April 15, 2009

DSK Enters her 1st B-Blogger Contest!

This is my entry for Kristine's contest! KisstheBlogger, I love you!!
She's also my text buddy, hehe we're always texting!

Wishing I could be 19 all over again..

As most of you girls know, I've recently turned 22. ^_^
I'm not complaining, but there wasn't a year that changed my life more than when I was 19 years old.

Our Room!!
The poster I made Bonnie allow me to display on our wall..
AHAHAHA Korean Drama Actors..we both were into K-drama believe it or not.
Se7en, Won Bin, Tae Bin, Rain, Leehom, Jay Chou! YAY for FOBBY GUYS!!

I was a college Sophomore at Michigan State University. My roommate was my best friend Bonnie. Bonnie is my true best friend, we've met in the 3rd grade, became besties in the 11th grade and COLLEGE ROOMATES!! We had soo much fun being best friends in that little 10x12 dorm room. lol, I hope you enjoy your Counting to 10 Series!! Bonnie is also the reason why I am so much of a white girl, haha BANANA TWINKIE!! And of course, I would do her makeup! This girl cannot put on a face to save her life, lol, and she knows it! She is REALLY good at hair, so we had a little thing going ;)

Meet my best friend Bonnie (who came over today for the first time this YEAR, to help me clean my room!!) OMG..progress was made girls. This girl can CLEAN and ORGANIZE.

must be a white thang! lol

Counting to 10, something we did very often!
Best friends know how to count to 10!

Random Pictures Break!
Counting to 10 Again!!

Bonnie's how my hair look
Note, I went through like a new hair color every month or two when I was 19, haha ask Bonnie!
I just loved to change my look, starting with my hair.


As you can see, we enjoyed each other's company

Good Times!
As you can see, webcam pics were a big part of our lives..haha
We made our friend Andi a birthday card with pictures of us! LOL
Me with my volunteer group, I used to volunteer a lot!!
Bonnie & I did, and Oliver too sometimes.
We made Valentine's Day cards for folks at the old folks home.
LOL my community service certificate
The Rose Garden @ MSU, Bonnie and I had lots of fun there.
We used to run there every night and run back to our dorm room.
(I also woke up at 7am to work out at the gym...)
This was also the year I met SPARTY!!
Jennifer!! a.ka. Beeyoutiful7! came to MSU to attended the Cultural Vogue Smore Yr.
Hehe, I think we became good friends after this year.
As you can, I wasn't as much of a chubster at 19.

This was also the year I got flowers, chocolates, and a balloon for a secret admirer for my birthday. It was nice surprise, good thing I stopped by the dorm's front desk!
Me with my friend HzHz, he's a 4.0 student, and going to be a famous rapper one day, I just know it! He's way talented.
Bonnie & Steph before our friend's Movie Premiere
I used to be able to to drink the big size without gaining a lb!
Bonnie & Steph keepin' it FOB!!

This was the year I met two of my best friends, well one isn't much of a friend anymore, but still I met Oliver. He's Filipino-American and the most metro guy I know (we get manicures together)! lol. We met in Personal Finance class. He sat next to me randomly one day (well probably not randomly) haha since he knew who I was and Facebook friend me without even knowing my name!! (STUPID MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY ASIANS FACEBOOK GROUP!!) We had an inclass assigment that we had to do with the personal next to us..and BAM! Instant BFF-ship.
OLIVER + Steph as Sophmores, lol he used to be so skinny!

No comment..
Oliver! I treasure you!!

Oli & I ate lunch together often over the summer :D
Look how small my boobies were!! I used to be able to wear Hollister polo's haha
Also, that summer I rode a horse for the first time..dyed my hair BLEACH and purple..
I had a lot of free time back then especially that summer

I used to be cool too, I matched my nail polish color to my Fusic cell phone back in the day. lol
And I used to take pictures of them matching too!
I'm not just all fun and games, I took a course, and an exam and got IRS Certified to do taxes!!
I volunteered through VITA to provide free income tax services to the low income families in Lansing. I did this 3 hours a week.

LOL, now that I look back, I did A LOT as a 19 year old college student.
3. VOLUNTEERED!! I had so much fun too, and learned so much.

Those 3 things, I am very proud of :D, yes sir!

This was also the year that I was "cutest" lol. The skin was clear, the weight was under control. hahaaha I woke up at 7am to walk to IM West, one of the gym's on campus at MSU. I'd wake up, put gym clothes on, tie up my hair, and grab my iPod and out the door I went. I'd spend a good hour or two in the gym, come home to shower and off to my 10:20am class I went. I got really good grades this year.

