April 18, 2009

UPDATED* Who's looking for a man?


What the heck Steph? Stop posting boring non-beauty blog related material.
SORRY, blogspot is substituting as my make me less stress diary.
Just scroll to the bottom if you want to date this lawyer!!

I got 2 hrs of sleep last night because I was SO freaking nervous about that presentation. I don't know why either. Anyhow ~ IT'S OVERRRRRRR. I met some really cool peepz. Helen Zia, the author that was the keynote speaker gave an excellent speech. She's so real and funny! She's lesbian and was making jokes about how she had to get married to the same person 3 times because the law kept changing. I just thought she was awesome. I feel bad for thinking otherwise.

She's such an accomplished woman..and a FEMINIST, naturally. I just adore a charismatic person. She ended up eating lunch at my banquet table. I felt so VIP, lulzzz.

My friend John (friends since high school!) and I hit up the hotel bar between presentations, haha. He's the Program Assistant, and I'm the intern, we both just HAD to get a drink to keep our sanity. Things were a lot better post Kamakazzi on the rocks & his Long Island

I had to go up to accept my APA Studies Certificate, and say a few words...haha SO GLAD it's OVERRR. My presentation went well, I think..it's just awkward that my panel was 2 Ph.D's and me...Their presentations were so formal, I just let loose and told them straight up that I didn't want to read word for word my paper, but I wanted to tell them about myself, the reason I chose to write the paper, and what it was all about.

LOOK! I'm one of those girls who complain about school!! I've always wished I could be annoy like them.

I need to stop talking about this now. It's just been my life for the past week stressing.
Hell isn't quite over yet, 1 independent APA project, 3 retailing projects + 3 presentations (at least this is with a group of 5 people), and given to a class full of retail idiots, seriously in the RETAIL MAJOR/MERCHANDISE MANAGEMENT .. 65% of the students are literally dumb, white, sorority chicks. Every thinks they're going to be buyers too, which is hilarious. It takes intelligance, and excellent math skills at minimum to be a byer for any company, or store.

Whatever, those girls will most likely end up working as an SA in Macy's (with their 4 year degree).

Why did I choose Retailing?

I wanted to know the ins & outs of pushing a product from development to sales floor, and every single aspects of pricing.

I speicalized in Asian American Studies to keep my sanity, and thinking skills functioning. LOL

Also, for those who don't know. You can go to law school with any degree. Law school is like a clean slate. I used to always think that you'd need to major in Pre-Law, or Political Science to become a lawyer, but that's absolutely FALSE. Advisors even advise you to pick an "easy" major if you want to get high grades to apply for law school.

Most people don't know that.

Who's looking for a lawyer boyfriend?

Raise your hand!! Cause he's looking for you...ow.
I'm good.

Speaking of law, an old friend, who is now proudly Esquire asked me to go to the SADA Fashion Show in downtown Lansing tonight @8pm. How could I say no? LOL

His name is Szu, he's actually my boyfriend friend from law school, and I think I met Szu while my bf and I just started dating. LADIES.....Szu Esquire is SINGLE.

HAHA, he told me the other day that he watched my youtube videos. I was kind of mortified, but what evs. Basically, DSK is playing MATCH MAKER ROUND 2. Round 1, success!! LOL, you know who you are babe!! ;) For some reason we got to talking about girls (how bi of me, I know). Beauty blog does this to you!! Anyhow..I told him I know A LOT of cute ladies, and he was interested haha. I was like ok Szu, give me a few good pics, and a short bio. LOL

I just stole pics from his facebook for you ^^

Szu would like you all to know that he is DEBT FREE & as Fabulous as ever. haha
He's a very good dancer. Recently passed the bar in two states! Illinois & Nevada (yes, Vegas Nevada!) His older brother has a practice in Vegas..how sick is that??? His younger sister is also in law school. Basically a family of winners.

So yeah ladies, Szu is on the search for a Mrs. lol jk. But he is on the look out to meet new friends, especially ladies..

He's 25, and Taiwanese 5'8 (but I think he's taller, he says 5'8). I think he's now studying to get the degree that comes after the law degree......edit* masters of law, basically he's a smarty. He's also freaking hilarious. I remember we all had dinner together 2 years ago at a nice sushi restaurant and he couldn't stop taking pictures of our sushi boat. LOL, a guy who loves pics?! HELLO, beauty blogger dream boyfriend.

I have to nag at my bf to take my picture, and when he does..it's a shitty ass pic!!

So yeah back to Szu.....single.....and he freaking loves Twilight! AHAHA, we recently started chatting again, and cannot talk enough about how awesome Twilight is..sighhh.

But seriously...him and I are going to a fashion show together tonight..talk about perfect guy?!!?
And he's the one who told me about it!!

Enough chat, time for PIX!

He's one fun kid at heart!
LOL, he's gonna kill me, he used to model bright yellow shirts. haha I just love this pic Szu!!
He enjoys a good breeze, lol
Szu looking daper
The man can dance!
This is an old pic, 2 years old but Szu 2 Thanksgivings ago in Minh's town house.
See that bulletin board!?! I wrote all that stuff hahaha I think I attached my random Viet hw assignment from language class.

