May 29, 2009

DSK Billboard & Eki's Bows!

Hey everyone,

A lot has been going on these past few days in DSK World.
I went to Auburn Hills, MI (Home of the Palace where the Detroit Pistons play ball).
I'm going to be attending Thomas Cooley Law School this fall, and I went to take a tour of the school since my friend Szu, a Master of Law student at Cooley had a photoshoot that day.
Yes there is a degree beyond J.D.

Thomas Cooley Law School, Auburn Hills
(deer in Cooley's back yard!)

Well..they were missing a person, and as I am a 1L (1st year Law) Freshman Fall '09 they put me in the picture after I signed a release form. Cooley is going to be using our picture for billboard advertisements that you see along the high way, lol. Website, etc. So that's pretty exciting!

Meet my friend Szu
My golden shadow car, lol
He had to take his jacket off everytime we got in the car, haha
Szu taking it off
Szu, Lawyer, Master of Law Student, 25 single, haha

AIM: tnszu

He's never had a gf..VERY girl shy.

Loves foreign films, Lolita the movie, and Lady Gaga
One of the assitants to the photorapher (who took care of Szu) said that he had a perfect body hahaha I was laughing SO HARD.

He plays volleyball for exercise, I think one a week or something.
I need to play volleyball now.

I've never really had a professional photographer take my picture before, this guy had like 4 big ass cameras, 3 assistants! They had to fix the folds in our clothes..that's how intense it was, the guy was also very picky, but really nice. One of the ladies said that these will be one of the best pictures we'll ever have taken. So that was pretty cool.

Then we went to MGM Casino for lunch, since I have lots of comps, then we went to Somerset to do some shopping!! Szu was all about Brook's Brothers and me LV. LOL we were LV, and he asked me to help him pick out something for a (girl) friend who just graduated law school and passed the bar. HAHA I was like get her a LV Speedy!! He was like "I duno her style," I said.."there is no girl who will not appreciate an LV Speedy." NUFF SAID!

And he takes it off again!

Oh by the way, he's my new Tax Lawyer..gotta pay that business tax ladies!
We don't want the gov to come after us with a fine, now do we??
Szu's so fun!
We have the same shopping pace
He taught me random law facts, and I taught him about Prada, Balenciaga, and LV

It was a really fun day!
Time for DSK's Haul!
(Note I live 2 and 1/2 hours away from Somerest Mall, and Sephora!!)
Nars Sin/Casino (I was like..OOOOOOH CASINO!)
So I didnt' buy Laguna, the MA said Casino it's for darker skin and I could pull it off this summer
I had a Nars craving! I also bought more Rosebud Lip Balm, I actually don't own the original, gonna give this one a try cause apparently it's the best at night time, said Nu Nu Doll
My Sephora Mini Haul
MUFE #92 e/s
MUFE HD Foundation (#125)
(hollyannaeree told me this is an HG!)
So I had to try it, can't wait to post pictures with all this stuff on!!

#92 msfililocalola said it's a must have color, so I had to buy it
It's my first MUFE e/s!
Then I went into Lacoste, and bought more headbands than show above. lol
to match my lacoste polo's hahaha I will look like a 4 year old.
I have a lot of polo's and few lacoste, my boobs are a big fat right now to fit them nicely.
Still working on it!

I bought some for my sister and friends too (not shown b/c I will not ruin a surprise!)
2 belts, one for me and one for the lil sis, and a V-necklace shirt
I love AX t-shirts, I have a bunch of them, I always buy when I'm traveling, I don't know why.
I used to wear Medium, now I wear Large...
You would think I grow out of AX literally haha jk

Oh, my Chi straightner from Beauty Choice came in, it was only $62 with shipping

I used a coupon code CHI10 for 10% off..hhaha it says global beauty network,inc..must be advertising no wonder..and it doesn't have heat control!

You get what you pay for ~



My 2nd order arrived!!
Made with Eki Love Packages are filled with LOVE!

She even decorated my box, I just thought that was so sweet!
*presents for my loved ones*
I can't wait to send one to my niece ^_~

Eki's Headbands!

