April 15, 2009



I am sick..that's why I'm not as enthusiastic as I would have been a few days ago..
I left the hair in my friends car just to get a good laugh haha
Oh, how funny and cool I am on a good day.

From edgy to non-edgy curls...

The old Mexican looking Steph,
so funny..b/c it actualyl looks like my old hair (better groomed)!

Oh the things you could do with FO HAIRDSKJewelry@gmail.com
If you wants em! Let me know, or else I'll be returning 1/2 of my hair stash.

Just for kicks because I'm sick and need people to laugh with me.
Applying lip balm (this is a picture showing you what you would look like if you put on lip balm from a tin)
Mojito and Jimmy John's is BOSS

Reason why I have been saying "BOSS" so much....


I like dumb humor because I was supposed to be born a boy.
HAHA, I think I would make a better boy than girl...always have thought so...


  1. Finally I've been waiting for this post! I thought you would've gotten the long ones, but the short ones really do look good too. I really like the short bob one! They are only 30$? I want to get the long ones to play around with haha, let me know when you find them! :)

  2. Get well soon sweetie!!
    If you were was to be a boy and felt that way, would it mean you're a bit gay now? Minh must be thrill:P

  3. feel better! and lovely hair it looks so natural!

  4. im diggin ur short hair!! i really wanna go back to short... but this time shorter!! lol my hair grows too fast.. but i really like how ur hair is!!!

  5. feel better!!!
    i like the extentions!!!

  6. i love the curls on you :) i love hair extensions, it gives me the ability to play up my short hair whenever i get sick of it.

  7. fake hair! gotta have them! i heard about the jessica simpson one but i could never find it at sally's :P you shoulda bought the long one too!

    my bf always show me videos from them! BOSS! he says it all the time too, lol!

    feel better soon <3

  8. awwwwwww get well soon :(!!
    btw, the hair really suits you, both of them! very pretty!

  9. babe
    I lovee the curly hair on u =)

    hope youre feeling better


  10. It's too bad we don't live together, we could totally bum out and be sickly!

    GAH! I found out from the DR that I have bronchitis.. MOTHER F...

    Enough about that, I mailed your paint pots today and you should have them by Friday! WEE!

  11. awww I hope you get well soon! and I love your hair!!! So versatile and you look wonderful on any hairstyle.

  12. LOL i saw that SNL short a few weeks ago. gotta love it :P hope you get better soon!

  13. argh the videos aren't loading for me. but those curls look AMAZING!! i randomly tried to curl my hair last night.. way too short... hahaha. i'm tempted but i shouldn't D: D:

  14. silly girl! i hope you feel better & you make me wanna get hair extensions now.

  15. those are so easy to use & they blend right in.. hot!

  16. Awww Steph! Feel better! Liquids and all that! I just got better and it was a long road!! FEEL BETTER!!

    The hair suits you! Wow it does blend in well!!

    Your pics make me smile! :)

  17. Fabulous!!! It looks great on you and not bad huh for $30? I made my own about 2 yrs ago cause back then it was really expensive. I heard Marshalls carry some of 'em now.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you feel better, Boss!

  18. get well! and the curls and so cute!

  19. Get well soon! I like your hair extensions;)

  20. oh god we're all sick. this is horrible!!!

    omg i might actually be going to vegas in june. will let you know

  21. a boy with huge boobies. get well soon boss. lol

  22. get well soon lady! the first set of extensions - the curly ones - they look really cute on you!

  23. get well soon deary!!
    the extensions look good on you. They make it look like you have so much volume!

  24. You make one sexy Santa! ;) hahah

    Awww you look so cute with short curly hair! =)


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