April 9, 2009


Hey bloggers,

I'm waiting for class to start, and I just felt like writing on here.
Nothing much is happening in DSK World. I have quite a few jewelry orders to mail out this weekend, and quite a few jewelry orders to fill. Sorry girls!

I'm staying at school this weekend to work on school work, and DSK Jewelry...and cleaning my room. My room is terribly messy, and disorganized. It takes me 10 minutes to find whatever it is that I'm searching for.. Yikes!

I will get it cleaned this weekend. I promise my blog, I will clean my room!

I just ordered new business cards since there was an error on the last 1,000 cards I ordered. haha, oops!! It said www.dskjewelry@blogspot.com instead of www.dskjewelry.blogspot.com..

Sighhhh, at least they offered me 250 cards for free, and a free stamp. ^_~

I think I might actually go to University of Michigan this Saturday to hang out with my Chinese friend Lei. They have the best quarter machine game at the Briarwood mall there..it's like the coin push..you drop a quarter and it moves the existing quarters forward. You pray that your quarter will push enough quarters down into the pit, where you can claim real quarters!!

OMG, it's so fun!!

Anyhow......I'm going to work on taking pictures for my blog sale, yay!!
I found some goodies at CCO that you all might like, if you don't live near a CCO ^^
Chicago Sales Tax was killer tho..10.25% seriously? I bought some Hello Kitty stuff from the Sanrio store and my bill was like $40..for 4 items.. :/ and they were key chains!!

Anyhoo..this is a super pointless post hahaha
But still, blog diary, I love you. Blog diary readers, I love you more, and you all know that right?


Yay, my professor is here..time to sign the sign in sheet and bounce. jk. Although, that would be nice .. haha


Vin Diesel is hawt, who's seen the new Fast & Furious?
Basically, you should all see it..Vin Diesel's body is envy worthy.

I wish I were him if I were a boy. I'd be so intimidating, and I bet I could get lots of girls to buy DSK Jewelry too if I was Vin Diesel.

Mr. Diesel
He's 1/2 Black 1/2 Italian
Tap worthy? I think yes (if I were single..hahahaha)

I love Minh. Lulz!!


  1. i can't wait for your sale! ♥♥♥

  2. Holy EFF! I didnt know Vin Diesel was half black!

    Cough cough cough, holler!!! LOL

    My top 3 tap worthys now including Vin:

    1.Dwayne Johnson-aka "THE ROCK"
    2.Coby Bell- aka the character "JASON PITTS" from the tv show on CW The Game!
    3.Last but not least, I have to include him or else I'll get my ass kicked.--my husband! LOL

    Cant wait to see what your blog sale has to offer! I have CCOs all near me but none have blushes!

  3. girl, you are obsessed with big guys or just vin diesel ? haha you're tooo cute :)

  4. time to sign in and bounce! hahaha. i used to do that (sometimes!). once i left class in the middle of a lecture and the professor completely stopped the lecture to watch me walk out. it was so embarassing.

    vin diesel...my bf played in a bball league against this guy that looks JUST LIKE HIM! only shorter and w/a beer belly. but the face! hahaha.

  5. I always say I will clean my room...hasn't happen. I have a path from the bed to the door that's all I need...

    I went to CCO and I didn't see blushes at first and then I realized they are in baskets at the counter. I saw 'emote' and thought of you. ;)

  6. Yay I love how the business cards came out, what does the stamp look like?! :) Haha Vin is okay I guess, but maybe I think that because my friend who is like an older brother to me looks like him too. Have fun in class Chi! ;)

  7. hahah I love how you just added "I love Minh. lulz!!" hahaha =P pshh!!! j/p <3 YAY I GET TO SEE THE NECKLACE SOON!!! and test out emote blush <3

  8. ....I know you did NOT just say "tap worthy." I don't even know you anymore Stephanie. Hahaha.

  9. oh i need to clean my room too :( boo.. hahaha. don't remind me!!

    dude, i freaking love your new banner!! it makes me so happy :) :) :)

    i know that quarter game!! we have it over here in some of our.. gaming.. places..... hahaha. i forget what you call them. just a big place with a bunch of video games machines. wow. i'm totally incoherent.

    ahahhaa. you're the female vin diesel to me! :D

    i love the last line. you make me chuckle ;D

  10. He's half black? Wow. I didn't know that! Thats something new. But anyways, MMMM. *Drool. He's so beautiful. Haha ;) But he always look so serious!

    I love your Hello Kitty present in the other post. Super Cute!

  11. Yes, definitely tap worthy and like you, if I were single! Hahaha I saw Fast & Furious and he was pretty steamy HOTT!

  12. Shewttttt half black below the belt... WINK WINK

    I'd hit it...
    and I might blind him with my bling.

  13. Hello Steph! :) You should totally buy the dskjewelry.com domain :D

    & wow the tax in Chicago is so much! X(

    YAY I love blogger sales! Can't wait for your post!

    Yes, Vin Diesel is too hot! ahah! I didnt know he's half black. The italian part of him is more dominant :)

    Good luck in your studies :D

  14. GAH! You have nooo idea how stoked I am to get your package! I can't wait to start rockin some dsk jewelry! WEe! I hoping that you'll get the package I sent tomorrow.

  15. LOL!Tap worthy indeed!!

    Lovin the new banner too!! Good luck with all your tasks for this weekend!

  16. mmm my man, i love those pics ive got most of them saved on my harddrive. i am sad. haha. dude of course he's half black, whatd you think he was! hehe

  17. Mmmm I love me some Vinn!

    Cute look! You look doll-ish!

    Oooh I like the princess earrings. I wish I would have known about these new items ahead of time! haha

    Umm 26?! 26 is tiny! And RRs are tight!

    Your hair is so pretty!!!

    Hahah next, take a video of yourself peeing! haha.. you're so random, I love it!

  18. he's like the perfect man but alas his voice bothers me hahaha.


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