April 11, 2009

Update on the Blog Sale

Photoshoot with Vince's car, my bff
Edit* haha it looks like I'm selling Vince's car on the blog

We snuck into the MSU powerplant

I'm not Crazy, Really.

Just picnik editing fun, I think it looks scary-cool

The best DSK Video.


  1. lol funny girl, that sandwich looks so good!

  2. That was the best video...you are too cute. I love your hair!

  3. ok.. um yah confirmed.


  4. You're video is classic. :) hehehe.

  5. bc of your videos I want to make mine funny too! haha. Just spontaneous. No editing what so ever!

  6. <3 you grl !

    I never get sick of watching ur videos!!


  7. Haha Steph... you crack me up!! Nice gifts!! You got a ton of great stuff to play with! I love the pic of you w/ your HK Bow!! :)

    Love the new earrings! The detail on the chain makesit so much more pretty!! :) Yay for Wuzzy Minis! :) And you look fine! Don't see any pimples or nuttin!! Shush!

    Yummy sandwich!! LOL!! :) "No tooo sexy too sexy!!" Where's that from?! LOL!

  8. Omigosh, LOL. You are too funny!! Haha ♥

  9. Girl... you crack me up and you are too sexy!!!!

  10. Steph, you should have a beauty chat show! People would never get bored with you!!!

    I like Audis too...I used to have a TT and Jamal used to have an A6. We're economizing on cars now because of the new house, so we have two red cars...a Golf GTi and a Fiat Panda 100, our London car.

    Love those new heart earrings...

  11. yayyy, dior! :D

    you seem so tired in this vid! aww, hope you're okay.

    hmm, gotta check out the stila pencil..

    HD! yayyy!

    wow that's an intense necklace.

    what cute bows from KT~ she's awesome at those! that's super cute in your hair :D

    what cute danglies~ i wish i had your advertising skills. i bet someone would've bought a pair by now D:

    aw, don't be sad :(

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. oops delete that one comment. I accidently did that on my other acct >_<
    I love love Audi!! That's my graduation present to myself hehe.
    before I didn't watch your video bc I was busy but i just did. and omg. I almost fell off my chair laughing haha. The towel lolol

  14. haha! I would love to come & organize your things :)

    You are just too cute! :)

  15. lmao. "cute, im cute" as its closing out. hahah that was super cute! and i laughed. lol


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