Pink Bow Headband

Yellow Headband

Violet Purple Headband

Baby Blue Headband one of my favs! I had ordered one prior too and gave it away as a gift

These make great gifts!
Violet Purple Headband with lace, they bows are adjustable so you can move them around!
Eki's DSK Headband!! Black, it's so me!
Beautiful clips white cream
She makes the most adorable hair pieces EVER!
From my last Eki Haul, I had one in blue too! I loved the black!!
From the first order, my sister stole some! But it's okay ^_^

I can't wait until Eki gets her DSK Jewelry ^_~

A big shout out to Eki! Thank you hun!



  1. nice haul! lol@ you looking like a 4 year old with your matching headbands!(thats what i love most about having a daughter-getting to dress her up!)
    and i like how you're pimping out your friend and his aim!LMAO

  2. tax!? how do you file tax!? >:O
    It's only a small businesssssssssss. :wink wink:

  3. wow. nice haul!!!

    can't wait to see you on the billboard! that must be exciting!

  4. great haul! start haulin as much as u can before u get too busy with law school, haha!

    i like those headbands from lacoste! i didn't see those. i hauled their flip-flops in diff colors (hot pink, blue, and black)

    cute stuff from eki. aw, she even decorated the box :)

  5. My chi got A chi! HAHAHA. I am a dork I know. I love how we mention eachother in our blogs a lot... People must think we're secret lovers. ;) wink* And I love the stuff from Eki! Everything is so cutesey! :) ily

  6. LOVE the haul. I need MUFE #92 eyeshadow. SOO gorgeous!!
    OMG those headbands from Eki are adorable!! You should take pics of them on! I wanna seeeee



  7. ooo cute stuff from eki chan!

    i want to see the billboard pic

    LOL advertising and playing cupid again hmmm? :)

    i dont own any mufe e/s at the moment


  8. awww so sweet of eki!!! everything looks cute from the box to the lil bows!!

    oh my gosh!! i also just bought the MUFE HD foundation!!! i love it so far!!! and lucky you to get the #92 e/s!!

  9. Is the Law school going to be close enough to home that you won't live on campus anymore? :P

    Did he end up getting the girl the LV speedy?

    Gosh ,that sucks you live 2.5 miles from a mall. I live 15 mins from the local mall & 20 mins from the Westfield one. CA is filled with mallsssssss!

  10. nice haul, can't wait to see pictures using the products you purchased

  11. Omg, what awesome haulage! I wish I could raid your room and borrow all your stuff~! haha

  12. i wanna take prof pics of you :D hehehe.

    MUFE 92!! and the hd foundation! i wanntttt hahaha.

    i'm pretty sure i have that chi straightener :) it's niceee.

    oh i adore the dsk headband!! i want oneeee, hahaha. and the last headband too.

  13. lol you make me wanna get a lacoste headband. nice haul! well worth the trip wasnt it?!

  14. So many pretty headbands =)

    Can't wait to see the billboard!

  15. NARS SIN!! That is my favorite blush! I hope you like it too :D Casino looks lovely, I think they make a nice combo. Wow, look at all those bows! I want an Eki bow now, they're so elegant. I actually have like no hair piece lol

  16. omg! i had a Sephora haul today too!!! i was thinking of getting the Laguna bronzer is it good?

    I got the make up forever HD foundation in 120 we must have both been going like "OHHH" in the store at the same time haha
    It was posted on my page so funny!


  17. Can't wait to see that billboard! And pimpin out a new friend huh?! LOL!

    Ooooh.. Shopping... Lacoste Headbands?! Eep!! And Sephora & A/X?! Dang girl!!

    Looooove all of Eki's stuff! Her headbands & clips are soo KAWAII!! Lucky girl you!

  18. awww eki makes such adorable headbands!!! she even drew the necklace on the box!!! lol

    and omg you bought a lot of stuff =P

  19. OMG - I love you! You are so hilarious! hahahaha!! Okay, I love the headbands they are super cute. And those damn Lacoste headbands are really adorable too. :D xoxo

  20. wowww!! nice haul, someone's ballin!! haha i have the same straighterr! it works wonders! :)

  21. OoOo i cant wait to see how you like the MUFE foundation!

    lovee the stuff from eki...i was just talking to her about stuff...of course as always im difficult and need to have all my stuff on bobby pins cause that and those lil claw clips are the only things that dont slide outta my hair. grrr.

    but...yeh... i <3 you....

    k bye. lol.


  22. lovely haul!!

    those bow accessories are V cute!! im sure your niece will love what you bought!


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