It's still very hard for me and my friends to imagine me doing such a task..waking up at 7!

Many more great things happened to me this year. I feel in deep like for the first time at 19..
I had never been into boys in high school, lol. I think I was more of a realist and realized that I wouldn't be with a boyfriend after high school due to college, so I saved myself the drama.

Little did I know, more drama would enter my life when I feel in love, well actually I would call it lust because I didn't know what love was until I met my boyfriend Minh at age 20.

I felt that I grew up so much at 19. I met so many people at college that changed my life. I learned so much from each person I met, especially in the aspects of culture. I grew up in a white suburb called Kentwood, Michigan. I was probably 1 of 15 asians out of a class off 500 students in high school. I made a Filipino-American bestie, a Taiwanese friend, and I even had a chance to go to Taiwan with her! We did have our falling out, but it's for the best. haha, I don't associate with the mentally unstable personalities. Harsh, but true.

After somewhat dating what turned out to be a big jerk, who didn't care much about anyone about himself..I met several great guys haha. They all were friends, nothing more. But I had some very very very nice dates! Sushi dates. One guy was quite fun to be around. The story of how we got to talking is kind of fun.

I took Accounting 202 with two of my friends, and I guess this guy must have noticed me in a class of 300-400 students. It was a huge lecture in the business college. I get a Facebook message, Facebook, seriously? He asks me if I could tutor him in ACC since we had a quiz coming up. I was like WTF who is this?? But then again, I was like curious because he was kind of cute haha (after stalking his page). First I was like how did this guy get my name?? CLASS ROSTER posted online. I had never seen him in class before, since there's just a sea of people...

Note: during this time I was made up for school everyday. Like I would plan when I would have a pony tail or not. lol. So girly of me..but hey I was single, 19, and looking for a man. lol jk, but not kidding.

So yeah...I spent lots of time messaging with him back and forth on Facebook..and then we moved to AIM!! I still couldn't find him in class, lol he would tell me the night before where he will sit that day. He had BIG hair..like SPIKEY big. lol. I don't think I was impressed, but at that point I kept comparing him to that jerk guy I dated, attachment issues..girls you know how that goes....

Anyhow...we did end up meeting at the Law Library/Business Library to study one rainy night.
I met him outside (as he was smoking a cig! seriously..come on now). Regardless, I just decided to help the guy out and help him prepare for the quiz. Little did I know, he's a smarty pants and taught me stuff the weeks after that quiz. I really didn't know how I felt about him. But he offered to buy me dinner for helping him ace that first quiz we took.

I think my feelings butterlfied a bit, but nothing really sparked. I was really really impressed by the fact that he played guitar. HAHA, typical thing for a girl to fall for...he also had a really sweet modded beamer. I like cars too :D, I didn't mind riding in something nicer. This guy had soooooo many parking tickets. He had so many that he made a poster!! (I'm basically going to steal it off his facebook haha). I think he accummulated over 1 grand of tickets within 1/2 a semester, since he didn't have a parking pass. Funny story..I am now best friends with Vince (you know the guy who held his gf purse as she got her eyebrows done, also owner of the Audi A4)..well yeah turns out they're friends! And Vince is the guy, this guy used to refer to ..as they had a who can get more parking ticket contest that semester! LOL. Each parking ticket was $25.

Boys (note I didn't say men) with money are crazy...

Stolen from his F-book, "Having nowhere to park everyday: Priceless

I definitely need a parking space...

I'm MSU PARKING NAZIS' best friend :)"

haha, a guy with my kind humor!The poster he made, it says, "Can I Get a Break?"

I think knowing him changed my mindset on guys. It's like why settle for less you know? He had high standards for himself and the way he presented himself. I found that in myself as well soon after. I promised myself that I would never date any kind of loser. No education? See ya! I had that mentality you know. Which I am very proud I gained. From then on, I only wanted to be around guys who made me their priority and treated me how any girl should be treated by a guy, even if they're friends.

19 was also the year that I caught the fancy of several guys from my high school! haha, I guess I wasn't cute in high school. I got messages randomly from high school people commenting on how "cute" I got! And asking me out...LOL. I just made up an excuse lol. I'm not going to lie, I did have a crush on one guy in particular, but no. I deserve the best, if you didn't like me then, I won't like you now!!

@ 19, I was one weird kid! LOL
Studying outside and taking a break with my flat sheet.

"studying" lol
Also, back then..I didn't know how to do eye makeup well.

I was a clutz too, I hurt myself on this very cool window at Calvin College
As you can see, I was not very happy. Also, at 19, I was obsessed with Coach purses..I own like 10 hahaha. I will soon post them all for sale hahahahaha.

