April 19, 2009

Videos...I had a lot to say and not enough time..

Part 1/4......

Video 2 messed up, I was so mad!! It didn't have any sounds. Oh wellz, I made a replacement 2, but it's just not the same.

Ja Jang Myun! My love for Korean food!!

It's so good, this was at the H Mart, nothing fancy. I usually get mine from a good Korean Restaurant, but I wanted to show everyone what it looks like :D

-Black Bean Sauce

My interpretation of Karl Lagerfeld eating Ja Jang Myun
That's Jennifer next to me =P
She saw the pic and started cracking up later.
I found a pic of me 2 years ago..sighh
now I'm fat & older haha
I found this pic too, it was from earlier that day at our Uncle Vinh's wedding.
I was 20, she was 14!! LOL, she never really wears makeup tho..and I kind of winged her eyes out too much, but still. I should take pics with her this weekend and post :D
Video 2/4..I think.

Video Part 3/4..I think..omg I am confused too.

My Videos are all out of order, I'm obviously a Youtube NOOB

Part 4/4 but really it's my revised 2/4..


  1. OMG I love-love black been noodles!!!

  2. Yeah!!! Too bad there isn't a restaurant near by our place that serves it. I miss Seattle ughhh but I buy bulk of the instant ones-not as yummy but it does the job.
    I've been meaning to try to make it I just haven't got around it.
    have you tried?

  3. Woops, I thought the noodles were a dessert when I first saw the picture. LOL Regardless, I still want to try!! I'm up for all kinds of food hahaha

    Hope I didn't jinx you on your broken powder.. X_X gah!

  4. lolll they have that at shanghai restaurants tooo ;D tasty...and you look so pretty in that pic!

  5. i enjoy your videos a lot! it's addictive ;)

  6. i LOVE ja jang myun!!! now i'm totally craving it!

  7. lol, you're so cute, Steph! I love your little girlfriend necklace. I'm totally gonna make SO get me one sometime, lol.

    & you shouldn't feel too bad, lol, I didn't take any pics of my craft shelf on my bookcase. It's a freaking disaster, lol. & the reason I haven't been making any jewelry lately is b/c whenever I do, my keyboard tray is just totally unusable for like, weeks, lol, and I need my keyboard tray right now! So embarassing.

    And omg that's so to be getting your own place! You're graduating aren't you? I totally didn't realize, lol. Have you started apartment hunting yet? SO and I have a one-bedroom w/ a pretty nice vanity/dressing area outside the bathroom... I just sometimes wish there were two sinks instead of one, lol.

  8. yummmmmm those noodles look so GOOD. and i love that picture too, hahahah.

    awwww.. so saddd about your dropped makeup :( what's the name of it? it's not LE is it?

    pretty palette :D i was considering doing a palette to get B2M but.. meh. too lazy.

    orange is an awesome color!

    i feel you about being dark.. :(

    ooo pretty halfn'half.. man i forget the name of it already.

    LOL! awww i love you tooooo :) those earrings look good on you! <3 <3 i'm so happy! and i'm glad you like that shirt :) i have another shirt that needs boobage.. hehee. i'm gonna surprise you again one day~ when you leeeast expect it! mooohahhaa.

    you're making me hungry :(

    candy! hmmm twizzlers. i bought red vines the other day and realized how much i just don't really eat candy. unless it's asian. then it's awesome :) hehee..

    sister pics! :D CUTEE~

    i love that necklace btw. HMM. my next purchase? lol i can't decide.. but i really shouldn't. why doesn't money grow on trees? or why don't i shit it? LOL.

    i really need to organize my makeup. :\

    why doesn't she return thingsssss? aah!

    i bet she would have an awesome blogsale.

    paypal invoicing is TONS easier than i thought it'd be. you were my fiiirst.. hahahaa.

    i haaaated it when my parents opened up my mail. they say "why can't i open it? is there something you don't want me to see?" it's like.. wtf! but they stopped, finally. yay!

    your friend sounds super sweet. he's lucky to have a matchmaker like you :DD

    oh. my. gosh. i hate my flipped out hair too. i'd rather sleep than wakeup in time to blow dry and straighten my hair..

    HAHAHAHA! i love you girl. you look beautiful with and without earrings<3

    hahahhaaa using it to shave? really? that's pretty awesome..

    hmm, which dazzleglasses you have? just HK?

    duuuude i wanna go to a CCO! i need a buck ahaha. preferably more than one.

    dude your hair looks super shiny.

    woohoo i love 13 hours of sleep.

    youuuu.. are way not annoying.

    oh oh :( i hope i'm not annoying though hahaha.

    HAHAHAHA. pretend couple? oh my gosh. i think my boyfriend was being a jerk so i slapped him (not very hard) in line at chipotle.. got all of these "GASP!" faces. it was really awesome. so now he tells me "honey, no you can't slap me here. wait til we're in public!" and that gets me laughing so i forget what he said that made me want to slap him. and not slapping in an abusive manner!! hahaa.

  9. Love the first vid opening shot of you! LOL! I think you look fine! No "LB" loss needed! OMG I love hummus!! Mmmm... garbanzo beans...Awww a fallen soldier!! RIP NC40!

    Dang I need to come back and watch the other vids later!! :)

  10. I neeeeed to pick me up one of those MAC palettes.

    Awww look at your pictures! So pretty, and what are you talking about fat? You're so crazy.

    I'll try that korean dish...one day. I'll eat it and try to keep that "earthworms" thought out of my mind. =P

  11. This part of your comment made me almost smile and laugh-- which is amazing given my current state.

    "That guy's a JERK for making you upset, I hope he doesn't pass character and fitness, and fails."


    If we don't see each other before graduation, please come visit me in Holland this summer. It was super fun a few summers ago going to downtown Holland/Grand Haven, and I need a repeat of that.

    P.S. you look dead sexy with curly hair!

  12. hallo my video happy friend. haha! LMAO @ karl lagerfield eatin hahaha! ur so funnY!

  13. another great videos!! u r just too funny!! u n ur sis are gorgeous!! that black noodles look bomb!!

  14. The noodles look soo good.. in fact I love eating anything with black bean sauce. Mmm.

  15. so basically, DSK's Video 3/4 is talking 95% about me LOL I likey =)

    thanks grl !
    You're awesome and lovely and I loveeeeeeeeeeeee you for that.

    The festival went really well.. I got a lot of stuff to catch up now before you come. whoohoo!!!

    I will also need to clean before you come lol.

    Love you ma !


  16. HAHAHAHAHHAAAA Karl Lagerfield eating Ja Jiang Myun!!!! xDDD I almost died laughing at that one! Gonna catch up on your vids tonight!!

  17. I love clam chowder too!!! and mmm hummus is delicious!!! oyster is alrighty I can't eat a lot of it or I get sick lol x_X

    Ohh no to your powder!!! I hate it when that happens =( and ohh I love your palette! I want a MAC palette but I don't think i really need it? haha maybe one day =D

    LOL about Minh's mom!!! hahaha Chris' mom doesn't open his packages THANK GOD! haha =X

    I'm eating all the candies I got from you lol >_< You're gonna give me cavities!!! lol but they're soo delicious!

  18. Aww I didn't know you had a sister!


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