April 7, 2009

Birthday Love from Minh

I love my boyfriend!
DSK in a white shirt xD

I love the contact effect!!

Look what I found in the mail yesterday?!

Pictures coming soon!
Shisem Love, these are actually from Julie, who went on a mission to find me Shisem in NY, this was before I went to Chicago and found $65 worth :D
Birthday Present to myself! The Container Store!! WOO
DSK Jewelry
More DSK Jewelry
And even more DSK Jewelry!!!

To be a member of the DSK's Baller's Club, you must own at least 3 pieces of DSK Jewelry LOL
Not hard requirements huh? hahaha, I have special DSK Magnets for my VIP members =P
B-day presents, and shopping love!
So many goodies all for me?! I can't wait to use, use, and use! LoL, I will be such an addict.
Yas has the best hand writing ever! & Her package is adorableeeeeeeeee
JC's Blog Sale!


  1. Aw, everything is so cute. How thoughtful of Minh.

  2. hahhaha what a cute video!!!!

  3. That is a really cute HK! He should have taken pics of himself stuffing Crystal, so you can post them up. Ha!

  4. Minh's a cutie =)

    hello Crystal !! <333

    Just when u were about to share chicago story, it cuts off... sigh*

  5. "i felt so gay".. hahahaa. that part made me laugh :)

    your vid cut off!! noooo~

    you look so happy :) what a cute doll! *note to self: send an all purple package next time!*

  6. Booo.. it says vid no longer available!! I guess I'll have to wait for the pictures!!

    But whatever it is, I'm sure it was super sweet of Minh!

  7. Awww, so cute!!! I think it's so adorable that he actually went and stuffed Crystal for you himself, LOL. :D

  8. awww that's so cute !! he's sucha swtie ! Crystal welcome to the blogger community ;D. "i felt super gay dressing her"..hahaha. what a character ;D.

  9. aww your bf is very sweet! Crystal is adorable and cute!!

  10. OMG, is that the rock and republic bronzer and highlighter or the pressed powder? the bronzer is a whopping $225! i like the packaging. lol....

    SHISEM!! pretties!

  11. hahaha aww that HK is soo cute. and thats soo funny

    i use to make my ex say cat in vietnamese allllll the time...his whole family actually. (but they say it like...all asiany) lol. it sounds like gary from sponge bob i think. LOL. it makes me laugh. hahah. i was delighted to hear it in ur video...but wish u had said it more asian-ish. LOL.

  12. Aww, your boyfriend is so sweet! I love the HK doll. I was thinking of making one last week ahaha =) Crystal is a cute name!

  13. holly's comment cracked me up! LOL...danggg woman you got hella stuffies for your birthday! you feel the love???? ;)

  14. Hahaha I enjoyed that vid!! So cute. I hope you had a great time for your bday!!! <3

  15. pressies!!! look at all those goodies =O and omg!!! The charm bracelet!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT! lol make my boyfriend get it for me muahaha =D

    I'm gonna go down to SoCal and pick you up some goodies! NorCal has nothing nice =T well I do have SOME things for you...just not everything I want to put in your little package haha =P

    HK is soo adorable!!! such huge head though hahaha =P but I like how you can press every hand/feet and she'll say something! MEOW!!!

  16. aww so much love!! thx for letting me know where you got em lashes!! :D

  17. Stephanie- So cute! I wish my BF was thoughtful like yours! *shakes fist at Daniel...*

  18. girl, your bufday is awesome. haha
    more more jewels... cool.
    I'm thinking my own piece too.haha

  19. awwwww! What an awesome bday gift! :) GOOD JOB MINH!

  20. haha.. that HK build-a-bear's too cute! look at everyone showering u with love. =)

  21. wow everything's awesome! esp crystal. she sings happy bdae too haha cute cute. it was very sweet of minh! :) and that note is so funny haha. i'm so jealous u got so wonderful stuffs for ur bdae. :( i want gifts toooo! huhu.. oh well.. stay fabulous girl! :) oh and that 14mm rose heart look so beautiful!!

  22. Your bf is so sweet. I love the 9 charms bracelet, I can't wait to get it. Thanks, Steph=)

  23. happy birthday hun! cute gifts! Your jewelry is too cute! I will order someday...probaby a star :)

  24. I love a man who understands Kawaii, and Minh sure does!!

    HB again, and hope you enjoy the makeup goodies!!

    I've got 3 pieces of DSK Jewlery, but I think I need more ;-)

    love those new stars!!!

  25. AWWW!!! your bf is so sweet!
    i love that he did a voice recording! hahaha.

    you got a lot of birthday love you lucky girl :)

  26. Steph! Love you too hot mamas! ;) I'm just happy to make u smile hun. Funny you think my writing is neat. I think its a hot mess...penmanship gone lazy IMO:P You are too cute luv. Muahz!!!

    Your bf is soooooo sweet! I hope this year brings you the best of everything!


  27. woooooooooooh omg look at everything you got! lucky lucky!!!

  28. ohhh crystal is so cute!! X3
    and those lashes are SOO awesome!!
    ive been wanting to try BB cream too >.> but im just not sure which kind i should get lol.
    hope u had a WONDERFUL birthday :]]]

  29. lol that hello kitty can even talk!! they should add the option to register mind's voice into the hello kitty hahah, that will make like he's always beside you!

  30. I didn't know you could build-a-hello kitty!? I wanna head there now!

    Awww you got so much cute stuff for your birthday! :) You are very loved. <3

  31. daaaamn that's alot of beauty love :DD for your wonderful jewelry!! hehehe.

    did you get my letter? i hope it got there by now :\

    am i #1 baller still? xDD hahaha. nah i bet someone's overtaken me!

  32. Hey Steph! Happy belated birthday! I just wanted you to know that I've recently started to read your blog and am loving your spunky personality and cute videos. You and the other blogger babes have inspired me to make my own blog! I'd love it if you'd come check it out :) simply-susie.blogspot.com

    Thanks! <3

  33. Carrotman! I'm going to Chicago this weekend, but we should hang out soon!

    The build-a-bear (build-a-hello-kitty) is cute. Minh must have looked ridiculous making it, hehe.

    Looks like you had an excellent birthday! Let's figure out the next EL restaurant we need to hit up!

  34. Aw how cute! Happy Blated birthday!

  35. Awwwwwww I didn't know Buid A Bear had HK! Cute! Hahaha awwww Minh sounds dorky =P

    Oh I like the rose heart! I didn't you had pink crystals! >.<

    I like the outfit she's wearing haha.
    His handwriting looks nice backwards lol
    haha your bf is so cute! "make a lot of money and pay for my debt" haha
    omggg each one has something in it!
    Geez that thing keeps going on lol.
    "let's go bowling" hahaha
    I wanna be in the baller's club! hahaha


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