See I told you he kept wanting pictures with that boat
photography by DSK!
It looks like he doesn't mind playing so golf
I guess he plays piano too! haaha the things you learn from facebook

*He just text me, and I was like I'm working on your blog post*
His reply: Ha. Thanks.

I bet he's really excited to get feedback from you girls.

AH, Szu's here and we're off to the Lansing Fashion Show, lol, I can't wait.
Michigan fashion, gotta love it!



LOL, sorry I had to rush off, I just got home from the show, it was ehhh not worth $12!

Szu claims he's 5'8, but he seems a lot taller than that to me.
We had lots of fun making fun of people at the show. Seriously..some girls should not be on the catwalk, or cannot even walk the cat walk.

Did I mention his older brother is single? And guess what?
His older brother was in the Fast & the Furious!!!!

HOW COOL! hahaha, only as an extra who got paid $10/hr tho!



  1. If I lived near you I would LOOOOVE to date this guy!!!

  2. haha oh Steph, you are going straight to heaven for all this matchmaking... You should start your own businesS! ;)

    I personally think Batman is cuter... :P

  3. geez steph. i dont see you trying to help me get a significant other....

    oh wait...no, that would not work, all our viewers are girls. LOL.

    okay okay, ur excused this time.

    im just gonna make my own youtube tv show to help me date ppl. LMAO how freakin funny would that be. ppl can post a video entry LMAOOOO. it'll be like a shot at love but without the bisexual girls and with Holly Ann-AeRee : D

    umm you left out ur friends height. (not that it really matters but i always ask boys how tall they are.)

    and can he appreciate a love for LV?


  4. shit, i'll date holly if i wasnt taken! (serious face) :)

    good luck to your friend! he's very talented!

  5. I'm glad to hear your presentation went well!

  6. I'm glad your presentation went well! See stressing for nothing! ;)

    Good Luck with all your projects and the other presentations!

    LOL!! She blogs, does killer makeup, CCO's for us, makes GORGEOUS SPARKLY Gems, AAAAANNNDD matchmakes?! Jeez Steph... Anything you can't do?! LOL!

    Too funny pimpin out your friend like that! If I didn't have 'cheese' I might be into looking!! LOL!! Shhhh... You didn't hear that!

    ps. BTW I would do dirty things to Robert Schwartzman! LOL!! I <3 him! ROONEY ROCKS! But his solo stuff is real good too!

  7. ooo lala. if i was single, i'd want you to be my matchmaker xD hahah! reminds me of mulan.

  8. Szu is cute. is he into non asians? haha

  9. Yay for your presentation going well & meeting cool people. =)

    and LOLZ. If I lived in either of those states and weren't already taken, I would love to meet Szu. What more can you ask for in a man than the DSK Seal of Approval? LOL.

  10. hehe...miss steph matchmaker.
    blogger is sometimes my stress diary too haha.

  11. why dont your try advertising!?! ure good at it. lol..

  12. Hooray for presentation over;)
    Haha..match making for bloggers - the new field of dsk! CUTE!

  13. hi steph! first of all, i just wanted to say how much i love your blog. i felt compelled to comment this post today after reading about your plans to go to law school after having majored in fashion retail. you're truly an inspiration!

  14. Lol, I love all your posts! I'm glad your presentation went well. :0)

    Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch. ♥

  15. Steph you're such a hardworker, i enjoyed reading your 19 contest post!

    btw i love damien rice's music!

  16. You still look gorgeous even lack of sleep.. :) you have gorgeous eyess!! :D

    I'm glad your stress is over! :)

    So.. your not just a jewelry maker but also a part time match maker. heehee :)

  17. oh no you didn't just pimp him on your profile.

    is this the very same one "wink" I was told of???? is he aware of your pimp hand, the commission, the fact that a girl on here for him is a makeup and bling addict???

    quit slackin' on your pimpin'

  18. OMG - This is so hilarious! I'm dying I can't believe you just pimped him out! I love it so much! *Kisses*

  19. Looks like you're putting those retailing skills to good use, lol!!

    Congrats on your successful paper presentation--you truly are the multi-talented Renaissance Woman!!

  20. haha you're pimping your friend just like i'm trying to pimp my coworker joseph. you're better at it though. i have unflattering pictures on my blog. my coworker is actually quite cute

  21. lol. I would totally snag him for myself i wasn't already taken ;)
    That's so nice of you to do this! I'm sure he will greatly appreciate it it in the future!
    you're so funny! love ya!

  22. 3 years too late! haha j/k j/k!!
    i'm sure you'll find him a good one!

  23. LOL match maker steph at work

  24. My eventual-lawyer boyfriend just broke up with me, so I guess I'm looking for a new one. He's asian! That's excellent, cuz you know, asians love me.

    I miss you Steph.

  25. lol wow steph hahaha has your blog turned into a dating service too?!?! damn girl you're such an entrepreneur! lol Hey if you got a girl that needs a boyfriend I got a friend who needs a girlfriend! ahahaha =P

  26. Wow, Steph, you never cease to amaze me. You're such a hardworker! And even now, you're a matchmaker for your friend xD Have fun! I wonder how this comes out :D

  27. Please do update on how successful the search is...he sounds like a pretty great catch!!



  28. Awww haha. I'm glad your presentation went well!

    Most med students were music majors!

    Hahhah I see your retailing skills came in use when it came to marketing your buddy there =P


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