy birthday, you better answer!!!!!!!!! :)

  19. What a cute post!!! Happy early bday!! ♥♥♥

  20. haha.. u're too cute! minh seems like such a sweetheart!! aww! love love! happy early bday hun! =) *muah*!

  21. i read "3k allowance per week"

    whaaaaat? *droools* i wanna catch a similar fish too LOL!

  22. What a sweet little post (well not really little :P)
    & I love the pictures, especially you in pigtails.
    Too cute!!

    Anywhoo, happy (early) birthday.
    Hope you'll have a great time :)

  23. Aw such a cute post, vid and pics!

    I love your captions and the random 35 sec clip.

  24. Awww such a cute post! And you looked so cute as a kid! The mega Timone looks a bit creepy, like some alien that wants to eat you (maybe I´m just tired XD)...
    Your boyfriend has so much luck to have a pretty, honest and intelligent girlfriend like you.<3

  25. LOL!!! Photos galore! Awww, one in a million, sooo sweet~~~ :3 You're my idol!!! You little entrepreneur!

  26. OMG I love the new videos hahaha you are so adorable <3 and you gotta smack that! LOL psh white people don't know how to use chopsticks >_< Well I know a couple of Asian people who didn't either! =O

    HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY HUN I HOPE YOU HAVE TONS OF FUN IN CHI-TOWN!!!!!! <333 I still gotta find stuff for your love package mmm mm =D

  27. super cute post!! love the goodies!!!

  28. lol you are so cute! : ) the bf profile was written with humor lol.

  29. OOO MSF! looks pretty~ i think i'm nc37 too.. 35? 33? i forget LOL. posted it once before and forgot.

    been wanting to find a dupe for superorgasm since i'm broke (only balla to DSK!).

    HAHAHA.. i got another shoutout in the vid! yayeee :)

    yayeee pics of you and minh ;) :) so cute!

    LOL i love the ending. LOTS OF CANDY BECAUSE I LOVE CANDY.

    a chopstick video? hahaha. woman! why so funny. shin bowls are awessommmeeeee.

    i freaking adore you. have i told you that a million times already? i really do!

  30. happy birthday girl! hope all your wishes come true! =)

  31. I guess so cute when I see photos of couples in blogs! is interesting to know a little more life to my friends =)

    And you won many glaze o__o ~
    I'm bad to paint nails haha

  32. Happy Birthday! As always, I luv your post;)

  33. Aw your boyfriend sounds so sweet.. and funny. You two are hilarious!

    "He repeats "College of Law hunnie, College of Law" when I get mad at him, or say mean things."


    "He will give me an allowance of 3k per week in the near future."

    Lucky girl!

  34. that's so cute how you dedicated a post about him.
    happy birthday! i hope i'm not too late =)

  35. Hahaha you are so entertaining!

    Did you make yourself dangly heart earrings?! Damn I want some! Yeah, you didn't have pictures on your sight!

    Yeah, that's what I hated about short hair. Hair grows in a circle, flipping outward on one side and inward on the other side >.<

    You guys are cute wax people ;)

    Awww doggy contact lens case!

    Blue C sushi in U village?!

    My goodness so many people have made videos on your jewelry! I see me.. how creepy! =P haha

    I call penises pee pee toooooo!~

    Hahahha, boys sure ARE tricky!

    Portland is super close to Vancouver, WA! Let me know if you're ever in town!

    YUCK! I want to kill that stupid worm, EW!

    You are so adorable!

  36. those puppy contacts are so cute! so are you and your bf! :P

  37. by the way! i received the necklaces in the mail today!!! thank you SOOOOO much! i love them!!! =D you're the best!! i've been wearing them all day! haha =)

    hope you had a great birthday, girl!!!

  38. happy birthday. you're adorable. love the minh info.
    ahem btw, me and him are the same year.. im actually 2 months older, now i feel damn old hahahaha

    MUAH! i heart you

  39. K, I'm 2 minutes late, but Happy Birthday!! =)

  40. OMG dSK, so much to comment but i dont know where to start!

    First of all!! I use to work at Trade secret like 5 years ago! haha. all that on-sale stuff was freeeeee for us employees..anything we wanted! lol heheh

    You & your boyfriend are adorable! He sounds like a very nice and cool dude!

    He has a big pee pee, haha jk, I wouldn't know.----hahahhaha. if this is the case for real, then you GO GIRL! I am proud of you! =)))

    He fed me so much food that I gained 30lbs over the past year.----food is love! I too..have gained..(no kidding) a whole whopping 30lbs within 4 years of being with my man. sheesh. lol.

  41. OMG such good packages!! One of those China Glaze polishes...that blue/green one...is it Beauty and the Beach?? I literally JUST put that on my toes earlier today, it's so cool looking!!

  42. hhaaha i loved this post.

    did u get a chance to try ur lipsticks yet?? nahh prolly not, i know u were busy being the bday girl LOL.

    how was ur trip lady

  43. LOL, yes I am Vietnamese(& chinese). We are cousins! My maiden name is Nguyen too but now whenever ppl see my name they get confused & curious. Its pretty amazing. lol

    Thank YOUU for your kind comment too. =)))

  44. hey i love your blog esp. this post! i cracked up reading facts you wrote about your bf haha. lol @ 'My boyfriend and I are BOTH blessed with big boobs'.

    and omg you met bobby lee!

  45. hahaha this post is awesome! i am reading in my "hayyy guys i haven't slept in a long while it's nearly 9 AM state" xD i love the way you talk about your bf hahaha you guys are awesome and perfect for each other :)


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