THANK YOU KISSTHEBLOGGER for such a fun contest, it really brought me down memory lane. I hope this helps everyone get to know me better... :D




  1. It was so nice Steph!
    And I can understand some things, I can totally relate too ,like, you can see such a big difference in your life in just two years!From single to married (well, not really :P), from hot to chubby, lol, from outgoing to i-d-rather-stay-home person!No regrets though!
    I love looking at old pics, they make me go "aaawww"!

  2. Steeeeph! This post was wonderful!! I got to know you so much better! I'm loving your personality more by the day! :) You have such a cute personality hehe. I loved all the pictures you provided as well. :) Thanks for this post, gorgeous! :D


  3. i love this post :D it's so much fun learning about you and you went into such detail! :) you look so different, it's crazy. i'm 19 now, who knows how i'll be when i'm 22.. D:

    you and your bff look like you're having a blast xD i never counted to ten. maybe i should try it. LOL!

  4. uhh and i mean, i've never counted to ten in pictures. not literally never counted to ten. >__>;


  5. awwww. totally cute post. i should reevaluate my life sometime soon... i miss the days when i was 18 :(

  6. Awww Steph look how cute you are at 19!! LOL!! You and Bonnie look like you guys had the best of times!! And I'm glad you found a friend! Wow since elementary too!!

    Taxes huh? Next year you can do mine! LOL!

  7. You and Bonnie look soo cute =)
    I havent seen her in a while. tell her i said hi when u see her.

    i love you grl.

    and you should totally win this contest

  8. Aww this was such a cute post!! You were way more productive than me LOL. You should definitely win. =) Great stories hun ♥

    & hey, I used to hunt for tadpoles too ahahaha

  9. You are the Rennaisance woman!! I can see you someday, having your own talk show, doing a retrospective of your life!!

    Great pics!

  10. I love this post. You look the same...you aren't a chubster!! You are so cute :)

  11. the pictures of you and bonnie are too cute. wow your college life sounds so much better than mine! i was in and out of university without a thought hehe.
    i enjoyed this post =)

  12. lovin' this post steph! the pics of u when u were youngin' are beautiful. :) and i was LMAO wit the poster on the windshield haha so creative LOL. and i envy u for having a bff like Bonnie. soo lucky.

  13. this is a really nice post... makes me think about the good ole days! LOL! good luck hope u win! ♥♥♥

  14. Omg photos overload! I love it~ Hehehe the photo of you doing cartwheel is cute! I hope you win.

  15. this is such a beautiful post, steph!! makes me look back to my own memory lane...hahaha...but yeah, i can relate in so many ways.

    hope you win!! <33

  16. I used to volunteer VITA too! That's crazy! The area I volunteered at was kind of ghetto so I'd see some really weird people...

  17. go rain go rain go rain! he's still freaking hot.

  18. awww that is cute =] and btw...i loved what your friend did with his tickets...maybe my dad should do the same thing...but he gets pulled over like once a week...=\

  19. you had a very interesting life at 19...HAHA! dang makes mines seem so damn boring..haha!!

  20. steph!! i love this post!!! u n ur bff are just too damn cute!!

  21. Thank you for posting all those crazy pics of us. I am so cute :) HAHAHAHAHAH! J/k you were cute too. Good times we had :)

    Love you!

    <3 Bonnie

  22. aww.. hehe.. steph u're too cute!!! thank u for posting this entry to give a little more insight of what a wonderful girl you are!! *muah*!

  23. This is such a sweet post awwwww...

  24. I´m feeling nostalgic even though I´m not 19 yet!*laugh*
    You look so innocent on those pictures!♥

    By the way your song on blogger makes me want to be 5 years old again and play with all the guys (I only had male friends before going to primary school)again!♥

  25. ohMG! i love ur entry!! thanks for entering my contest!!! i love blogs with picturessss!! lol!!

  26. Cutest post ever! You look so much prettier now in my opinion :P

  27. awww we learned a lot bout u from this post! hope u win darlin!!! and how cute is that background song!

  28. 19 was good to me too. it was prime for me! :) love the cute pics

  29. love all the photos you shared - looks like you had some awesome times there :)

  30. *sigh* days of being young!
    Glad to have a stroll on memory lane with you!
    I wish I had that much excitement at 19. Mine was more of 18 lol

  31. What a friggin adorable post!! Even though as a Penn Stater, you coul be considered a rival of mine ::insert dramatic band music here lol::

  32. Awww I remember the days when I use to take countless webcam photos with friends! hahhaha

    I love the name Oli!

    HHAHAHHAHA your nails and phone! hahahha

    LOL @ the tickets! My ex was the same way!


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